FESM Extra 6.1: Benjamin × Li Xin

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Li Xin moved quickly, and in a blink of an eye, four dishes and one soup were ready. He brought the food to the table, took off his apron and called Benjamin to come over for dinner.

The home-cooked dishes looked delicious, and Benjamin happened to be hungry too, so he immediately sat down and tasted it, then praised sincerely: “Li Xin, your cooking skills are really good, these dishes are better than the ones I have eaten in five-star hotels. If one day you don’t want to be a manager, maybe you can change your career to be a chef?”

Li Xin was praised so that his cheeks were slightly flushed, and he quickly waved his hands and said, “How can I compare with a professional chef? I have never systematically learned how to cook all this time, and I just figured it out on my own and made it casually.”

Benjamin slightly raised the corners of his lips and said, “Whoever marries you will be really blessed.”

Most people liked to listen to good words, not to mention the compliment from this handsome and gentle alpha in front of him. Li Xin was praised lightly, and it was as if he really saw a beautiful and gentle beta girl marry him because of his delicious cooking. It was said that to catch a man, you must first catch his stomach. Li Xin had no other specialties. He was just really good at cooking. He also heard that men who could cook were very popular in the marriage market… Some time ago, his parents also said that he was thirty-one years old this year. In order to worry about Qin Yize’s affairs, he had never found a girlfriend for so many years. Now, Qin Yize was concentrating on being a baby daddy. So, no one would make trouble for him anymore. And he should also think hard about himself.

While eating, Li Xin was pondering whether to drag someone to introduce him to blind dates or not, when he heard the Alpha’s deep and gentle voice: “What are you thinking? Do you want to find a girlfriend?”

Li Xin’s ears turned red, and he touched his nose, then he said, “I’m not young anymore, I want to find someone to settle down with, but I haven’t met a suitable one. You also know that the waters in the entertainment industry is deep, and I’ve heard that many celebrities have chaotic private lives. Also I don’t want to find an agent…”

Benjamin chuckled: “Why don’t you want to find a colleague?”

Li Xin scratched the back of his head embarrassingly and said: “I have enough things to do when I am an agent. There is a bit of turbulence, and I might have to find a publicist to deal with it in the middle of the night. If the husband and wife are both agents, what happens to the artist they bring, and they might even so busy that they might not be able to take care of the house. What if there is a child in the future? I think it’s better to find someone outside the circle… but I don’t have a lot of contacts. I only know directors, screenwriters, celebrities, and people from various advertising companies. Alas…”

Mentioning this matter, the single dog Li Xin felt a little worried, and couldn’t help complaining a few more words.

Benjamin was listening with a smile all the time. This man really talked a lot, and he kept muttering non-stop when he spoke, but in Benjamin’s ears, his soft complaints were a little cute. If you get a beta as your lover, then you must be going in the wrong direction. What you should be looking for is not a beta girl, but an alpha man.

Even while thinking so in his heart, Benjamin didn’t show his face on the surface, and listened to him patiently.

Li Xin talked for a long time, but the general didn’t interrupt, but just looked at him with gentle eyes, and then he realized that he had been nagging this general alpha, and he didn’t know if the other party would get bored. Li Xin stopped, blushed and scratched his head, and said: “I, what am I talking about with you… You are not like me. With your family background, it must be easy to find blind dates.”

Benjamin smiled slightly, then he looked into Li Xin’s eyes and said, “Why don’t I introduce you?”

“Huh?” Li Xin was completely stunned, “This… how do you introduce me?”

“I work in the military department, and I know a lot of betas, but most of them are soldiers, and there are some beta female officers with very sharp personalities, are you interested?” Benjamin asked enthusiastically.

“Ahem, female officer, I’m afraid I won’t be able to bear it…” Li Xin was very self-aware. He was rather talkative, and his habit of chattering had been hard to get rid of for many years. If he found a female officer with a straightforward personality, as soon as he started talking, the other party would say “Shut up”, how boring was that? It was better to find a gentle and cute beta.

