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A simple sentence caused Liu Jinjin’s expression to change drastically in an instant. She stared at Su Yu with wide eyes and seemed completely unable to recover for a while.

How did Liu Feng know her name?!

How much did he know about her beyond her name? Where did these understandings come from?

Although in reality, Liu Jinjin noticed Liu Feng’s existence very early and paid attention to him, but she had never appeared in front of Liu Feng, ever before.

So even if Liu Feng just said her name at this time, it was enough to make Liu Jinjin feel frightened. Subconsciously, Liu Jinjin felt that the reason why Liu Feng suddenly called her name at this time must have a deeper intention. Yes, although she couldn’t find out where her omissions were, and she couldn’t figure out how the other party knew this information, but Liu Jinjin was still shocked by this sentence.

Liu Jinjin, who originally looked like a white lotus flower, now even put on a frightened look, as if she was threatened by something, and she stammered: “Liushang, I really didn’t mean it, I kept thinking about it in my heart. I treat you as a good friend, if you don’t want to be friends with me, it doesn’t matter, I really won’t blame you.”

This sounded like a concession, but he was afraid anyone who heard it would think that Liu Jinjin was the one who was innocent, and Liu Feng was the cold-blooded and ruthless person who bullied the weak.

White lotus’ tricks were often like this, but they were very effective. After all, many people had a sympathy for the weak, and many men had a natural desire to protect the opposite sex. Once the other party put on a pitiful look, where she seemed to have been hurt by something, many people would put her on the bullied side without asking why.

If Su Yu didn’t have enough evidence, he would definitely be disgusted by Liu Jinjin’s appearance now, but when you have solid enough evidence, this kind of white lotus drama would look very ridiculous.

Because people often also had another kind of psychology, how much you sympathized with her once, was how much you will hate her after learning her true face, and even become angry because of this, thinking that the other party had betrayed and used you.

Therefore, Su Yu was not in a hurry to take out the evidence he was holding, but stared at Liu Jinjin with great interest, wanting to see what other tricks this girl could come up with.

As expected, Liu Jinjin did not disappoint him. After saying these seemingly weak but which implied deep meaning words, she immediately turned her head to look at Yiqu Huahua: “Brother Huahua, I really shouldn’t have complained to you about this before. It’s all my fault, can you stop embarrassing Liushang now?”

Everyone had already been brought here, and the surrounding area had been surrounded, if this person could say such words, she must have no brains, either it was hypocrisy, or it was fear, but absolutely everything had something to do with soft-heartedness.

It was estimated that people with eyes could see her scheming, but some people, even with eyes, had no difference in judgment in certain aspects from blind people.

After hearing these words, Yiqu Huahua actually looked at Liu Jinjin with distressed eyes, and said very unfairly: “Jingcai, you are too quick to soften your heart, if such a person can be killed a few more times, it is best to kill him. Only by turning white[1] directly can he have a long memory!”

Falling into the Water also joined in the fun: “That’s right, sister-in-law, such a person doesn’t deserve your sympathy at all, just look at his appearance, even if you really let him go, maybe he would still hate you in his heart.”

As soon as Liu Jinjin heard the address “sister-in-law”, she immediately glanced at Yiqu Huahua secretly, and seeing that he didn’t object or stop him, she felt very happy in his heart, and the fear just now also dissipated a lot, but her face still looked embarrassed: “But he…”

Liu Jinjin was frightened by Su Yu’s address just now, but after thinking about it carefully, although she still couldn’t figure out how the other party knew her name, but so what if he knew her name?

The two had never met before, and Liu Jinjin had never told anyone else about some of her thoughts. In this case, even if Liu Feng knew that she was his half-sister, it was impossible for him to use this to prove anything, so she didn’t need to worry at all.

Yiqu Huahua looked at Liu Jinjin with some resentment, “Jingcai, I know you treat him as a friend, but he never thought of you that way in his heart, otherwise he wouldn’t have done such disgusting things as directly blackmailing you. That being the case, what else does he deserve your sympathy for?”

Liu Jinjin still looked anxious and hesitant, but she didn’t continue to pretend to be pitiful, or say anything to show her weakness.

Over there, Su Yu saw that the conversation between the few people had come to an end, and then he raised the question again: “So you have already thought it through, let me get straight to the point?”

Before Liu Jinjin could speak, Falling into the Water had already acted as a pawn, and said angrily: “Yishui Liushang, don’t say such threats again, we are here, we can’t let you bully her! If you are a man, come and fight and don’t bully a weak woman. Bullying a weak woman, what kind of skill is that?”

