SLDH Ch. 77.1: Recuperation

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At 7:11 p.m., all residents in Sichuan City received an earthquake warning message on their mobile phones at the same time: In one hour, there will be an earthquake in Sichuan City, with an intensity of about level 3. The earthquake will be felt locally. Citizens are asked not to panic.

“One hour later? Can the earthquake warning be predicted so far in advance?”

“It must be fake. When will the earthquake warning be accurate?”

“What if there is an earthquake?”

“Whatever, it’s too late to run now anyway.”

“Why would we go home before nine o’clock and not stay in the square.”

The citizens of Sichuan City who were eating and shopping when they received the news briefly discussed a few words, and then went on to do what they should do. By 8:11, the entire Sichuan City really began to shake, and it attracted the attention of the citizens again.

“Here, is there really an earthquake?”

“Eight eleven, exactly one hour later?”

“I will never scold the Earthquake Bureau for doing nothing again.”

“Then what should we do now?”

“It’s a small magnitude 3 earthquake. It’ll be over after a while, keep eating.”

After the brief panic, the calm citizens of Sichuan City continued to do what they were doing, completely unaware that a devastating earthquake had just passed by them.

On the other side, Fan Chen, who had absorbed most of the demon power of the power-charging formation, let go of the wooden sword he had been holding in his hand. The moment he let go, the wooden sword suddenly trembled, and then a powerful demonic force emerged from the ground and wrapped around the entire sword and was then absorbed by the wooden sword. Immediately, the sword began to grow taller and longer, branches sprouted from the hilt, and the shape of the wooden sword slowly evolved into a towering tree.

Even so, the giant tree did not stop growing. The branches grew longer and longer, and the leaves grew from buds to green to withered yellow and finally fell from the branches, and so on. In just five minutes, spring, summer, autumn, and winter went back and forth dozens of times on this new giant tree before it stopped.

“What is this?” Mi Wan stared at this scene dumbfounded. Also dumbfounded was Mr. Wei who was rubbing his waist.

“This is the remaining demon power in the formation.” Fan Chen replied.

Fan Chen’s voice sounded a little weak, completely different from his usual tone of voice. Mi Wan, who was looking up at the giant tree, turned her head strangely, and then she found that Fan Chen was falling to the ground, his expression pale.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mi Wan ran over quickly.

“It’s okay.” Fan Chen shook his head, but the state he showed at this time was completely different from what he said.

“Is it because of the earthquake?” When she arrived here, Fan Chen was standing in the center of the formation for some unknown reason. Later, Peng Yan was injured and escaped, but Fan Chen did not leave the formation, instead he asked her to notify the Demon Hunters Association that an earthquake would occur in an hour and asked them to give citizens an early warning.

The earthquake level was only level three. Although it was not enough to cause damage to the city, a level three earthquake was still an earthquake. In other words, Fan Chen did not successfully stop Peng Yan before he set off the formation. Peng Yan’s goal was to reduce Sichuan City to rubble. So, he could not only prepare for a less powerful earthquake like a magnitude 3 earthquake, so the only possibility was that Fan Chen used some method to reduce the intensity of the earthquake.

After a while, Mi Wan figured out the whole story.

“I forcibly took back most of the demonic power in the formation. This part of the demonic power belongs to Peng Yan. I need time to refine it.” The demonic power attributes of each demon were different. If the demonic power you cultivated did not enter your body, it would be repelled by your demon core causing backlash. Even if they devoured the demon core of their own clan, the demon clan must retreat and refine in order to take the demon power in the demon core as their own. In order to reduce the intensity of the formation, Fan Chen forcibly withdrew 70% of the demonic power in the charged formation. At this time, the original demonic power and the external demonic power were having a huge collision in the meridians and demonic core in his body.

“Let me take a look.” As she said that, Mi Wan stretched out two fingers and placed them on Fan Chen’s pulse, and a gentle ray of spiritual power entered Fan Chen’s body. But this time, her spiritual power failed to enter Fan Chen’s Dantian smoothly but was strangled by two huge forces the moment it entered the meridians.

Mi Wan’s face turned pale. Her spiritual power was strangled by these two demonic powers just as she appeared. Then Fan Chen, whose whole body was filled with such demonic power, should be in so much pain.

“It’s okay.” Seeing the girl’s pale face with her not speaking, Fan Chen seemed to have guessed what she was thinking, so he couldn’t help but reach out and pat the girl’s head to comfort her.

“It was strangled as soon as my spiritual power entered. How could you be okay?” With such a powerful lethality, even if she wanted to use her spiritual power to treat Fan Chen, she couldn’t do it. Mi Wan’s heart suddenly felt painful, and she couldn’t help but have a layer of mist in her eyes.

Fan Chen was not going to die, right? She just struck him with lightning. If he died, part of the reason would be her.

“You don’t think of dying~~” Mi Wan couldn’t help shouting.

“I won’t die.” Fan Chen suddenly felt dumbfounded.

“But your body…”

“Let me tell you another secret.” Fan Chen paused and looked at Mr. Wei not far away.

