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When Xue Meng woke up early in the morning, he felt dizzy, sore and weak, more tired than if he had run 800 meters.

In particular, the alarm clock set on the mobile phone was still ringing persistently in his ears, and the sound of the rooster crowing directly hit the soul through the eardrum. Xue Meng opened his eyes and sat up, fumbled to turn off the alarm clock, plucked his hair irritably, and threw the phone aside.

The mobile phone fell on the bedside table and made a dull sound. After a moment of silence, he realized that this was not his bedroom.

Rubbing his forehead, he was about to get up to take a look when Jiang Lan walked in.

Jiang Lan was wearing pajamas, and there was a slumped kitten in the pocket of the pajamas. The kitten seemed to have not woken up, and it only showed its head resting on the edge of the pocket.

“Are you awake? You drank too much yesterday, so I brought you to my house.”

Xue Meng tried to turn his chaotic brain, and finally remembered what happened last night. He scratched his head embarrassedly: “Troubled you.”

“No trouble.” Jiang Lan shook his head: “Toothbrush and towels are ready for you, you hurry up and wash up, I will make breakfast.”

They had to get to work at nine o’clock, Xue Meng glanced at the time, and jumped up to wash up.

His haggard face was reflected in the mirror, with huge dark circles under his eyes. He had a very strange dream last night. In the dream, a group of people knelt and worshiped a god, and made wishes to the god devoutly. The idol was also very evil, as if it was alive, and it would still talk in his ear. In the dream, he didn’t want to make a wish for some reason, and when he was afraid that he didn’t know what to do, it was Jiang Lan who suddenly appeared and rescued him.

He didn’t know who won between Jiang Lan and the idol in the dream.

Xue Meng thought while brushing his teeth.

When he finished washing up, Jiang Lan had already cooked two bowls of dumplings for breakfast, and he invited him over to eat.

Xue Meng sat down opposite him, and while devouring the dumplings, he told him the dream from last night; “…you don’t know, the dream was the same as the real one, I even remember the details very clearly. It was really scary, luckily it was just a dream…”

After speaking, he ate a warm dumpling in one bite, dispelling the cold feeling from the dream.

Holding a glass of warm water, Jiang Lan glanced at him and said slowly, “How do you know that the dream was not real?”

“Fuck, it’s early in the morning, don’t tell scary stories.” Terrified, the hot soup in the bowl splashed out, making him hiss.

He took out a tissue to wipe his hands, but suddenly stopped, staring at his empty wrist, as if he wanted to see flowers: “Where is my bracelet?”

He remembered that the bracelet was still on his left hand during the dinner last night.

“There was something wrong with the bracelet, and it has been handed over to the authorities.” Jiang Lan said.

Xue Meng stared at his empty wrist, then looked at Jiang Lan where the old god was present, and thought of the weird dream last night, his face turning green.

“Didn’t you dream last night?”

Jiang Lan put down the empty water glass and said with a smile, “Guess.”

Xue Meng really wanted to answer whether you guess or not, but he didn’t dare, he thought it was a bit mysterious. According to the common routine in novels, most of the characters who broke the casserole and asked the end would become cannon fodders after opening the door to the new world.

Xue Meng felt that he could not be this cannon fodder, and he still wanted to work hard to reach the finale.

Even the ancients said it, it was rare to be confused. When it was time to be confused, be confused. This was the great wisdom.

After breakfast, Xue Meng cleaned up the dishes, and the two went out to work together.

Suan Ni’s existence had passed approval yesterday, and Jiang Lan generously took him to the work unit today.

When the two arrived, there were only five minutes left before work time. Uncle Zhou’s tea had already been brewed, and Xiao Xiaoyu’s makeup was all done.

Seeing Jiang Lan enter the door, Uncle Zhou beckoned first, and took out a rattan cat nest from the side and handed it to him: “This is for you.”

The cat nest was a hollow cylinder with a soft straw mat inside. Obviously it was specially prepared for Suan Ni.

“Thank you, Uncle Zhou.”

Jiang Lan smiled in surprise. This cat nest looked simple, but when you held it in your hand, you could feel that the material was much better than the one you bought on Taobao. He smiled until his eyes rolled up and couldn’t help saying thank you again.

“Small things made by myself are worthless. If the kitten likes it, I will do it again next time.”

Jiang Lan said “ah” and put the cat nest under the window. It so happened that the lazy morning light crept in from the window, covering the grass-yellow cat nest in a ball of warm light.

Without Jiang Lan’s words, Suan Ni crawled out of the bag and jumped onto the top of the cat’s nest. He showed great interest in the cat’s nest, he stepped on the top first, then got into it, rolled himself into a ball, kept flicking his fluffy tail, and let out a happy purr from his throat.

Xiao Xiaoyu watched from the side with a smile on her face, then she pulled out a pile of dried meat from her bag and put it into the nest: “Here, I brought it specially for you.”

This was the dried meat that Suan Ni liked very much yesterday.

Suan Ni immediately meowed happily, came out of the nest, and rubbed his head back and forth in her palm.

Before Xiao Xiaoyu could hug him, he ran to Uncle Zhou’s feet with his little paws, stood up and grabbed his knees, and meowed twice to show his thanks.

Uncle Zhou didn’t know if he understood what he was meowing, but he raised his hand and rubbed his head, his old face turning into a wrinkled orange peel with a smile. He reached out and groped in his pocket again, took out an unknown bag of jerky and handed it to him: “You are so good, I will reward you with another one.”

Suan Ni wagged his tail and walked around him before returning with the jerky in his mouth into his nest.

Looking at his younger brother surrounded by dried meat, the smile on Jiang Lan’s face never faded for a moment. Withdrawing his eyes, he turned on the computer and started the next day’s work energetically.

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