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Yan Yan hid in the study room on the pretext of looking over tomorrow’s activities, and then returned to the room where he was going to sleep after he had completely calmed down.

On the third day of the island tour, there was a fireworks viewing activity, which was considered one of Yan Yan’s most anticipated activities.

He and Ji Juechuan arrived at the beach early to watch the fireworks. Many people had already come to the beach, and they walked for a long time before they found a good seat.

In order to prevent them from getting separated, the two of them always held hands tightly, no different from other couples around them.

There were still ten minutes left before the fireworks show started. Yan Yan lowered his head and looked at his phone, while Ji Juechuan looked at the dark sea.

A man and a woman standing next to them were chatting, and their voices reached Ji Juechuan’s ears clearly.

The two seemed to be ordinary friends and were arguing about something.

The girl’s tone was aggressive: “Shu Yang, why didn’t you let me wear that bikini today?”

The boy’s tone was gentle: “There are so many people here today, it’s not appropriate for you to wear that outfit.”

After a pause, his tone became a little serious: “And I saw a lot of people looking at you.”

Ji Juechuan remembered when Yan Yan wanted to wear surfing shorts two days ago. He didn’t know why but refused. Now when he heard what the boy said, he felt that it made sense in his heart.

There were so many people on the beach at that time, Yan Yan only showed his arm, and he saw someone’s eyes looking over at him, so he didn’t want to let Yan Yan change into surfing shorts.

The girl spoke again: “You always meddle in my business. Last time too, when Yu Ze invited me to dinner, why did you refuse for me and started a cold war with me?”

The boy lowered his head and said, “Yu Ze usually hangs out with different girls, I was afraid that you would be deceived by him, and I didn’t have a cold war with you. I was worried about you…”

Ji Juechuan may have gotten bored waiting for the fireworks show, and unconsciously listened to the conversation between the two.

He suddenly remembered the unpleasant incident between the two of them because Sheng Mowen asked Yan Yan to have dinner, and he felt more and more sympathy for this boy.

At that time, he was just worried that Yan Yan would be deceived by others. Sheng Mowen and Yan Yan were not of the same rank at all, and he was worried that Yan Yan would be deceived if he was not careful.

As for the accidental attack on Yan Yan at that time, it must have been because he was too worried and was in a hurry.

Recently, he had been wondering whether Yan Yan had a pretty boy outside, and he was also worried that he would be deceived out of money and sex. After all, Yan Yan didn’t have much money at hand, and he could not afford to be deceived by others.

The boy’s words obviously did not impress the girl. The girl’s tone was still very dissatisfied: “Shu Yang, we are just friends, why are you always so controlling?”

The boy fell silent.

Ji Juechuan didn’t hear the boy’s excuse and unconsciously began to look for answers for himself.

Unlike these two people, he had a marriage certificate with Yan Yan and had another relationship, so his being involved in Yan Yan’s affairs was justified.

Although it was just a marriage, he and Yan Yan were considered a family, so he cared so much about everything related to him.

It must be just because of this.

The boy finally spoke, his voice a little hoarse: “Because I like you.”

“I didn’t let you wear that swimsuit because I didn’t want others to see your body. And I helped you reject Yu Ze because I was jealous. Do you understand?”

The girl was stunned.

Not only the girl, but Ji Juechuan on the side was also stunned.

He seemed to have been told what was on his mind. His whole body remained motionless and his breathing slowed down.

After a while, he lowered his eyes and stared at the ground.

Was it because he liked him?

The reason why he didn’t want Yan Yan to wear surfing shorts was because he didn’t want others to see his body, and he didn’t want others to talk to Yan Yan because he was jealous.

Yesterday, he kissed Yan Yan not because he looked so beautiful under the sunset, but because he couldn’t help but want to kiss the person he liked under that scenery.

Did he like Yan Yan?

Gorgeous fireworks bloomed on the dark sea, lighting up half of the sky and the faces of those who looked up to watch the fireworks.

The fireworks show had started.

Yan Yan held his hand harder and shook his arm with bright eyes, asking him to look up.

Ji Juechuan raised his head and glanced at the beautiful fireworks but couldn’t help but turn his head to look at the face that attracted him more than the fireworks.

As if he had been preparing for it in his mind for a long time, he quickly admitted the fact that he liked Yan Yan.

Maybe he had been aware of it in his heart before, but he didn’t want to believe it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have written Yan Yan’s name in front of the stone statue that day, let alone let Yan Yan kiss him again and again.

Fireworks exploded one after another on the sea, and the loud noise made people’s hearts roar.

Ji Juechuan held Yan Yan’s hand tighter, feeling happier than he had ever felt before, as if his heart was filled to the brim.

Was there anything more pleasant in the world than when the person you liked happened to be your legal partner?

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