GLR Ch. 6.2

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The several judges couldn’t wait to open the Yangzhou fried rice[1]. Even if they had seen it in the video, when it actually appeared in front of them, the feeling was completely different; the golden, plump rice was scattered with bits of green, pink, tender white, etc. There were colourful ingredients that looked mouth-watering.

The five of them had secretly prepared their spoons, given the order, and quickly shot, then when the fragrant Yangzhou Fried Rice entered their mouth, the strong fragrance spread in the mouth, and as they bit down, the grains hit the teeth, the egg was silky and soft, the winter bamboo shoots were refreshing, the sea cucumber’s fresh juice burst out and was then mixed with other materials to form a unique taste, which was absolutely delicious in the world.

“Leave some for me.” The old man blew his beard and stared angrily. He liked to taste food, and slowly experience the deliciousness of the food, but these stinky boys actually devoured it. He only took one bite and everything was gone.

The food box was grabbed by Ryan and he picked up the rice with a spoon. It seemed that if there was no one here, his face would be buried in it.

“Mr. Daim, let’s open the second food box!” Old Chen said with a flattering smile, his small eyes narrowed with a sense of joy.

The old man, Mr. Daim snorted softly, pulled the second food box over, opened the food box, then a fragrant crispy meat smell came out, the four others stretched out their hands and wanted to grab it, then old man Daim said softly: “Don’t move, go away, find five plates and five bowls.”

Everyone immediately understood what Mr. Daim meant, and the corners of their mouths twitched. One of the middle-aged men ran out, but came back after a while to put the plates and bowls away, and then everyone finally followed Mr. Daim’s ‘new style’.

This toothpick meat was also known as cumin mutton[2]. You have a bunch, he had a bunch, and I have a bunch…

Oh, there were four pieces left at the end, he worked hard and distributed the food!

Pork rib soup[3], you have a spoon, he has a spoon…

The last leftover was definitely not enough to divide, so he took it since he had worked hard to divide the food among them!

The other four: They are all people of the Empire, why are you alone so good?

No matter what everyone thought, Mr. Daim had already started eating, and they didn’t dare to take the food from the tiger’s mouth, so they could only turn their grief into a feeding frenzy.

The toothpick meat was firm and chewy, with a perfect combination of crispness and tenderness, with a unique flavour that you couldn’t stop eating. The pork ribs soup was fragrant and rich in flavour. After drinking the hot soup, their tiredness disappeared instantly, and the whole person relaxed.

This was the charm of food, which was incomparable to nutrient solution.

Mr. Daim squinted his eyes comfortably, feeling the faint soft power caressing the tight muscles of his body, swimming into his sea of consciousness, and a light blooming in his sea of knowledge.

Mr. Daim opened his eyes and saw that Ryan was looking at him. The two looked at each other, turned their eyes away, and said nothing, as if nothing had happened. Others were still burying their heads in hard work, and the praise was endless.

“How can nutrient solution be compared with real food, it’s so delicious.” Old Chen sighed, it was worth it for the older generation to revive cooking under pressure.

After the food was eaten, the review began, and everyone scored 10 points. It stood to reason that he should have been rated five stars, but Su Yemu did not have a chef certificate, so he could only be downgraded by one level.

“We should give him special treatment.” Ryan objected to relegation.

“As far as his skills are concerned, it is not difficult for him to get a chef certificate. If he passes the test, he will be given five stars immediately.” Lao Chen insisted on four stars.

“Lao Chen is thinking of making him join the Chef’s Association!” The other two teased, since Lao Chen was a member of the Chef’s Association, he naturally wanted to recruit people to strengthen his own team.

“What about Mr. Daim? What do you have to say about it?” One of the middle-aged men asked the most respected old man present.

“Just a three-star rating! As for the research, it depends on the skills of your chef association.” Mr. Daim got up and left to chat with an old friend; Su Yemu’s appearance might revolutionize the imperial cuisine culture. As for asking the platform to rate him as level 3, he wanted to pressure him, there was an old saying that it was not good to shoot the first bird.

Su Yemu didn’t know anything about attracting other people’s interest. He only had two goals right now. First, to regulate his sister’s body, preferably to make her fatter; second, to make money for his sister to go to school.

