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248 was an extremely conceited system.

To be more precise: all systems were conceited, because they had the blood of gods and were essentially different from humans in these lower planes. The gap between the two could not be filled by the entire universe, let alone the earth.

Therefore, after getting Zhuang Li’s research information, 248 did not open it for inspection at all and sent it directly to the Internet.

So at this moment, it was dumbfounded and murmured over and over again: “Impossible! Impossible! I already screened it when I downloaded it. It is impossible for such an error to occur! What is going on?”

It hurriedly got into the network of Haiming Laboratory, repeatedly checked the information, then got back in and murmured in disbelief: “No problem! I’ll download it again and take a look.”

It invaded Haiming’s network again and downloaded a file package but did not dare to put it on the network. Instead, it opened it on Qiao Yanan’s computer, and then hundreds of thousands of sarcastic expressions crowded the small screen, one after another. He winked at Qiao Yanan and 248, his attitude was extremely arrogant.

Qiao Yanan punched it and almost broke the LCD screen.

248 panicked and said hurriedly: “I’ll download it again!” After saying that, he followed the network.

After trying several times in a row, what came back each time were a bunch of mocking expressions. Qiao Yanan’s face turned green and black, and 248 fell into unprecedented self-doubt. It thought for a long time before suddenly shouting: “I understand! It’s a honeypot!”

“What is a honeypot?” Qiao Yanan didn’t know anything about it.


At the same moment, Zhuang Li opened a web page that recorded the time of each intrusion by 248, and then smiled and said to Xuan Ming: “What they invaded was not the real network, but the honeypot I created. Through the honeypot, I can monitor their every move.”

“What is a honeypot?” Xuan Ming looked at the invasion movement record sheet with doubts and amazement in his eyes.

“A honeypot is a means of defense against hacker intrusions. In layman’s terms, it is a trap, a fake network covering the real network. When hackers invade, they will be lured by the fake network and ignore the real network.”

Zhuang Li leaned back in his chair with an interesting smile: “When a group of termites invade your house, you can take out a jar filled with honey to lure them. Smelling the fragrance of honey, the termites will drill into the deep jar one by one. Being stuck by the thick honey water, they can no longer destroy anything. This is the principle of honey pot technology. How about it, is it very appropriate?”

Xuan Ming suddenly realized: “So Qiao Yanan’s hacker only invaded your fake network, and what they got was just the bait you deliberately released?”

“Yes, your previous judgment was wrong. The person helping her behind the scenes is not a hacker, but a highly intelligent nanobot. No hacker in the world can break into my network, not even a honeypot.”

After saying such an arrogant sentence, Zhuang Li shook his head and sighed: “I thought her nanobot was very high-end, but I didn’t expect that he couldn’t even see through such a simple trap. I’m really disappointed.”

Xuan Ming held his forehead and smiled.

7480: “…”

Damn you big devil, when it comes to treachery, who can do it better than you?


Qiao Yanan, who learned what a honeypot was, also asked the same question: “Can such a simple trap deceive you? Your system is so useless!”

248 wanted to jump out of the host’s mind and argue with her: “You don’t even understand what nonsense you are talking about? Can the honeypot that can deceive me be a simple honeypot? It is no different from the real network. The operating environment of all conventional servers such as webserver, FTP server, SMTP server, etc. is adding new content and executing new commands every minute and every second. It seems that hundreds of people are using it to work at the same time. If it were you, would you recognize it? Do you have to come out?”

“Although it is a simulated network, it is richer than the real network. That’s why I was deceived by it for more than two months!” 248 slowly regained his composure and couldn’t help but sigh: “Zhuang Li is really a super genius, even his hacking skills are better than mine!”

Each system had its own unique abilities, just like people had personalities. For example, some systems were proficient in financial investment, some systems were proficient in pharmaceuticals, some systems were proficient in hypnosis, etc.

248’s ability was hacking technology. Unlike other systems, it just used the database as a search engine, checked it when needed, and then told the host the relevant information. It really understood technology and science and could understand papers no matter how difficult they were at a glance. If the system had a past life, it believed that it must have been a great scientist.

248 had some pride, but now, its pride had been crushed to pieces by Zhuang Li’s superb hacking skills. In the Internet, it was no longer the king who came and went freely, but a dingy mouse that could not even notice when someone led it into a honeypot in which it almost drowned.

“I failed so much.” 248 denied himself for the first time.

Qiao Yanan thought about her plan to make Xuan Ming completely bankrupt and couldn’t help but scream: “Then what should we do now? Is there no way to deal with Zhuang Li?”

“My hacking skills are not as good as his, how can I deal with him? Should we rely on your stupid brain?” 248, who had previously admired the host, now disliked her so much that he calmed down for a moment and sighed sincerely: “All the conspiracies and tricks are all futile in the face of absolute crushing intelligence. In Zhuang Li’s opinion, the tricks you are playing are no different from children playing house.”