Su Yu glanced at Yiqu Huahua and Falling into the Water, and said with a half-smile: “So now you feel that you have seen the facts clearly, believe that Liu Jinjin is innocent, and decided to stand with Liu Jinjin together, right?”

“Jingcai is innocent in the first place.” Yiqu Huahua frowned slightly, feeling a little displeased that the person in front of him knew Jingcai’s real name, but he didn’t know about it.

In fact, Liu Jinjin deliberately didn’t tell Yiqu Huahua her real name, she just felt that since she wanted to carry out such a plan, she should be more careful and avoid any accidents.

So in the game, Liu Jinjin didn’t tell anyone her real name, and Su Yu naturally didn’t learn about it from her.

“The two of you are already adults, so you have to be responsible for what you said. I hope you can stand by Liu Jinjin’s side without hesitation and be her flower protectors later as well,” Su Yu said. Hearing this, the two of them sneered stupidly, while Su Yu turned to look at Liu Jinjin, “I hope you won’t regret what you did before.”

At this time, Liu Jinjin had probably guessed that Liu Feng should already know her true identity, and also know that the relationship between the two had broken down. Although the identity of being an illegitimate daughter was really unpleasant, she had never done anything to hurt the other party. Therefore, even if Liu Feng wanted to accuse her, there was no other reason besides this.

Becoming an illegitimate daughter was not something she thought of, and she felt very uncomfortable. Maybe she could gain more sympathy through this.

Thinking of this, Liu Jinjin became more and more certain about the outcome of this matter, she frowned slightly and looked at Su Yu and said, “Liushang, I really regard you as a good friend, and I really don’t want to make trouble with you like this I don’t blame you for these things, but you shouldn’t have involved the two of them, it’s really bad.”

“Liu Jinjin, you have to pay attention to evidence when you speak, did I involve them?” Su Yu raised his eyebrows, and turned his eyes around these three people, “Since you said so, I will give them a chance now, this is a private matter between me and you, you let them leave now, don’t worry about it anymore, how about it?”

Of course, Liu Jinjin couldn’t let these two people really leave, but she said what she said just now, if she refused at this time, it would be tantamount to slapping her own face, so Liu Jinjin at this time could only look at the two of them with a look of humiliation: “Brother Huahua, Falling into the Water, you should leave me alone, I’m really fine.”

Again, on the surface, it seemed that she was thinking of other people, in fact, it was all calculations, but it was obvious that these two people had low IQs, and they still wanted to stand up for the beauty after being used as gunmen.

“Sister-in-law, how can you say that? You have been bullied by this person to such an extent now, how can we ignore you?” Falling into the Water looked at Liu Jinjin ruthlessly, and said, “Don’t worry, sister-in-law, I will definitely teach a good lesson to this lifeless bastard.”

After finishing speaking, he directly issued a challenge letter to Su Yu: “Stop talking nonsense, come and fight!”

“I want to beat you up seriously, but before that, I have one more thing to do.” Su Yu was not annoyed, but just lowered his head and flipped through the evidence he had saved before, and then directly displayed the evidence when everyone was not even a little bit prepared.

Clear pictures and videos that had been magnified countless times were pushed into the air, ensuring that everyone present could see the above content clearly, and then the expressions on everyone’s faces became a string of ellipses, wait, the plot developed too fast, they were really incapable of accepting it.

The very first photo was very explosive. A very beautiful girl was sitting at the desk in the room and writing something. Her room was very pink, but there were two painted pictures on one wall. They were very powerful pictures, if you looked closely, you would find that it should be a picture of two people.

A man and a woman, the woman should be not be too young, and the man was obviously a teenager.

And if you zoomed in on the picture, you could see that what she was writing should be a diary, and the content of the diary was also very clear.

[I must ruin the reputation of the mother and son and take back everything that should belong to me. At that time, I will no longer be an illegitimate daughter who is spurned by others!

At that time, I will be my father’s upright daughter, and at that time, I will be able to trample that mother and son under my feet without any scruples!

I already have a very good plan to make the villain who has taken over everything in me feel like dying, and taste the pain I have tasted, and I will never let him go!]

Such vicious words, coupled with the girl’s angelic face, looked extraordinarily weird. It was hard to imagine that the contents of the diary were really written by this girl herself.

On the other corner of the table, there was a closed textbook with three words [Liu Jinjin] clearly written on it.

Liu Jinjin? Where did they seem to have heard this name before?

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[1] While playing a game, everytime you lose in a game, you drop some of your items, so if you are killed again and again, at some point you will lose everything and become white.

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