GLR Ch. 6.1

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Su Yemu came back with a whole body drenched in soup, at this time Su Xiaonan had already returned, and was holding a robotic arm to put on 033, who had a lifeless face. When she turned her head and saw Su Yemu in a state of embarrassment, she immediately jumped up and ran to Su Yemu: “Who did this, who hit you again?”

The fierce and ferocious Su Xiaonan was very deterrent, and before Su Yemu recovered from being yelled at by her, he was dragged out of the door by her: “Let’s go, I will avenge you, who dares to bully my brother, and seek death.”

Su Yemu quickly grabbed Su Xiaonan and told Su Xiaonan what happened just now. It was okay when he knocked her brother unconscious last time, and now he was still robbing his things, no, it’s not the first time he’s robbed, it’s really like her Su family has no one.

Su Yemu patted Su Xiaonan on the shoulder to reassure her, then glanced at 033 and asked, “Is this robotic arm suitable for it?”

“No way, I can’t find anything else, I can’t let it break, I still want to let it wash the dishes!” Su Xiaonan found out that after her brother could cook, there were a lot of kitchen utensils to be cleaned at home, so she came up with this good method.

When Su Xiaonan finished speaking, she saw her brother drenched in soup and told him to take a bath quickly. She continued to fiddle with 033’s arms, completely ignoring the disgust on 033’s face.

At this time, in the first conference room of the live broadcast platform, three servings of food were placed on it separately. Before they were opened, the aroma of the food had already filled the conference room, especially the aroma of cumin and mutton, which caused the salivary glands to drool continuously.


There were sounds of gulping in the silent conference room, and everyone turned to a middle-aged man; the man wiped the corner of his mouth and smiled awkwardly: “How about, let’s eat first?”

Another old man shook his head: ” Old Chen, but you still don’t know what it’s made of?”

“Then let’s get started!” This was a very young man, his eyes were about to glow green when he saw the food, he was just holding a meeting, why did he miss Su Yemu’s second live broadcast, he was heartbroken.

The others nodded and couldn’t wait to turn on the video. When they saw Su Yemu pulling the egg, his eyes straightened and he murmured, “It’s too powerful, I can’t do it without ten years of hard work.”

“Ryan, you are wrong, I daresay that even the imperial chefs of the empire can’t do it.” To put it simply, no one had thought of using an egg to pull. The old man kept nodding at Su Yemu’s neat movements, his eyes full of admiration.

Then, when Su Yemu explained the functions of carrots, one of the middle-aged men asked, “Carrots are good for the liver, eyesight, and the spleen and even eliminate cancer?”

He was a representative of oriental cooking. He held a royal chef certificate. If it wasn’t for Ryan’s invitation, he would have already retired.

Mr. Daim replied: “Carotene in carrots is really good for the human body.”

Carrots were good for the body.

If carrots made everyone admire Su Yemu, it was the use of cumin and pepper that really shocked them; advanced cooking techniques were kept in the hands of several big families, and even some low-level chefs didn’t know how to use some spices. Of course, peppercorns were one of them.

And Su Yemu was just a small streamer, how did he know? Terrific young man, where did he learn his craft?

“Su Family? I’ve never heard that they have children and grandchildren in CellStar!” One of the middle-aged men asked.

Several people present looked at each other suspiciously and shook their heads.

“Let’s stop talking, since we’ve finished watching it, let’s start eating!” Ryan couldn’t wait. He was one of the shareholders of the live broadcast platform. He liked to eat. But he grew up eating royal chef’s meals, and few food anchors could fall into his eyes.

This man named Su Yemu, at that time, he was just looking at him with boredom. He didn’t expect that Su Yemu’s craftsmanship would surprise even him.

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