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The comments below were skyrocketing.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty is so strong! Your Majesty, I have been following you! Yes, it’s hard for you to be skinny!”

“I have never seen such disgusting people and things, the Real Entertainment must have cooperated with Si Hua, otherwise how could they smear Your Majesty in various ways a few days ago! Knight sisters, I will never buy Real Entertainment Gossip Weekly again, and never read Real Entertainment’s gossip reports! Real Entertainment get out of the entertainment circle, Si Hua get out of the entertainment circle!”

“Upstairs be calm, Si Hua hasn’t even made his debut, he didn’t even come in, does he need us to tell him to get out [dog head] [dog head]”

When it was almost lunch time, Si Hua had a new reaction.

[Si Hua V: Who is right and who is wrong, people can judge, God is watching, brother! Don’t be too cruel! [Video link] Si Huang V: Those who treat others as idiots are the real idiots. These days, you have worked hard. Real Entertainment Voice V \ Si Hua V \ Fenghua Entertainment General V]

Everyone who saw this Weibo clicked into the video to watch it.

Si Huang was also among them.

The scene in the video turned out to be from the hospital.

White and blue were the main colors, and there was a good-looking boy lying on a hospital bed.

One of his legs was in plaster cast, his right hand was also wrapped in plaster and hung around his neck with white gauze, his forehead was bandaged, the corner of his right eye was sutured, and there were other bruises and scratches on his face that had not disappeared. Although the boy’s appearance was a bit horrible, as one of the influential figures of Huaxing Art School, as long as he was a student of Huaxing Art School, they would definitely be able to recognize his identity. It was Sun Bi.

Sun Bi was lying on the hospital bed, one of his eye was swollen and could not be opened, while only one eye was staring at the camera.

“Everyone must be very curious when you see me like this, about how did I become like this? As you are thinking now, Si Huang did all of this! He is a lunatic, and he definitely has mental problems and violent tendencies. That day, I accompanied this madman in Master Si’s car to go out to play. Who knew he would go crazy and force me to jump out of the car. If I didn’t agree, he would force me out. If it wasn’t for my fate, it would have been impossible for me to lie here and tell everyone the truth now!”

Sun Bi’s face was very excited, one of his open eyes was bloodshot, which was a sign of extreme anger.

“I have seen the video about that day on the Internet. Even if I know that I may be revenged by the lunatic but I still have to stand up and ask for justice! The reason why Si Shao acted like that in the video is because of what happened to me before, look at me now, don’t you think that lunatic is too vicious? If your good friend was attacked like me, would you still be calm? And I was treated like this, just because I once posted a post on the campus forum of Huaxing Art School, about the madman framing Si Shao. Since he dared to do it, was he afraid of being exposed? Everyone, don’t be deceived by his appearance! He is a vicious man. I suspect that he still has a mental illness and should be sent to the hospital for examination!”

“Sun Bi!” Si Hua did not appear on the screen but his voice appeared.

Sun Bi countered and said, “Young Master Si, things have come to this point, what kind of face are you giving him!” He breathed heavily, like a suppressed volcano, “If you don’t believe me, you can go check the previous post I posted on the Huaxing Art School’s campus forum, it is still there, and the story of the incident is also there. Just ask any classmate from Huaxing Art School. As long as they don’t lie, they all know about it! Uncle Si also did what he did because he deserved the beating, if it weren’t for Si Shao’s luck, I don’t know what he would have done to him, what kind of brother is this, bah!”

The camera was turned, and Si Hua’s face appeared, looking a little haggard and tired.

“Sun Bi has always been too outspoken. I hope everyone will forgive him. He is not bad at heart, but now…” He frowned, and everyone understood what he didn’t say. Sun Bi’s appearance was indeed pitiful. Then Si Hua went on to say: “The reason why I released this is because I don’t want everyone to be deceived, and I don’t want to become a bun who can’t fight back and scold. Don’t be too ruthless, it will hurt the harmony of the family.”

Sun Bi’s tragic appearance was really impactful, and the people who had just turned around began to waver again.

