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This Su Yemu didn’t know yet. Now all he cared about was the live broadcast in the afternoon. Yesterday, he promised to draw a quota of places to give out food today. He had already thought about the dishes he was going to make.

Dongpo Pork[1], Mushroom Chicken Soup[2] and Pumpkin Pie[3], Su Yemu was going to make enough to serve 20 people, this time the quantity was a bit large, so he had to prepare in advance.

After placing an order for the ingredients to be used, Su Yemu logged in to the live broadcast room to list the name of the dishes and the time of the live broadcast. The name of the dishes had just been posted, but within ten seconds, there were several replies below.

I’m a Carnivore: Meat, I expect meat.

I love Xiaolongbao: I decided to change the name to ‘I love Su Su’ and never jump out of the pit.

I don’t want to eat nutrient solution: I think, I should prepare well, maybe I will be drawn!

123 Wooden Man: I don’t know how many sets there are, looking forward to it!

At 3:30 in the afternoon, the broadcast started on time. Su Yemu was stunned when he saw the number of online users who kept rushing to join in. One thousand, two thousand, five thousand, then after breaking through ten thousand in a while, the online users finally stopped joining. He remembered yesterday. When they went offline, the number of people was about 3,000, how could it suddenly exceed to 10,000 today.

[Haha, the anchor is scared! Congratulations to the anchor for entering the Red Anchor Popularity List. I don’t want to congratulate the anchor for being rated three stars. I think the anchor is not only capable of this, but I have already complained to them, they are too much.]

The following people agreed, and they also went to complain, the fans said that the transparent anchor really had no temper!

Su Yemu didn’t expect them to complain, so he persuaded them happily, “I’m glad everyone likes my food, trust me, I will get these five stars sooner or later, so don’t complain.”

[That’s good. For the sake of seeing the host being so cute.]

Su Yemu couldn’t help laughing.

[The mood is very complicated. The number of fans of the anchor have increased, but it is sad. The more and more people there are, the less the anchor can see me. The most excessive is that the ratio would increase during the lottery. Woo…Woo…, I’m crying]

[The last sentence is the point!]

System: ‘I’m a Carnivore’ cast a captain, everyone come to the [Gourmet Live Room] to pick up fighter planes!

‘Erha, who should lose weight’ cast a captain, everyone, come to the [Gourmet Live Room] to pick up fighter planes!

Congratulations to ‘Erha, who should lose weight’ for becoming the chief of staff, following the captain’s figure and leading the soldiers to conquer the universe of stars.

[Thank you to the anchor, thank you to the empire and thank you mom and dad.]

Everyone had a great time picking up fighter planes. On the platform, whoever put in the most gifts became the captain, and the second was the chief of staff; Erha said, if you can’t compete for someone with a backstage, he could still be the second!

Su Yemu was really surprised by the sudden increase in the number of people, but he recovered quickly, then with a cold and serious face, he said: “Hello everyone, I’m Su Yemu, welcome to the gourmet live broadcast room, today I bring you Dongpo Pork, Mushroom Chicken Soup and Pumpkin Pie.”

[It sounds delicious, believe me, my saliva has already started to flow]

[Today, the anchor is still dressed so cutely, hehe, I also ordered this apron, and I will wear the same apron as the anchor.]

Su Yemu didn’t expect them to buy it, but just like it: “In order to save time, I have already done the preliminary work, then we will start with making Dongpo Pork, which is also called Braised Pork. According to legend, during the Northern Song Dynasty of China, when Su Dongpo was a prefect in Hangzhou, he managed the West Lake. The people thanked him and gave him a lot of pork, and Su Dongpo asked his family to cut them into cubes and make them into braised pork for the migrant workers who worked in the West Lake. After eating the meat, everyone felt that the meat was crispy and delicious, fat but not greasy, and still the most delicious in the world, so they named it after Su Dongpo.”

Su Yemu said while boiling the pork belly in water for about 10 minutes, and then he cut it into small cubes of about 2.5 cm. After the meat was cut satisfactorily, he stir fried it in oil.

[The anchor is amazing, pharmacology, history, all at his fingertips.]

[Baobao, are you studying history?]

[After learning history, I know about China, the ancient civilization that historians have been looking for, but the Northern Song Dynasty is an unproven dynasty; and Su Dongpo, I have never heard of him! Boo, how did you know these things?]

[What is the ancient civilization? We are Chinese people, and we are descendants of the Chinese. Only civilizations with broken bloodlines are called ancient civilization. Whoever said that the Chinese bloodline is broken, we are still here.]

[That is, even if the empire is not divided into ethnic groups, we are still Chinese. Even if the civilization is buried, one day, we will revive the civilization of China even after tens of thousands of years.]

[Sorry, I was wrong, I take it back, I take it back.]

After Su Yemu saw the commotion on the screen, his heart was slightly touched: “Yes, as long as we are still alive, our civilization will not be broken.”

Even in the interstellar era, the blood of the Chinese descendants was still flowing, deeply in the soul, in their bones was the call of the ancestors and civilization. Even if there was only one descendant of Huaxia, the blood of Huaxia would still be there.

[At this moment, I fell in love with the anchor.]

[Ah, the anchor admits that he is from the East.]

[In the front, you can tell by looking at the face that the anchor is from the East.]

The lively atmosphere in the live broadcast room resumed. Su Yemu added a little oil, a little sugar, and slowly stir-fried it over low heat. After the sugar melted and became sticky, he added the pork belly, chopped onion, ginger, garlic, bay leaves, star anise, salt, soy sauce, rock sugar, etc., then he added water to the pork belly mixture, after that he covered the pan, and allowed it to simmer for 45 minutes on low heat.

[Anchor, what is this! I saw you add it like this last time, and it tasted super delicious when it came out.]

“In two days, I will sort out the dishes and materials I made these days and put them on the notice board. You can go to see then, and ask again if you don’t understand.”

[Huh? How could this work? No way.]

[Host, the recipes are all copyrighted nowadays, we can’t take it for nothing.]

[Yes, we are very happy if we can learn some simple dishes. The hosts should still keep these complicated dishes for himself!]

[Oh my god, I just found out what the host is doing at this time, won’t the host leave a hand from start to finish will be learned.]

Su Yemu was really surprised. He knew that recipes were given copyrights, but he didn’t expect people to not even be able to lean such a simple dish, but it’s understandable when you think about the importance the empire placed on cooking and reviving ancient recipes.

[Anchor, you must not send out the recipe.]

[Yes, why don’t you open a shop! We’ll come to visit you.]

[I beg you to open a shop.]

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