GLR Ch. 50.2

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The cabin door opened. The first thing Su Yemu saw was a pair of leather boots. Looking up, he saw a pair of long legs. The long legs squatted down, pulled off the white gloves on their hands, pressed his head with a broad, gentle hand, and gently stroked the blood on his forehead with his thumb, and there was a sudden monstrous murderous intent emerging in his dark eyes.

Su Yemu held He Yunting’s hand, stood up with his hand, and grinned at him: “I don’t know why I suddenly became so powerful. This brick seems to have a magic bonus. Every shot is accurate, haha!”

Su Yemu swayed and fell into He Yunting’s arms.

He Yunting hugged Su Yemu, leaned forward, lowered his head, and kissed the top of his hair gently, very lightly, like being caressed by a feather.

Su Yemu blinked, confused, was there wind?

His fingers loosened slightly, and the brick fell to the ground with a snap. The person who was laughing just now was already asleep in He Yunting’s arms.

“Haha, what a good armour.”

Boss Hei and Yuan Ying were back to back, surrounded by a group of armors.


Yuan Ying: “How could the marshal’s armour be so different?”

“He’s out again!”

Boss Hei’s voice was low, and his chest was full of swelling. He really wanted to fight this man. That armour was also a good thing! He wondered if old man Reis would be willing to build one for him. Well, he had to make money first. Money was really a good thing.

The silver armour seemed to grow infinitely, and the cold blue light of the broadsword flew over, making people fearful; it stood alone in the universe, not dust or stones, but as a conqueror.

“Leave no one behind!”

“Yes, Your Excellency!”

A deep voice came from the armour, and the armour soared into the sky. The enemy ship’s gunfire bombarded the armour, but it was not damaged at all. It dodged at an extremely fast speed, and then it rushed towards the enemy ship at an extremely fast speed. The speed was so fast that it was eye-popping. The resistance of the universe seemed not to affect its advance.

“It…it must be it, hahaha, I found it!” The man rushed towards the control console, and his ecstasy made him lose his mind: “Quick, quick, grab it.” The man shouted at the control console, and the adjutant was horrified. With his eyes wide open, he watched the big knife slashing down, and had only one thought: “How, how is it possible? This is a warship, a warship…”


The enemy’s long-distance star ship looked at everyone in disbelief. It was split in half and exploded instantly, with fire and a glow of red.

“He’s angry!”

The chief of staff muttered, ordering the area to be cleared.

When Su Yemu woke up, the wound on his forehead had been wrapped, and his clothes had been changed. However, he had not taken a shower. He had sweated a lot while fighting the enemy, and now he felt a little sticky.

“You woke up!” He Yunting walked in and sat next to the bed: “Are you hungry?”

“A little bit,” Su Yemu covered his head, feeling a dull pain in his head: “Where are we?”

“We just left the Goddess system, and I arrived at Neptune, we still have a lot of trouble. It will take a while.”

“Where are Xiaonan and Erha? How are they?”

“They’re okay, and they’re resting!”

Su Yemu pulled up his clothes and touched his head: “I want to take a bath.”

He Yunting stood up and took out a set of military uniforms from the closet, long pants and a white shirt with the emblem of the Wolf Legion printed on it: “I have nothing new, don’t mind!”

“It’s okay, thanks!”

Su Yemu took the clothes and entered the bathroom.

“Why are you so stupid!”

He Yunting walked out of the bedroom, where Da Zhuang and Da Yu were kneeling outside. He Yunting walked up to them and said, “Do you really want to become stronger?”

Da Zhuang raised his head and looked at this powerful man; he could clearly see how he drove the mecha and how he killed the enemy with one move. If he also had such powerful power, he would not be easily attacked. If he was able to knock it down, he won’t be put in danger.

“I think!”

He Yunting nodded, didn’t reply, and went to find Kevin.

Erha, who was resting, was about to cry without tears, and Yuan Ying and the others were holding up the mecha with one hand. He was already charging forward, how could he still be punished?

“You should be glad that we arrived in time, otherwise it would not be as simple as lifting the mecha now,” the chief of staff sighed: “You too, how can you leave Mr. Su alone in the cabin?”

Erha said with a bitter face: “But that was the safest place!”

No one expected that the enemy would touch the star ship, but it was an undeniable fact that Yuan Ying and the others neglected their duties. As for Erha, he was offended.

“And it’s Grandpa’s fault. Who told him to be late?”

Chief of Staff: His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has said this, what can he say?