Benjamin guessed what he was thinking, and then said: “If you don’t like female officers, I can drag my cousin to introduce you. He works in a mecha company, and most of the betas he knows are company employees. There are all kinds of personalities. What kind do you like? I’ll talk to my cousin another day and ask him to pay more attention for you.”

Company staff, this was a good choice. Li Xin was overjoyed, and said: “I’m not very tall, only 1.75 meters. If I want to find a girlfriend, I hope she’s under 1.7 meters tall, with a gentler personality, better character, and able to take care of the family more. I don’t have any other requirements. I don’t mind income, family background, etc., and the money I earn is enough to support her.”

Listening to Li Xin’s request earnestly, Benjamin compared himself—it was truly incompatible!

But it didn’t matter, perceptions would gradually change.

Benjamin smiled slightly, nodded and said: “No problem, there should be quite a lot of beta single girls like this, just leave this to me.”

Li Xin blushed and said, “Do you think, if I asked someone to introduce the blin date to me…is it a little strange?”

“What’s so strange about this? Before meeting Qin Yize, despite being a noble prince, His Majesty had also been trying to introduce Luo Ning to people. Many loving couples now know each other through introductions.” Benjamin looked at him gently, and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll ask my cousin to help you pay attention. If there is a suitable one, I will introduce you to each other.”

“Thank you so much…” Li Xin looked at him gratefully.

He saw that Benjamin did not look guilty at all but looked calm.

Most of the alphas in the Behe family were thick-skinned, and they thought that alphas who were not thick-skinned usually couldn’t catch up with good wives. Thinking about it this way, Benjamin felt that what he did was right at all, and he spoke with confidence.

If you want to make a routine for Li Xin, you have to take your time. In order to prevent Li Xin from finding a girlfriend and getting out of the single life before he succeeded, Benjamin simply took the task of “helping him get out of the single life” on his own initiative. In this way, wasn’t it within Benjamin’s control whether to talk about love or not? And he could still use this excuse to meet Li Xin in the future, which was really the best of both worlds.

Thinking of this, Benjamin warned: “Since you have entrusted this matter to me, please don’t meet other beta girls in private for the time being, or it will be very difficult for my cousin.”

Not noticing it at all, Li Xin, who had been tricked, nodded immediately and said: “Of course.” He was not a half-hearted person, besides, he didn’t have so much time. After Zhou Jinyun graduated, he would have to take Xiao Zhou to film the new drama. Only this half year was relatively free. Of course, there was no rush for emotional matters, if fate did not come, you couldn’t force it.

Li Xin made up his mind, and asked casually: “By the way, your cousin…is that the one who rented this house to me?”

The Behe family was very large. Li Xin didn’t know how many cousins he had, so he asked this question.

“It’s him.” Benjamin said with a smile, “We grew up together when we were young, and we have a good relationship. He will definitely do everything I ask him to do.”

“That’s really troublesome for him… If you have a chance another day, ask him out for me to meet him. I want to thank him in person.” That enthusiastic cousin really helped him a lot. A big house was given to him, and a girlfriend was also introduced to him. It was still appropriate to thank him in person.

“Let’s talk about it later, he’s not in the capital, I’ll ask him out to meet him later when it’s convenient.” Benjamin made up an excuse. If he really asked his cousin out, wouldn’t it be a lie?

“Okay.” Li Xin smiled and didn’t ask any more questions.

After dinner, Li Xin cleaned up the table diligently, and Benjamin sat on the sofa and watched the news for a while.

Recently, Qin Yize went to accompany Luo Ning to give birth. There had been no news about him on the Internet for a long time, but Luo Ning’s Weibo was updated very diligently. During his pregnancy, he still did not give up writing books, and he still wrote “horror” novels. He was really not afraid that the child in his stomach would follow him and learn bad things.

When Benjamin was bored, he would glance at the novel written by Luo Ning to relieve his boredom. As soon as he saw something exciting, he suddenly saw the communication device light up.

—-It was a video call from home.

Benjamin looked up at the kitchen and found that Li Xin was busy arranging the dishes in the kitchen, so he got up and took the communicator to the balcony, closed the glass door of the balcony with his backhand, and then accepted the video call.