Especially with the resources of Fenghua Entertainment in operation, this video quickly appeared on all major gossip programs. Real Entertainment reported the sharpest words, and even talked about the legal issue of intentional harm.

After watching the video, Si Huang laughed and said, “This trick is too good.”

She took out her mobile phone, first transferred the remaining 100,000 yuan to Hacker Bear, and then transferring another 200,000 yuan, she opened that secret website on her phone.

The chat pop-up window had just popped up, when the other party took the initiative to send a message.

Bear: Hao, is the extra 200,000 a bonus for me?

Anonymous: No, it’s a deposit for your new mission.

Guo Chengxiong, who was in Yangcheng, saw this sentence, his eyes lit up, and he typed back quickly.

Bear: A serial trilogy?

Anonymous: [Voice Attachment]

Guo Chengxiong clicked to download it, and the voice of Si Hua and someone talking came out of the audio. This was obviously a recording of a phone call, and the content was so detailed that Guo Chengxiong couldn’t help clapping his hands and applauding after listening: “I’ll just say, you were just waiting for this step, it’s like calculating the enemy’s means!”

Anonymous: Please check out Si Hua’s call records from that day.

If this kind of thing was given to ordinary hackers, they may not dare to do it, but Guo Chengxiong was different. His preconceived idea was that his Lord must have told Xiao Fenghuang about his particularity, so refusing it would not work, not to mention that he was also in high spirits now, waiting to see the good drama brought about by this real fatal blow.

Bear: No problem, happy cooperation.

Anonymous: Nice to work with you.

A few minutes after the two finished their conversation, a Weibo message popped up on Si Huang’s phone lock screen, with a very direct and eye-catching title.

[Trace the final truth of who is right and who is wrong, who is cruel and who is hypocritical! The first scumbag in history, who will compete with him!]

What was a fatal blow, this was called a fatal blow. Compared to before, when Si Hua still had a few days of arrogance, now he was slapped in the face as soon as he fought back. How upright he was in his counterattack, how huge the resources he paid, was how hard he was being beaten in the face, and how hard he fell.

The Si family was covered in dark clouds, and the servants had been driven out long ago, leaving only the family of three in the living room. The sound of things smashing and people roaring could be faintly heard outside.

“Si Zhihan, do you dare to beat Xiaohua again?! It’s all your fault. If the little bitch dares to destroy Xiaohua, I will dare to destroy her!” Bai Qinglan screamed.

Si Zhihan shouted: “What do you mean!”

“Can you still not understand what I mean? If she wants to be exposed, I will let her expose…”

“Shut up!” Si Zhihan interrupted her, “Don’t forgot, how much impact some things will have once we get to the bottom of it, in the future Fenghua will belong to Si Hua, do you really want to watch it collapse?”

Bai Qinglan’s expression changed.

“You calm down and don’t let me hear such stupid words again! And Si Hua, go back to your room to reflect!”

Si Hua covered his swollen face and ran to his room on the second floor, Bai Qinglan still stood on the spot waiting for Si Hua’s figure to disappear completely, then she questioned Si Zhihan in a resentful tone, “Si Zhihan, tell me the truth, do you have someone outside?”

“What are you thinking about?!” Si Zhihan’s face was full of irritability.

“I’m thinking nonsense, you say if I’m thinking nonsense? If it wasn’t for someone outside, why wouldn’t you touch me? I’ve become so cheap that I even stood naked in front of you, what about you? This little bitch is causing trouble for me and Xiaohua.”

“I said I’ve been busy lately!”

“You’ve been busy! You’re making excuses now! How can a man be too busy?”

“Bai Qinglan!” Zhihan suddenly roared, just like an enraged lion.

Bai Qinglan was taken aback, and then her face changed suddenly, then she started looking at Si Zhihan with more thrilling doubts.

Seeing her, Si Zhihan became so angry that he almost exploded with anger, but he was not good at the aspect of men that could quench fire the best, so his face turned black and red, “Do you even have me in your heart? You want me to die, so I can leave everything to your good son!”

