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Early next morning, Si Huang opened the webpage on her mobile phone to see the latest entertainment information, and found that the battle situation had been decided, and Si Hua had no chance of making a comeback.

During this period, Si Hua struggled to the death. It was said that Sun Bi’s injury was caused by Si Huang. As a result, the monitoring of the speed of the sports car that night was released on the Internet. The sports car was in Si Hua’s name. The person who was photographed sitting in the driver’s seat was also clearly Si Hua himself.

This was intriguing. Both of them were sitting in the front. How could he have been caused to jump out of the car at high speed by the person sitting in the back seat while driving at high speed?

No matter what Si Hua said, he couldn’t come up with any evidence, and the evidence in front of him all accused him, so no one believed him at all, on the contrary, he was hated even more by the people.

Si Huang transferred the remaining 200,000 to Hacker Bear’s account and checked the bank card that Secretary Wang had given her. There was still 200,000 left in it, but it had not been frozen yet. She didn’t know if Si Zhihan had forgotten it, but it still didn’t matter.

She went downstairs, took out the boxed milk from the refrigerator, filled a clean glass, and walked to the single sofa with the milk.

Yu Xi was next to her, “Aren’t you going to go for a morning run today?”

“Well.” Si Huang took a sip of milk.

“Click—” A discordant voice sounded.

Si Huang raised her eyes.

Yu Xi put away his phone, “My Weibo had not been updated for several days, this online battle has just ended, so everyone can feel at ease after seeing the picture.”

Si Huang narrowed her eyes.

Yu Xi squeezed the phone tightly, he felt that the photo taken today was quite good and could not be rejected.

Si Huang put down the glass and tapped a few times on the phone with both hands.

The sound effect of “Crackling~” sounded in Yu Xi’s mobile phone, Yu Xi picked it up in surprise, and found that Si Huang had sent 100,000 RMB into his account.

“What does this mean?”

Si Huang put down the phone and continued drinking milk, “Go and send out a red envelope to have a little fun.”

Yu Xi frowned lightly, “That’s not how money is spent.”

“It’s money from Si Zhihan.” Si Huang chuckled, “It’s the most suitable thing to spend it on them.”

Yu Xi’s mouth was left slightly open, then after watching Si Huang for two seconds silently, he gave her a thumbs up, thought it was better than anything else, and then he silently posted a Weibo.

After a period of study and learning from various aspects, he had already understood a truth. As an artist’s manager, he could be high-profile in some aspects, but Si Huang must be low-key. The agent was not only someone simply dealing with the middleman, but more importantly, he was also the sharpest sword and the strongest shield of the artist, resisting all external damage, allowing the artist to concentrate on shining brightly and giving full play to their strengths.

[Yu Xi V: Everyone has been working hard these days, but Si Huang was too lazy to go for a morning run today. I wish everyone a good morning. [Photo]]

In the photo, Si Huang was wearing RB’s latest autumn home clothes, made of snow-white and warm-colored materials, and his soft black hair had not been carefully groomed, such that a few of the strands were obviously twisted which must have happened while she slept. Her complexion was not as blushing and heartbeat raising as the previous two days, but it was still quite good. Her skin was as delicate and fair as jade porcelain. Her stretched eyebrows and slightly curved eyes revealed a pleasant smile. She had just drunk the milk, the glass and her lips were a few millimeters apart, and some white marks could still be seen in a light circle above her upper lip.

“Ah ah ah ah ah! I’m going to faint! I’m going to faint!”

“My God, how can Your Majesty be so cute! It’s so warm! Drinking milk! I really want to hug!”

“Little Feather, I want to sue You, how can you do such a thing as clicking a candid photo of Your Majesty? It is a heinous crime to even take such private photos! I tell you, if you don’t continue to bribe us with candid photos in the future, you will be charged! Ouch! Let me first lick the screen again!”

“Mom! Come and see your son-in-law, isn’t he very, very handsome! That’s right, your daughter is chasing him!”