Mr. Wei coughed and turned around knowingly.

“What secret?” Mi Wan took the initiative to get closer.

Fan Chen lowered his head and said in a voice that only two people could hear: “I am immortal. As long as there is a demon alive in this world, I will not die.”

Mi Wan’s eyes widened, but her expression was still suspicious.

“Have you forgotten? My demon core can heal itself.” Fan Chen had no choice but to remind her again.

“So, you are really going to be fine?” Mi Wan finally gained a little more confidence when she thought of Fan Chen’s self-healing demon core.

The demon clan’s body was extremely powerful. As long as the demon core was immortal, they could automatically heal no matter how serious the injury was. In other words, although the meridians in Fan Chen’s body would continue to collapse under the action of the two demonic powers, the power of the demon core would quickly repair the shattered meridians. This cycle would repeat until Fan Chen refined this demonic power.

But with such constant destruction and rebirth, pain was unavoidable.

“Yes.” Fan Chen assured again.

“Then are you in pain now? Is there any way to relieve the pain? Can you take painkillers? I’ll buy them for you right now.” Mi Wan asked eagerly.

“Painkillers are useless unless…” Fan Chen almost started to speak but then stopped mid-sentence.

“Unless what?” Mi Wan asked anxiously.

“Unless…” Fan Chen smiled and said softly, “You answer the question I asked you before.”

“What question?” Mi Wan didn’t respond.

“Does what you said still count?” He asked Mi Wan once before. At that time, Mi Wan muttered twice and then responded perfunctorily without answering him directly. He was busy absorbing the demon power and did not continue to ask. At this time, he couldn’t help but ask again. Even though Mi Wan still wouldn’t answer him directly, Fan Chen found it interesting to see her blushing and awkward look.

“I…I…” Mi Wan hesitated for a while, then suddenly showed a look of resignation, and then nodded heavily towards Fan Chen.

Mi Wan confused Fan Chen again. Was this…agreement? But what was with that look of death on her face?

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore. I know you haven’t thought about it yet.” Although he really hoped that Mi Wan could accept him, he definitely did not want a coercive promise. He had lived for endless years, and he still had this pride.

After hearing this, Mi Wan, who was still looking like death, suddenly raised her head, and then she pushed hard, pushing the sitting Fan Chen backwards.

Fan Chen took a deep breath and lay on the ground for a long time, unable to get up.

Mi Wan was startled, remembering Fan Chen’s injuries, she regretfully turned around to help him, when suddenly there was a wave of demonic power in the sky, and a flaming red fox could be seen slowly landing.

“Eighth-level fox demon?” Mr. Wei said in a deep voice. As far as he knew, the only eighth-level fox demon in the demon clan was the protector of the demon king.

“Lord.” The fox demon landed from the sky. During the landing, its body transformed into a human form and landed next to Fan Chen.

Lord? Mr. Wei was shocked again. The only person who could be called Lord by the Demon King Protector was probably the mysterious Demon King of the Demon Clan. So the guy who was suspected to be the suitor of his family’s leader just now was the Demon King?

Mr. Wei pinched his left hand with his right hand and thought about many things in an instant. No wonder the head of the family, who was a demon hunter, was willing to treat demons. Was it because she is in love with the demon king? No wonder the Demon King would be so active this time after Peng Yan broke through the seal. Did he like his head emotionally? The two were getting married~~~

Mr. Wei opened his mouth. The huge amount of information made him not sure what to do. Although the human race and the demon race were harmonious on the surface, they were still on guard against each other secretly. Although the human race and the demon race could also get married, they were ordinary demons and ordinary humans with weak cultivation. In the powerful demon hunter sects, marriage with demons was absolutely prohibited. What should they do now? It seemed that the leader of his family was about to have a… ahem… forbidden love relationship with the other party. Should he stop it or not?

After thinking for a moment, Mr. Wei touched his thick beard and sighed softly: “I’m retired. It’s none of my business.” Yes, he was no longer the head of Xuanwu Mountain. What the current head wanted to do, he didn’t care.

On the other side, when Mi Wan saw Quan Juncai suddenly appearing, she naturally stopped trying to help Fan Chen up. She just stood aside and waited for Quan Juncai to help Fan Chen up.

“Lord, what’s wrong with you?” Quan Juncai has never seen the Demon King look so weak.

“I just absorbed too much demonic power. It will take some time to refine. Take me to the Wanwu Park.” Fan Chen’s injuries seemed to be more serious, and his lips had completely lost their color.

Go to Wanwu Park? Was his Lord going to transform into his real body again this time to cultivate? It seemed that the Lord was seriously injured this time.

“I’ll take you there right now.” After saying that, Quan Juncai transformed into his real body again, picked up Fan Chen, then turned to say goodbye to Mi Wan, “Master Mi, goodbye.”

After saying that, without waiting for Mi Wan’s reaction, Quan Juncai walked through the air and disappeared in front of Mi Wan in a blink of an eye.


Mi Wan: I haven’t finished speaking yet.

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