Qiao Yanan’s cheeks flushed, and she became angry and said: “Aren’t you being played by him too? What qualifications do you have to ridicule me?”

The pair started to quarrel and were having a fuss when they suddenly received a message from Future Map.

“They invited you to give a speech at the 5G Technology Summit three days later. Communications companies across the country will attend this summit.” 248 immediately put aside his personal emotions and analyzed: “If your speech is exciting enough, you will definitely become the protagonist of the day and rewash your reputation. You have to be well prepared.”

“You’re right. That way, I can gain a firm foothold in the new company,” Qiao Yanan immediately agreed: “It can also reshape my personality. I am the most outstanding young scientist in China, and no one can replace my position. System, please help me write the speech. I will seize the time to memorize it in the past two days.”

“Okay, I will immediately invade the network in the United States and help you find the latest and most complete research and development results.” 248 responded positively.

“Be careful, don’t be fooled by the honeypot again!” Qiao Yanan reminded worriedly.

248: “…”


At the same time, Zhuang Li also received an invitation letter from the 5G summit.

He checked the attendees that day and found that the head of the R&D department of Future Map had become Qiao Yanan. He couldn’t help but chuckle: “An idiot who doesn’t understand anything has to give a cutting-edge technical speech in front of a group of experts and scholars. Tell me, how did she do it?”

“Cheating by the spy robot in her head.” Xuan Ming frowned in disgust.

“What will happen to her if we remove this cheater before the meeting?”

Xuan Ming thought about it for a while and couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth: “She will show her true colors in front of everyone.”

“Would that scene be interesting?” Zhuang Li narrowed his eyes.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun.”

The two looked at each other, unable to restrain the sly smiles on their faces.

7480: “…”

Damn it, the host is a wolf and Xuan Ming is a black belly. These two were a perfect match!


Three days passed very quickly. With the help of 248, Qiao Yanan obtained a wonderful speech, which included the most cutting-edge 5G technology in the world today. Of course, she did not dare to write about the part developed by Zhuang Li, because he had already applied for a patent and she could not just use it, otherwise she would be sued.

There were more than three hours left before the meeting started, and Qiao Yanan was already nervous: “Will Zhuang Li steal my limelight?”

“No, the organizer didn’t invite him to give a speech at all. For people in the industry, he is a complete newcomer. In terms of qualifications, prestige, and technology, he cannot compare with you.”

“That’s good. Is my dress beautiful? Do you think I should change into another one?” Qiao Yanan stood in front of the mirror and twirled around.

“No need, you are here to give a speech, not enter a beauty pageant.” 248 was a little impatient.

Qiao Yanan also rolled her eyes impatiently, then picked up one set of dresses and tried them on in the mirror. Just at this moment, the mobile phone she left on the bed suddenly rang, with three words marked on the screen – Dog Man.

“It’s Xuan Ming!” Qiao Yanan opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“Hurry up! He came to the Three Treasures Hall for nothing. He must have something important to say to you!” 248 urged eagerly.

However, Qiao Yanan waited for more than twenty seconds before answering the phone, pretending to be casual: “Hey, Mr. Xuan, why did you think of calling me?”

“Did you really accept the invitation from Future Map?” Xuan Ming’s voice sounded dull.

Qiao Yanan immediately became proud, and her tone became lighter and lighter, “Yes, I am already the director of the R&D department of Future Map. May I ask if Mr. Xuan has any other instructions?”

“I’m at the company, please come over and let’s have a chat.” After saying this, Xuan Ming cut off the communication without waiting for Qiao Yanan to give a definite answer.

Qiao Yanan stared at the beeping mobile phone, she was so angry that her nose had gone crooked, but she couldn’t ignore it, so she could only scold Xuan Ming for being a bitch. After cursing, she raised her eyebrows and guessed: “He must have regretted it, he must want to beg me to go back. Do you think I will agree?”

“Promise him, it’s easier to control the overall situation by his side.” 248 analyzed.

“I can’t agree. Men are all bitches, and men like Xuan Ming are even more mean-spirited. He will never cherish the things he gets easily. I will reject him severely, and then use Future Map to bankrupt him and make him turn into a bereaved dog who has to kneel down and lick the toes of my shoes just for a bite of food.”

Qiao Yanan took the elevator to the underground garage while thinking about the future. Half an hour later, her fiery red supercar drove into the VIP channel of Haiming Group at lightning speed. A few minutes later, she stepped on her eight-centimeter-high heels, twisted her slim waist, and walked into Xuan Ming’s office with a swagger.

After a time it took to drink a cup of coffee, Zhuang Li stood beside the operating table injecting a tube of microbubbles into the cerebral cortex of Qiao Yanan, who had completely fallen into coma.

248 was confused and kept shouting with mental power: “What are you going to do? I warn you not to touch me, otherwise I will bombard you to death with particle cannons! Do you know who I am? I am the messenger of the Lord God!”

7480 silently covered his face: “…”

Why did every system say such embarrassing lines?

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