According to the original owner’s memory, as a citizen of the empire, he could have had 12 years of compulsory education, but the Celestial star was a delicate place. Although the empire occasionally provided relief, it did not say that it was their place, and were thus completely unwilling to accept these three hundred thousand poor relatives.

Therefore, the education level here was very low. Su Xiaonan had only attended school for two years and then had to leave so as to take care of her brother since she was a child. However, she was smart and was better than those children, even while self-learning. She had amazing talent in Mecha. She found an arm in the garbage dump and connected it to 033 today. Its lame leg was also repaired by her, but the stammer was incurable. Su Xiaonan was so angry that she scolded 033 all night.

Speaking of the garbage dump, Su Yemu had another headache. He didn’t expect this place to be the place where the empire threw its garbage. Although there was no decaying matter, the endless amount of scrap iron, glass, and rotten wood also had a great impact on the surroundings.

Regarding Su Xiaonan’s school, Su Yemu also had an idea. He wanted Su Xiaonan to go to school in the Empire, where the education level was very high. This would be an explanation to the fool Su Yemu. He occupied his body, so he would definitely take good care of his sister, but he didn’t know how he was doing in modern times?

His parents must be very sad! After all, he was their only child. If possible, he hoped that the fool Su Yemu would have transported there, so that even if he had become a fool, the harm would be lesser than his death.

“Brother, what are you thinking?” Su Xiaonan pushed a stack of yellowed paper to Su Yemu and put a pen in his hand: “When you write the recipe, be careful, don’t waste it, I will check it after you’re done. I will find two pieces of cowhide and tie them up, so it looks like an antique.”

“Where did this pen and paper come from?” Pen and paper were very precious, even the commoners living on Neptune, the main star of the empire, may not be able to get it, Xiaonan, this girl, should he should praise her for having great ability, or should he scold her for taking risks?

“Brother, don’t worry, this is my deal with Boss Hei. I help him repair a machine, and he helped me get these papers and pens.” When her parents were still alive, Su Xiaonan went to school for two years, and she worked with a mechanic back then. After her parents left, she helped her friends repair toys, electrical appliances, and finally robots. Along the way, this was how she supported their family.

Su Yemu’s eyes turned slightly red, he was the only son, his parents were monks, but he had had no worries about food and clothing. The most rebellious thing he ever did was to resist his family to learn cooking, but even so, his family loved him, and Su Xiaonan, she was still so young.

Su Yemu pulled the stunned little girl into his arms and hugged her: “If you do anything in the future, let me know first. What if there is danger? I have only you.”

The reason for them being able to maintain the current stability was that there was a man named Boss Hei who was in charge. Even if he had never been in contact with him, Su Yemu knew that he can control over these three irrelevant areas. It could be seen that his means were high. Well, he hadn’t sent her to school yet.

Su Xiaonan looked helpless, hey, how could my brother be so timid.

Su Xiaonan patted her brother on the back and comforted her brother: “Good, I only have you brother, don’t worry, I’ll be fine if I marry you off.”

Su Yemu: “I’m a straight man.”

Su Xiaonan gave Su Yemu a look that she understood. Before he could refute, the doorbell rang, and Su Xiaonan ran to open the door in two or three steps; it was the white chef’s clothes sent by the live broadcast platform, after this Su Yemu boarded the live broadcast platform and received the information sent to him by the platform, he had succeeded in applying for the level, and it was a three-star rating; this surprised Su Yemu a little, he had eaten the steamed buns made by the four-star, second-level chef, and it was really not that good.

Su Yemu thought: Are there other conditions for the star rating? But the master said that gold always shines.

Before that, the news that a little-known person was upgraded to a three-star rated food anchor as soon as he came, still caused a little fluctuation on the platform food channel, and everyone wanted to see who took this rating as soon as he came.

But when they saw the video left by Su Yemu, they all cried and went into the pit, and those who had followed Su Yemu for two episodes, and had tasted his craftsmanship were dissatisfied. This was a suppression, a proper suppression.

Out of anger, they had already voted under the platform, but the officials had not yet given a response.

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