LGHIHW Ch. 41: Arc 1.37

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248 spent several hours sifting through the important information in Zhuang Li’s personal computer and various scientific research results in his laboratory.

“Host, you must admit that there are really super geniuses in this world,” it sighed while downloading these confidential documents: “Zhuang Li only started to develop nanomaterials two months ago, but the results he has achieved surpass those of others who have been researching for more than 20 years.”

Qiao Yanan was lying on the sofa browsing Lin Yayan’s scandals, her raised legs swaying up and down, and her tone was both happy and disdainful: “So what? No matter how talented he is, I can still deal with him. From now on, we will make public whatever he researches. Let’s see whether others dare to sponsor his research? If no one contributes money or effort to his research, he would just be a loser who graduated from Pheasant University.”

“Host, you are like a hungry wolf, biting the enemy and not letting go.” 248 praised: “This is what I admire most about you. As long as you eliminate all opponents, you will definitely become the final winner.”

Qiao Yanan smiled more and more proudly, “System, I said when you first bound me, your choice will not be wrong. The information we stole from Zhao Zhensheng is useless here in Haiming, but other Chinese companies of the same type should be rushing to get it, right? You can help me find out which company is Haiming’s rival. I’m going to apply for a job there. Doesn’t Xuan Ming look down on me? Then I’ll help his enemies attack him, so I can make a living. Won’t his eyes get wet then?”

“Are you going to fall in love and kill each other?” 248 analyzed it carefully and nodded: “Okay, I will help you investigate… Yes, the communication company currently chasing Haiming is called Future Map, and they have hired a headhunter to recruit you, just wait at home for the call.”

Immediately afterwards, 248 said worriedly: “But you don’t have anything in your stomach, and Zhao Zhensheng’s research and development achievements are limited to the 5G framework and basic algorithms. There is no problem in joining the Future Map with these, but it is an unattainable dream to let them catch up with Haiming. I’m worried that you’ll reveal your secret in the future.”

“Didn’t the United States get Zhao Zhensheng’s scientific research results and are developing them? Just help me steal the technology from the United States. I will lead Future Map to continue to follow up on how far they have developed it. In that case, soon they would be able to surpass Haiming. The technology of the United States is much more advanced than that of China.” Old God Qiao Yanan said on the ground.

In her opinion, it was better to take away the road paved by others and leave others with no way to go. How interesting was that?

248 became more and more satisfied with its host and praised: “Although you are not good at technology, you are really good at taking advantage. I will help you steal the technology of the United States and delete all traces for you. Don’t worry.”

While they were talking, the headhunting company called Qiao Yanan and offered her an annual salary of 60 million, as well as ten percent shares. They also expressed no concern for her drug addiction record. Because they had obtained her latest physical examination report and found that her body was recovering very well.

However, just in case, when Qiao Yanan joined the job, they would equip her with a dedicated medical team to take care of her physical and mental health at all times.

Such conditions far exceeded Qiao Yanan’s psychological expectations, so the two parties quickly reached an agreement.

A few minutes later, an employment contract was slowly pulled out of the fax machine, which was sent by Future Map. It seemed that they were determined to win over Qiao Yanan.

“This is too impatient. The contract was sent to me as soon as we finalized it on the phone. But forget it, because their chairman is very discerning, I will sign the contract now.” Qiao Yanan looked at it carefully. There were several provisions on remuneration in the contract. After confirming that they were correct, she picked up the pen and signed it.

After receiving the photos of the signed contract, Future Map immediately announced the good news on its official Weibo and official website. Senior executives at all levels and the chairman of the board tagged Qiao Yanan on the Internet to express their warm welcome to her and her generous treatment. They wanted to make it the focus of publicity and make it known to everyone. They believed that in the near future, more and more technical personnel would switch jobs to Future Map.

Through this move, Future Map completely exposed its ambitions. They didn’t want to chase after Haiming. What they wanted was to surpass, crush, or even kill it comprehensively. There was and could only be one leader in the industry, and that was Future Map.

Zhuang Li’s emergence was too sudden and inexplicable, so people in the industry believed that he was just a shield for Qiao Yanan. After all, Dr. Zhao was assassinated, and Qiao Yanan, who took over his position, was also very likely to be assassinated.

Haiming’s public dismissal of Qiao Yanan must have been to protect her and drive her underground. But this move was really wrong. Because once Qiao Yanan regained her freedom, other companies could poach her openly.

As long as the benefits were high enough, they believed anyone could be tempted. After all, technicians also needed to eat. No, why wouldn’t Qiao Yanan be poached?

People in the industry lamented that the Future Map had a large layout, long-term vision, and willingness to invest. They also lamented that Xuan Ming was so smart but he let top talents like Qiao Yanan go. As for the rumor that Zhuang Li was a super genius, no one delved into it, let alone accept it.

For a time, the entire Internet was praising Qiao Yanan and ridiculing Haiming Group. Some people also put Qiao Yanan’s photos and her resume on the Internet to popularize the great achievements of this youngest female scientist in China to the general public.

Netizens were shocked when they saw this densely packed list of honors, and then expressed their opinions: [Obviously you can rely on your appearance, but you have to rely on your talent!]

[My mother asked me why I was kneeling while checking Weibo!]

[This is the idol that our teenagers should worship!]

[Haiming has grown bigger and bigger over the years, and Mr. Xuan has become more and more arrogant. He even dares to fire people like Dr. Qiao. I bet this company is screwed.]

[Yes, the future of the communication field will be dominated by Future Map.]

All kinds of flattery covered the screen and greatly satisfied Qiao Yanan’s vanity. She held the phone against her chest and smiled proudly. Yes, this was the life she wanted, brilliant, admired by everyone, and aloof. Being suppressed was only temporary, she would soon let that bastard Zhuang Li taste the taste of being ruined!