Yu Xi secretly thought that his vision was right, and this photo was definitely in line with the love of the majority of fans. But… he glanced at Si Huang with a guilty conscience, and he thought: I wonder if the precocious Si Huang would not like others calling him cute? Or is he small or something? Generally, the thoughts of the boys in the rebellious period of adolescence were not easy to guess. Si Huang didn’t seem to show any signs of rebellion, but he couldn’t guess Si Huang’s thoughts either.

What made Yu Xi even more speechless was the first batch of fans, seemed to be attracted by Si Huang’s photo first, and it took a few minutes before anyone found out about the red envelope.

“Damn it! Little Feather is a local tyrant, and there is a big red envelope to grab!”

“Brother Feather is really special today! Mama!”

“Look, look, this is really stunning, Your Majesty won’t be like a scumbag. Just pretending to be pitiful, seeing that His Majesty sleeps, eats, looks good, and is still so beautiful, I feel very relieved! Yes, there is a red envelope thanking Little Feather, grab ten yuan and five, now I can go to buy a gift for His Majesty~”

“Is this the propaganda of the winner? It’s so high-profile, I like it! Long live Your Majesty, I’m a knight and I’m honored!”

Anyone who grabbed a red envelope became his fan on Weibo, and 100,000 red envelopes had been posted on Weibo. There were not many red envelopes issued by big brands. Big brands usually gave out red envelopes to earn fans, but they only appeared when there were special events. On a normal day like today, the 100,000 red envelopes sent by Yu Xi was definitely the best for most people to see.

While his fans were growing, Si Huang’s fans were also growing.

The people who had hacked her before were too embarrassed to pay more attention because of certain emotions and their face, but Yu Xi’s red envelopes became a step. No matter whether they grabbed the red envelopes or not, they went to Si Huang’s Weibo one by one.

Oops, we all joined in the fun and saw that the red envelope was about to be grabbed before clicking, but then we found out that it was Little Feather when we clicked in. What a coincidence, right? Now that we stole Little Feather’s red envelope and the truth about the brothers’ ripping off has also come to light, let’s turn the page! As the boss behind Little Feather, it’s just right for us who grabbed the red envelope to come and thank you! This is the fine virtue of the people of our Great Dynasty! Play is so great!

Therefore, while the fans on Si Huang’s Weibo were growing rapidly, a large number of polite and well-mannered people had also emerged in the message area.

“Thank you, Hao!” “The local tyrant upstairs will send another one! Thank you for the red envelope!” “The happiest thing in life is to have a red envelope, thank you, Your Majesty!” “Long live Your Majesty, thank you!”

The numbers also bubbled up, laughing like “Hahahaha”, “The ministers have entered the palace!” “Good, it’s not so easy to be a traitor, it’s time to turn around!” Waiting for harmless replies, the entire Weibo comment area was thriving. Anyone who saw it could feel the joy.

This joy had infected many people, and it had also surprised the major gossip media. It was the first time they had seen this kind of action in the entertainment industry.

Today, the situation of this Weibo was also listed as one of the hot topics by entertainment gossip, and it was shown on the gossip program.

At this time, Si Huang had already finished her breakfast, then she got in the car and drove to the city hospital in H city.

Her appearance caused a small-scale turmoil in the city hospital. Fortunately, there were not many people in the hospital in the morning, so it was easy to manage.

Under the leadership of a nurse, Si Huang came to the door of a ward.

“The patient you’re looking for is right here.” The female nurse endured her excitement and said as calmly as possible: “The patient’s physical condition is not good, try not to have a physical dispute with him.”

Si Huang: “Don’t worry, I…I know the rules of the hospital.”

The female nurse moved her lips, struggled for a second, and then said seriously: “Actually, it’s okay to have a verbal dispute, your Majesty, just vent your anger, and I’ll guard the door for you!”