On the holographic screen in front of him, what appeared was the scene of the bedroom at home. A man was sitting by the bed, his appearance was very handsome, his face was slightly pale, and he looked a little weak, a typical sick beauty, but his eyes were extraordinarily bright.

The man’s voice was very gentle: “Benjamin, I heard from your father that the military department gave you a week’s vacation, why didn’t you come home?”

Seeing his father, Benjamin’s eyes softened immediately, and he said with a smile: “Dad, I have some personal affairs to be busy, and I just wanted to tell you that I won’t be going home during this week’s vacation.”

Aidean was a little puzzled: “What private affairs will take a week?”

Benjamin said: “Of course it’s a lifelong event, shouldn’t I find you a daughter-in-law?”

Aidean raised his eyebrows lightly: “You didn’t even like the second prince Luo Ning. At the beginning your father wanted to match you up, but you flatly rejected him. Among the omegas of the same age in the whole empire, is there any better than Luo Ning?”

Benjamin said: “Of course there is no omega, so your son is going to find a beta.”

Aidean: “…”

Suddenly there was a roar from the side: “Stinky boy, what are you talking about?!”

Benjamin was frightened enough to jump, then he immediately looked back at the living room – Li Xin was still tidying up the kitchen and could not hear these conversations. Benjamin breathed a sigh of relief, and said in a low voice, “Father, don’t yell at me. The combination of alpha and beta is very common. In the past, the number of omegas was very rare. Most alphas couldn’t marry omegas, and they all looked for a beta to get married, isn’t it?”

Carlo put his head in front of the communicator and stared at him with wide eyes: “Those who can’t marry an omega have either a poor IQ or bad personality. No omega will like them, so they weren’t able to find wives, thus they could only find betas. Your conditions are not bad, why do you want to find a beta?”

After saying this, Benjamin didn’t say anything, but the man behind him said indifferently: “Carlo, what are you doing? Do you discriminate against betas? According to you, those alphas who combine with betas are the worst among alphas, and the alphas who are with omega are the best?”

Sensing that the man was angry, Carlo immediately softened his attitude: “Honey, that’s not what I meant, what I mean is… ahem, the pheromones of alpha and omega will attract each other, and after being marked thoroughly, they can rely on each other and grow old together, but if you marry a beta, it won’t be so stable…”

Aidean said lightly: “You mean, you have been with me for so many years, and it is all thanks to the pheromones?”

Carlo wished to slap his mouth, he had never won a quarrel with Aidean. However, he obviously didn’t mean that.

Seeing his alpha father’s embarrassed expression, Benjamin was about to die laughing. His father was already the commander of the mighty Hydra Corps in the military, but he behaved like a pug in front of his wife. Alphas were a group of “strict wife slaves” who were unafraid of being henpecked, this statement was really right.

It seemed that Dad didn’t mind him finding a beta by himself, so the family problem can be solved.

Thinking of this, Benjamin smiled and said, “Father is right, you don’t need the power of pheromones to stabilize the relationship between two people. If you really like someone, no matter who the other person is or what gender they are, you can’t help but want to be with him.”

Carlo frowned and stared at him: “When did you become a lover? You know how to lie to your dad by talking nonsense!”

Benjamin whispered: “This time, I am serious.”

Aidean pulled the angry Carlo behind him, looked at his son and said, “You have grown up, you can decide your own affairs. However, let me remind you, don’t play with other people’s feelings, and don’t rely on being an Alpha to bully him.”

Benjamin immediately promised: “Of course, don’t worry, Dad, I will respect him.”

Aidean nodded, and just as he was about to hang up the video call, Carlo squeezed out from behind, then staring at his son, he asked: “Is the Beta you like a man or a woman?”

Benjamin said: “The man is one year older than me.”

Rubbing, he said helplessly, “Since your father has no objection, I, I have no objection, you can do whatever you want. But, let me tell you, beta men do not find it as easy to accept being with alphas as beta girls. Don’t make the trouble unresolved and embarrass the whole family!”

“I know, I have my sense of proportion.” Benjamin said with a smile, “He will like me.”

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