“About Kong Yi, please His Royal Highness please don’t tell anyone.” The chief of staff was actually shocked. He never thought that Kong Yi had such great power. If it got out, the consequences would be disastrous.

Six hundred years ago, General He being sent to military court was still vivid in his memories. Being too powerful was not a good thing.

Erha pointed at Yuan Ying and others: “Why do you only talk about me? What about them?”

The chief of staff gave Erha a look that could only be understood but not explained.

“Ah, you already knew this,” Erha understood instantly and murmured: “No wonder great grandfather dared to go deep into the Zerg coalition when he led a legion.”

The chief of staff tried his best not to look like a fool. If the marshal really used such force in front of the Zerg coalition, could it still be concealed until now?

Forget it, this was His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, hold on.


“Your Highness, maybe you would like to change the name of the Marshal?” The Chief of Staff got chills every time he and His Highness Lane called the Marshal Grandpa.

Erha: “But he is my great grandfather!”

Chief of Staff: You have the final say.

After coming out of the training room, the chief of staff went to the guest room to find Boss Hei; now everyone on the Suzaku had been picked up by the Pterodactyl, and the Suzaku was being towed back to Neptune by the Pterodactyl.

It was quite strange for two star ships to sail like this, especially when the Suzaku was missing half of its hull.

When the chief of staff walked in, Boss Hei was staring at his terminal with a sad look on his face. The chief of staff stretched his head and saw that the screen showed the Suzaku with half of its body left.

The chief of staff came over, mainly talking about Kong Yi, hoping that Boss Hei could keep it a secret. Boss Hei looked at the chief of staff strangely, he must be too worried! Since He Yunting dared to act like this, it meant that he definitely didn’t care about being known.

“He just lost his mind temporarily.”

The chief of staff thought so.

Now that he had said this, Boss Hei agreed. After seeing off the chief of staff, Boss Hei counted the losses on his fingers and prepared to ask He Yunting for reimbursement.

“How much have you calculated?”

“Tsk, I’m not good at math. This number…” Boss Hei paused and looked up. It was Bai Jun: “A Jun is here! Sit down, are you still dizzy, or are you thirsty?” Bai Jun smiled and hit an elbow towards Boss Hei, who felt so painful that he clutched his stomach and screamed, but his thoughts had not yet recovered from Bai Jun’s smile. Unexpectedly, when A Jun smiled, it was pretty good-looking.

He led Erha to make some porridge, and He Yunting took it back to the room. Su Yemu was sitting on the bed with his head lowered and his sleeves rolled up. His hair, which had just been washed and dried, was hanging loosely. His trousers were hanging on the floor, and his feet were curled up in front of his face. He looked very small in his clothes.

Seeing He Yunting looking down at him, Su Yemu’s face felt slightly hot, and he could only comfort himself that it was okay and he should still be able to grow.

He Yunting hid the turmoil deep in his eyes, put the tray aside, squatted down and rolled up Su Yemu’s trousers, revealing his white and tender legs, and his toes were still moving.

He Yunting took a deep breath to calm the restlessness in his chest and stood up. Su Yemu had already finished fixing the sleeves by himself.

He Yunting reapplied medicine to Su Yemu’s forehead before letting him eat the porridge.

After Su Yemu had finished the porridge with his feet crossed, he went to the bathroom to rinse his mouth, and came out and asked, “Where is my room?”

“Sleep with me tonight,” He Yunting said, “Boss Hei’s people are also on board, and there are not enough rooms.”

Su Yemu was a little confused: “You won’t bite me when I’m asleep, right!”

He Yunting chuckled: “No.”

Su Yemu didn’t know what He Yunting was thinking, so he climbed into bed and covered himself with a quilt, closed his eyes, and after a while, opened them suddenly.

“You really can’t bite, it hurts.”

“No bite.”

Su Yemu felt relieved, yawned, and fell asleep.

After the Chief of Staff inspected the Pterodactyl, he had to sigh. He didn’t think so before, but now he found that the Pterodactyl was quite big. With so many people living there, there were quite a few empty rooms.

The soldiers of the Saier Star Fortress stared at the monitoring station, hummed a little tune and ate the dried meat, sighing from the bottom of their hearts, it is delicious, so delicious; Saier Star has Mr. Su, what a blessing!

“Beep, beep, beep.”

The monitoring station suddenly sounded a reminder. The soldier stretched his head and the dried meat he had just stuffed into his mouth fell down. He looked at the huge warship that appeared on the monitor in disbelief.

“Oh my god, they’re coming!”

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