Yu Xi: “…”

He watched Si Huang smile at the young female nurse, who couldn’t hold back her smile any longer, and happily watched them enter the ward. When the door closed, he also saw the fighting spirit in the female nurse’s eyes, as if silently saying: Go! I’ll definitely keep everyone out!


“I want to pee!”

The person in the ward should have heard the door open and thought it was a nurse coming, so he shouted viciously.

Si Huang walked silently through the entrance and saw Sun Bi in the single ward.

He looked similar to how he looked in the video. Maybe because he was seeing it with his own eyes, but he looked even worse than the video.

Sun Bi was frowning and looking in the direction of the entrance, “Little girl, didn’t you hear me…” The scolding words stopped abruptly when he saw Si Huang’s figure, and his pupils shrank.

Si Huang walked to the chair beside his hospital bed and sat down, “We meet again.” Then she smiled.

The moment Sun Bi returned to his senses, his body moved back, which caused the brace on his leg to be pulled, and the severe pain contorted his expression.

“Someone! Somebody is going to kill someone!”

One of the benefits of the single ward was immediately reflected, it was that the sound insulation effect was excellent.

After Sun Bi found that his shouting didn’t work, his mind brightened and he reached out to ring the call bell.

A hand easily took the call bell into his own before him.

Sun Bi’s face turned blue, “Si Huang, this is a hospital with cameras! You’d better calm down!”

“It’s you who should be calm.”

Si Huang put the call bell on the table beside the hospital bed, “Remember, what did you say?”

Sun Bi pretended to be calm, “What?”

Si Huang reminded him patiently, “Whether you die or not, our grievances will be wiped out.”

“But you had to help Si Hua and come to trouble me again.”

He panicked, “I didn’t want to! You also know what Si Hua is like, if I don’t help him, there will be no way for me in the future. It’ll be over.”

Si Huang smiled and lifted his chin to Yu Xi.

Yu Xi walked over with an expressionless face, took out a stack of A4 papers from the folder and handed it to Sun Bi.

Sun Bi hesitated then took it with his good hand.

He looked down for a few seconds and his face changed suddenly, “Si Huang! What evidence do you have, these are all false accusations!” He excitedly smashed the A4 papers at Si Huang, “It’s obviously you who made me what I’ve become now, what right do you have to say that I attacked you personally! You are falsely accusing me! It’s a false accusation! I can sue you!”

The A4 papers slapped her face, so there was a slight pain, but Si Huang did not escape, nor did she get angry.

“Where’s the evidence? You should tell yourself this.” Seeing Sun Bi’s distorted expression like a beast, Si Huang raised the corner of his mouth, “You have no chance to counterclaim.”

“No! I still have Master Si…”

“Do you think Si Hua still cares about you?”

Sun Bi’s expression changed drastically, he was not stupid, he understood Si Hua’s personality, and knew what would happen if he lost his worth.

Si Huang bent over and picked up the A4 papers on the ground and put it on the table, “Sun Bi, I don’t feel sorry for you.”

Yu Xi, who was standing beside him, looked at Si Huang in amazement, only to feel that her gentle and gorgeous voice was special. The lingering flavor tickled people’s hearts. This was similar to the numb voice from two days ago, but it no longer evoked a person’s physiological reaction full of color, causing the listener to blush and heartbeat.

Sun Bi looked at Si Huang at a loss.

Si Huang stood up and said with a smile, “I’ll give you three days to go to Si Hua to ask for help. If he can’t help you, then no one can help you. Then you should just go and stay in jail.”

“Si Huang, yes. I was wrong, I will kneel down for you! Let me go! From now on I will never dare to trouble you again, and I will never help Si Hua again, so you can just spare me this time?”

Looking at her back, Sun Bi suddenly struggled, with a pitiful expression on his face.

Si Huang turned around with a bright smile in her eyes, “Keep your strength to ask Si Hua.”

Sun Bi’s expression was furious, but he couldn’t hide a trace of despair: “…”

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