Bai Qinglan took a step back, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

The suspicion in her eyes kept stimulating Si Zhihan’s nerves, “Okay, didn’t you say I didn’t accompany you? I’ll accompany you tonight.”

Bai Qinglan was overjoyed at first, but then she saw Si Zhihan’s strangely cold expression, and her heart gradually became uneasy, “Zhihan, don’t be angry, I don’t want to quarrel with you, just what happened recently was really bad.”

Si Zhihan walked to the study without saying a word.

At this time, Si Hua was in the room, dialing Poison Eye’s number on his mobile phone, but got a notification that he could not be connected.

“Damn it!”

Si Hua thought he had betrayed him and ran away. He rummaged through the phone book and saw a number. He hesitated for two seconds, but still called.

“Hey, Master Si, I guessed that you would come to me soon.” After a while, a man’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

Si Hua’s hand was sweating while holding the phone. When he thought of the recording of the call between him and Poison Eye leaked on the Internet, he not only added a voice changer this time, but also began to turn around, “I’m not the Si Shao you said, I’m just using a voice changer. But I do need your help with something.”

“Hehe.” The man on the other end laughed meaningfully, “Okay, say it, brother.”

“I want his life, and the price is negotiable.”

“Oh~ this People’s lives are not easy to take, I have to ask for instructions before naming the price.”

“I’ll call you tomorrow.” After saying this, Si Hua hung up the phone and pulled out the phone card.

That night at the site that the Sea God Group was responsible for.

“Second brother, Xiaoliang said that he has an order and wants to ask you for instructions.”

Jia Wei sat in the box when he heard the words of the younger brother next to him, “Let him come in.”

A tall and thin man with a spiky head walked in, “Second Brother!”

Jia Wei raised his head, “What order do you want to ask me about? Tell me about it.”

Zuo Youliang said with a smile: “It’s the most popular pair of brothers recently, that brother can’t be torn apart, so… You know what I mean.” He gestured with his palm to his neck, “I think this is a fat sheep and can make a lot of money. I’m here to ask the second brother, how do you think the price should be set?”

Jia Wei’s expression changed, “Si Huang?”

“Yes.” Zuo Youliang was surprised that he would have such a big reaction.

“You agreed?”

“Not yet. Didn’t I come to ask you for instructions?”

“We can’t take this order!”

Zuo Youliang said in surprise, “Why can’t we? Fenghua will carry it if anything happens.”

Jia Wei sneered, “You know shit! Do you remember the party that Shaodong’s family attended last time? The woman who was picked up by Shaodong’s family is now staying with Si Huang, and Si Zhihan… I was surprised last time, how did Si Zhihan offend the Shaodong family that they used that method. Now that I think about it, it must have something to do with this Si Huang!”

Zuo Youliang’s complexion also changed greatly, “Second brother means that Si Huang is now from the Shaodong family’s side. Is it?”

“There is a possibility!” Jia Wei said, “The Wildfire Group has a big business, and I don’t know how much black money they generate. Everyone knows that one of the best ways to launder black money is to make movies. It’s not unreasonable for the young owner to choose Si Huang. Yes, just think about it, how could he, Si Huang, have such great ability and courage to fight against Fenghua if not for such support!”

Zuo Youliang also felt that it was reasonable and thought that it was fortunate that he did not immediately agree to Si Hua’s order.

Jia Wei warned: “We can only watch this matter, don’t get involved, if the good thing of the young master is ruined, we will not be able to eat and walk away.”

“Second brother is still accurate!” Zuo Youliang flattered.

Even now Si Huang didn’t know that she had escaped another trouble inadvertently. She finished dinner and came out of the shower, when she saw two messages appear on the lock screen of her phone on the bed.

A Weibo private message and a phone message.

(Weibo) Indus V, waiting for you to perch: Great job!

(Information) Sender: Xia Qitong

Content: The counterattack was beautiful.

These two banner pop-ups appeared together on the phone’s lock screen, which looked indescribably harmonious and weird.

Si Huang stared at it for two seconds, but then she put down the phone and didn’t reply.

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