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In the vast universe, a medium-sized star ship was forced by a huge warship to the edge of the undercurrent of the Goddess system. The twisted vortex was like a turbulent and roaring sea, and could swallow the star ship at any time.

Battleships flew and fought at high speed in the vast universe, and the blue-white light of the cannonballs exploded in the deep stars, the colours looked both gorgeous and tragic.

The shells grazed the hull several times, causing violent shaking. Boss Hei stood in the control room, looking at the approaching military star ship with a cruel smile. There was crazy fighting spirit in his deep eyes. His life had become so comfortable that he almost forgot this feeling.

Datou stared at the display table, grabbed the edge of the control table with his hand, and said with a pale face: “Boss, the orbit recognition failed, the Suzaku has been locked by them, and the ship is almost uncontrollable.”

There was an approaching warship in front, and behind them was the undercurrent of the galaxy. If they did not leave, they would be stirred into the vortex and broken into dust by the dark matter.

“Leave twenty crew members, the others follow me,” Boss Hei looked at Bai Jun: “You stay.”

Bai Jun looked stern: “No, I…” Before he could finish his words, Bai Jun fell over and was rendered unconscious by Boss Hei. Everyone looked at Boss Hei in disbelief. He actually used his mental power to attack the military advisor and knocked him unconscious.

Boss Hei put Bai Jun on the sofa aside, took off his coat and put it on Bai Jun.

“Big head.”


“From now on, you will command the star ship. When I force that scum off the established orbit, you concentrate all your energy and rush out. Immediately jump over the Tiannu system and sail to the Neptune system. That person is almost here.”

“Boss, what about you?”

“What are you worried about? Your boss used to drive an A-class armour and dared to fight battleships all over the universe. Now your boss is still driving a battleship. What are you worried about?”

The world was much more dangerous than this.

“But, this, this battleship is too small, and the energy cannot sustain it beyond the Heavenly Maiden system. No, no, I will go too.”

“Tsk, it’s decided, nothing can happen to Su Yemu,” Boss Hei looked at Bai Jun, who was unconscious and still frowning: “And as for your military advisor, when we took him away from Neptune, I swore to the heavens to Old Man Bai will… I will just let him enjoy the food and drink.”

After finishing his words, Boss Hei led everyone away. Big Head secretly gritted his teeth and shed tears: “Everyone listen to the order, pay attention to the actions of the enemy ships, and be ready to break out at any time.” There were dozens of warships again.

Flying out of the star ship, the man with iron-grey hair narrowed his eyes slightly and chuckled twice: “You are really not afraid of death. Divide into three teams, two teams will block the attack, and one team will touch the Suzaku and capture Su Yemu alive.”

In the boundless starry sky, hundreds of warships were entangled together. The light of the cannonballs illuminated the entire starry sky. Big head stared at the display table. When he saw a whoosh of cannonballs hitting Boss Hei’s battleship, his mind went blank.

“Look, it’s the boss’s armour.”

The black armour rushed out of the fire. The armour was mounted on the rail gun mount, and with a roar, the overcoming battleships instantly fell into pieces.

“Haha, boss, good job.”


The star ship suddenly shook violently, and a ‘beep-beep-beep’ warning sound sounded on the display platform.

“The stern of the Suzaku was attacked and is malfunctioning. Energy leakage. Energy leakage.”

“The No. 5 ship door was forced open. The No. 5 ship door was forced open.”

“The enemy has boarded the ship. The enemy has boarded the ship.”

However, in an instant, a series of alarms rang out, which stunned them.

“Big head, Mr. Su is in cabin five…”

One of the pilots yelled. Big head was already dull. What should he do? What to do? Looking at the unconscious Bai Jun, he made a determined decision: “You, you…”

“Ten people stay, ready to rush into the established track at any time and jump to the goddess system. Five people guard the command platform, and the remaining five follow me. “

The boss hurriedly gave the order, picked up the laser gun, and rushed to the fifth cabin. The boss said, nothing can happen to Su Yemu.

“Brother, what should I do?”

Yuan Ying and Erha had already left the ship, leaving two soldiers with Da Zhong and others to protect Su Yemu. The ship was turbulent just now. Su Yemu asked a soldier to go to the command room to check the situation. When the warning ship’s stern failed, Da Zhuang and another soldier left again, and now no one had returned.

He, Xiaonan, and Da Yu were the only ones left. The ship’s hull was still trembling, and the warning sounds didn’t stop. The fire from the cannonballs outside kept flashing, and the ship’s hull was hit by cannonballs. The atmosphere was depressing and tense.

“Let’s go to the command room.”

Su Yemu grabbed Xiaonan, called Da Yu, and ran out of the room. Outside the corridor was the starry sky. Battleships were being shot down one by one, and the fire was burning. Su Yemu couldn’t tell who was his friend and who was the enemy?

