MGSGW Ch. 134: Pitting the Apprentice

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Lin Mumu wasn’t that stingy yet, but it was actually a matter of smashing the shop, after making the female star lose some money, they each took what they needed, that’s all.

As for whether she would be laughed at, Lin Mumu didn’t think too much about it.

Anyway, no one who opened a shop in the flower and bird market had ever been smashed, and there were not many more than her. She also wouldn’t go to people without treating their flowers and plants just because her shop was smashed.

But An Xiaoqin was upset, so she deliberately held her head, and pulled Su Xinlan to complain to Elder Xing every word. She knew that Elder Xing liked Su Xinlan the most.

“Has Yuanyuan not come back yet?” Lin Mumu asked.

“Just came back, Yuanyuan’s eyes are still red now.”

Chen Fengya sighed helplessly: “I heard that Liu Ting has made trouble again, and she said no this time.”

“Then let her go, I don’t want to keep such people in my store.” Lin Mumu felt that Liu Ting was too snobbish.

Now her shop was in chaos, and it was time to clean up. It was really unrighteous for Liu Ting to leave at this time.

But it’s also good, now Lin Mumu need not take the initiative to let her go and then have to feel embarrassed or guilty about it.

The next day’s course, there was Professor Lin’s professional course, and they were given a dozen people from the Religious Department, and eighty or ninety so-called enthusiasts who had chosen elective courses to talk about Chinese culture.

As Professor Lin’s apprentice, Lin Mumu couldn’t escape from this class!

Although they all knew the content, but listening to Professor Lin’s teaching and how he systematically explained it again, the feeling was somewhat different.

Professor Lin did not like to use modern methods, so he was basically only speaking, not writing.

However, his words are humorous and very organized, which was also a legendary inheritance in the ears of many students.

Especially the two girls from the foreign language department who were drawn by Su Xinlan felt a little strange.

Because Professor Lin said: “Our Huaxia country has five thousand years of civilization, and it is no weaker than any Western country. Maybe they have some advantages in science and technology. We have developed slowly in this regard, and we must admit it. But when it comes to Chinese studies and culture, we are no worse than any other country!”

“By the way, it’s popular among you girls to keep succulents recently, right?” Professor Lin asked suddenly.

“Well, it’s a good thing to have hobbies. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. There’s a shop opened by my apprentice.”

“Teacher, are you planning to attract business for your students in class?” Someone shouted.

“No, I just want you to see the magic of our Taoist sect’s self-cultivation.” Professor Lin gave an order: “Lin Mumu, come up.”

Lin Mumu reluctantly went to the lecture hall and said that she was just a student.

“This pot of succulents in the classroom looks very uninspired, so you can try it with our Taoist method.”

“This, the disciple can’t do it.” What about please? Master, was it really okay for you to be so rude to your apprentice?

“Go to the window. I asked you to try it, so just try it, just keep calm and focus on this plant.”

Teacher, you are cheating…

Lin Mumu didn’t dare to tell the truth, so she could only be obedient.

With so many people watching, she couldn’t slap her master in the face in public.

But Lin Mumu really didn’t want to help her master cheat. Since her master said that he wanted her to be calm, she did it.

“Concentrate on reciting the Tao Te Ching and recite it aloud,” the master ordered.

Lin Mumu subconsciously did what her master said.

Everyone saw Lin Mumu sitting cross-legged on the chair in front of the window, chanting sutras in a low voice with a holy and serene look on her face. Although she did not have the solemn atmosphere of a nun, she seemed to have an aura of her own.

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