Thinking this, she looked over sharply and urged: “System, have you finished downloading the file?”

248 sent huge document packages to major forums and marked the title – “Report on the Latest Research and Development Results of Nano-Engine Technology”.

Nanorobots were the product of the development of nanotechnology to a certain extent, and the prerequisite for manufacturing nanorobots was to create an engine. Once this difficulty was overcome, it would set off another round of technological revolution around the world.

Scientists in the field quickly noticed the post and opened the attachment.

Qiao Yanan and 248 silently waited for the industry’s reaction, believing that within half an hour, Zhuang Li’s research and development results and the billions of dollars Xuan Ming had invested would be in vain. The EG Research Institute, which had suffered huge losses, would vent its anger on them, tear up the cooperative relationship with them on the spot, and demand sky-high compensation.

Against the state machine, Zhuang Li would not end well, Xuan Ming would not end well, and even Haiming would be in a precarious situation.

“This is my big gift to Future Map. They don’t have to spend five years to catch up with Haiming. They can short Haiming now and become the biggest winner. Will Xuan Ming go bankrupt? If I help him at this time, will he be so grateful to me? Will Mr. Zhuang be banned from the industry? The country must demand billions in compensation from him, will he dare to default on it? He has robbed so many things from me, and now he would have to spit them all out!”

Qiao Yanan closed her eyes and imagined the future. The more she talked, the prouder she became, but her expression was twisted like a ghost. Greed, selfishness, cruelty, and narrow-mindedness, these extremely negative things had corroded her heart into a black hole.

248 was very satisfied with what she had done and echoed: “Now we can slowly wait for the follow-up development.”


At the same time, Xuan Ming also discovered a large number of document packages appearing on the Internet. The eye-catching titles pointed to the recent research and development achievements of Xiao Curly. He immediately thought of Qiao Yanan’s system. When it came to online theft, no one was more powerful than it!

Xuan Ming quickly opened the attachment. Because the data packet was too large, the download speed was very slow, and the specific content could not be seen at all for a while. He was anxious, so he took his laptop and went down to the -6th floor to find the person involved and ask for clarification.

The laboratory was very lively with people coming and going, and there was more and more advanced experimental equipment. Unknowingly, Curly Hair had recruited the top medical technology R&D teams, optoelectronic technology R&D teams, quantum technology R&D teams, and nanotechnology R&D teams in the country.

The people working here were all the top scientists in China and even the world, but they regarded Xiao Curly as their spiritual leader. Even if the little curly hair hid the real research and development results and only revealed some basic things, it would be enough for these scientists to ponder for a long time.

Although the billions of dollars that Xuan Ming originally invested had not yet turned into tangible economic benefits, the broad prospects contained in it had begun to emerge.

“Mr. Xuan, are you here to inspect the work again?” Several scientists greeted Xuan Ming with a smile, and then left in a hurry holding thick folders.

Xuan Ming nodded absently, walked into Xiao Curly’s office and immediately locked the door, put the laptop on the table, and said in a sharp voice: “Your scientific research results were stolen by Qiao Yanan.”

Zhuang Li was lying on the table, using pen and paper to deduce a new black hole model. Hearing this sentence, he didn’t even bother to raise his eyelids: “No way.”

“See if this is your research material.” Xuan Ming pushed the laptop towards his hand.

Zhuang Li didn’t look up and directly denied: “No.”

“You invented the nano-engine, right?” Xuan Ming had to remind him emphatically.

Zhuang Li finally raised his head and showed an interesting smile. He hooked up the pen with his fingertips and slowly rotated it into a cluster of flowers. There was expectation hidden in his voice: “It packed my information away?”

“Is this really your information?” Xuan Ming’s heart sank.

Zhuang Li propped up his head, glanced lazily at the computer screen, and blew out a stream of disdain from the end of his nose: “Well, it’s mine.” He threw away the pen, raised his hands and stretched out, his long and narrow eyes were wet with sleepiness, but the dark pupils were even more profound and unpredictable.

“When the file package is downloaded, you can open it and take a look. It will be very interesting.” He leaned back in his chair and stretched out, with a subtle meaning hidden in his smile.

Seeing that the little curly hair was not anxious at all, Xuan Ming slowly calmed down, “Then you can continue working, I’ll wait on the side.” He held the computer on his lap and waited patiently.

Zhuang Li was also aroused. He put one hand on the back of the wheelchair and pressed the other on Xuan Ming’s shoulder. He put his head close to his and looked at the computer screen with the other person.

The clear woody fragrance wafted over again, and the same half-hug posture made Xuan Ming’s beating heart completely melt in the rapid rise in temperature, scalding his chest and turning his ears red. If it weren’t for his amazing self-control, his whole face would be on fire.

Pressing shoulders, leaning over to stare, and locking arms, these were all actions done to control a person, and Curly Hair would always perform these actions inadvertently, which showed that his character was very strong. No one could disrupt any of his decisions, not even the system or the Lord God. If you want to gain his favor, you must follow his wishes.

Xuan Ming thought silently in his heart.

At the same time, the huge file package was finally downloaded. What came into view after opening it was not the latest scientific research results of the so-called nano-engine, but rows of sarcastic expressions. The expressions also jumped up and down, swayed left and right, and then zoomed in one after another.

Each expression suddenly becomes extremely large, filling up the entire screen, and the fake smiles on their faces appeared particularly contemptuous, making people particularly angry when they look at them.

The technicians who were originally very interested in this scientific research result turned green in the face, and then they took out their keyboards and blasted the publisher.

Xuan Ming looked at the big yellow faces one after another taking turns to mock on the screen and burst out laughing.

At the other end, Qiao Yanan, who had also opened the file package, was screaming sharply: “System, what’s going on?!”

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