He was born in the 21st century. That era might not be peaceful, but the country blocked the door to war. He had never felt the horror of war so personally.

“Warning, warning, the enemy has invaded the interior. The fifth cabin is about to be closed and the passage is cut off. The fifth cabin is about to be closed and the passage is cut off…”

“Bang!” A whizzing bullet passed through the body, hitting the ship and splashing sparks; the hatch not far away was slowly lowering. It was too late. Neither he nor Xiaonan could escape. But Da Yu had mental power, so he could.

Su Yemu grabbed Xiaonan’s hand and pulled her forward, pushing her hard towards Da Yu: “Go quickly, this is an order…”

Da Yu hugged Xiaonan, turned around, and saw Su Yemu showing this sharp expression for the first time. The look in his eyes made people feel timid and forced them to obey his commands.

“Your Excellency.”



The cabin door was closed, and Xiaonan and Da Yu was safe. Su Yemu relaxed, staggered twice and fell to the ground. His head hit the ground hard, leaving a wound, and a faint feeling overflowing of blood.

“Bang, bang!”

Su Yemu’s head was knocked dizzy from the beating, and bullets kept flying, but they never hit him. They wanted to catch him alive. This thought suddenly came to their mind, and they instinctively rolled to the side. Su Yemu hid in the passage, just grabbed a piece of brick?

Su Yemu smiled, why was there such a thing?

“Where’s Su Yemu?”

Datou grabbed Da Yu’s chest, and the chill from his red eyes almost ate him up.

“Your Excellency, he is in the fifth cabin.”

Da Yu hadn’t come back yet and realized that he clearly wanted to save him, but why did he do what he wanted? Obviously he wanted to go back and save them, but at that time, his mind seemed to be separated from his body, and he acted like that and abandoned him.

Da Yu was already in a daze, muttering to himself, while Xiaonan had fallen to the ground, crying silently.


He punched the wall hard with his fist, and Big Head shook himself hard. It was all his fault. Su Yemu would have been better off coming to the command room earlier.

“Open the cabin!”

Big Head ordered after calming down.

“It can’t be opened. After the Suzaku entered the first level of alert, only the boss has the authority to mobilize.”


The hull was hit again and began to shake. Different from the previous shaking, this time, the Suzaku seemed to be sucked. He was standing there, being pulled by an unknown object, staggering around.

“Warning, warning, please stay away from the undercurrent, please stay away from the undercurrent.”

“Warning, warning, the Suzaku is about to be dragged into the undercurrent. According to the preliminary instructions, the Suzaku is about to abandon cabins No. 5 to No. 8. Please evacuate the relevant personnel in time.”

“No, no, brother, brother is in cabin five.”


No one cared about how long the battle lasted, and no one counted how many battleships were destroyed. Everyone had already killed until their eyes had turned red. Boss Hei was using the battle armour, flying in the enemy fleet, leading his team members, and had already destroyed half of the opponents’ battleships and the soldiers led by Yuan Ying were not far behind, but no matter how great the combat effectiveness was, it could not match the energy consumption.

They still failed to clear a path to allow the star ship to pass.

“Boss, the Suzaku, the Suzaku separated itself and abandoned its cabin. Boss, come back quickly. Su Yemu is in cabin no. 5.”

The main ship’s communication suddenly sounded on the internal channel, and the Big Head’s choked and frightened voice was like a bomb hitting Boss Hei and Yuan Ying. Above their heads, the two men’s eyes turned to the Suzaku at the same time. They saw that the huge star ship was beginning to break from the middle, and the stern of the ship had been tightly entangled with a dark flowing material, which was being pulled towards the undercurrent… The two mechas rushed over at the same time.

It was too late to reach the Suzaku. The distance was too far, and due to the resistance in the universe, they simply couldn’t make it.

The stern of the ship had been dragged in, and the two of them watched helplessly as the stern of the ship was separated into ions and disappeared, while the hull was still being devoured…


A hissing sound penetrated the void space, and a huge silver-grey figure passed by, glowing with light. The sword of cold light blue light struck at the dark matter entangled in the ship’s hull, instantly purifying it.

The broadsword disappeared, and the armour, like the arrival of a god, picked up the remaining two cabins and flew towards the approaching warship.

It was the Winged Dragon, the warship of the Wolf Legion.

The cabin kept shaking, and Su Yemu was dizzy from the shaking. He leaned against the corner and gasped for air. Several people who had fainted next to him, their foreheads were covered with blood, and they all rolled to the other corner as the cabin shook.

Su Yemu’s hands clasping the brick trembled slightly, listening to the footsteps approaching from far away, he thought about whether to show off his power again and knock out the people who came in, but now, he couldn’t even move his fingers.


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