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The next morning.

“Hey, Qiao Xi has turned into a humanoid again!”

When they met, Chris and Jing Yi widened their eyes.

“What’s going on?” Jing Yi, who had turned into a humanoid, circled around Qiao Xi and said in surprise, “Could it be that Qiao Xi, have you mastered the transformation process?”

“Not yet…” Qiao Xi whispered.

“What’s the matter?” In order to facilitate the exam, Chris also turned into a humanoid, so he asked Jing Yan, “Is it okay to passively transform so often?”

“I called the doctor just now, and the doctor said it’s okay.” Jing Yan replied in a trance.

He still hadn’t dug Qiao Xi out of the quilt last night. He was worried and wanted to call the doctor. Qiao Xi was annoyed and told him to stop fussing. It was late and he had to go to bed.

When Jing Yan was told this, he naturally didn’t dare to move, so he had spent the night nervously and worriedly.

As a result, he woke up this morning and found… a sleeping beauty was lying on the bed next to his!

This benefit had come too soon, Jing Yan thought in a trance.

Qiao Xi glanced at Jing Yan, thinking of what happened last night, and pursed his lips, his cheeks and eyes were a little red.

With a single glance, he looked away embarrassedly, but the red at the tip of his ears could not be hidden.

And Jing Yan’s heart skipped a beat at this sight… What was going on with the sugar water in his heart?

He “squeaked” and covered his chest.

Early in the morning, the atmosphere was particularly delicate.

The exam rooms were scattered in every corner of the exam city. Qiao Xi, Jing Yi, and Chris were scattered and had to go in three different directions.

After breakfast, Jing Yan followed Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi blushed and said, “…Aren’t you going to accompany Jing Yi?”

Jing Yan: “Huh? No, why would I accompany him.”

Qiao Xi: “…” So simple!

Jing Yi: “It’s okay, I’m used to it, this is my brother.”

Chris: “Hahahahaha!”

In the end, of course, Jing Yan went with Qiao Xi.

His excuse was very serious: “Those little brats are too noisy.”

It was about a twenty-minute drive from the hotel to Qiao Xi’s examination room, and it was still early when they arrived, so he had to wait in the waiting area.

Qiao Xi finally became nervous, while Jing Yan seemed to be more nervous than him.

Seeing Jing Yan’s appearance, Qiao Xi calmed down and said with a smile, “Where are you going to go when the exam starts?”

“The organizing committee has arranged a reception spaceship, which will come to pick me up later, all other royal families are there as well. I’ll go up there too,” Jing Yan touched Qiao Xi’s head and gently urged, “Don’t be nervous, I’ll pick you up after the test.”

It seemed that this was the first time Jing Yan had rubbed his head in human form.

Qiao Xi lowered his eyes, nodded with red ears, and whispered, “Yeah!”

After another 30 minutes, the examinees officially entered the examination room, and Jing Yan also sat on the spaceship that the organizing committee had sent to pick him up.

There were already many people on the ship at this time.

Jing Yan became lively as soon as he got on the ship. Anyway, except Ye He, everyone else was his elder. Therefore, as the youngest two, they were greeted and sat in the middle, and received warm greetings.

“The little princess in our family could even think of taking this kind of exam. She has been the most diligent in the last month since she was born!”

“Thanks to the little prince of the Bird clan, it is said that he is the one who studies the most seriously.”

“Yes, I heard that the little prince of the Bird clan has been studying at a school outside before.”

“Hey, I knew we did this too!”

The Leopard Queen chatted lovingly with Ye He: “Does the whale clan also have children taking the exam?”

But everyone knew that the whale clan only had one child at present, and that only one was sitting right here, so who did he come to see in the exam city for?

When Jing Yan heard the words, he laughed evilly, wondering how Ye He would answer.

But the latter was particularly pretentious in front of the elders, so nodding politely, he said: “No, but Jing Yan’s friends are also my friends. I should also support my friends who have come to take the exam.”

The Leopard Queen covered her lips and smiled. It was rare to be able to chat with the Whale prince, and the other party was even handsome and polite, so her interest was also piqued: “By the way, I heard that you and our family’s Chris have a good time together, I hope Chris didn’t cause you any trouble. Right?”

“How come, Chris is very cute.” Ye He smiled.

“I said that Ed was making a fuss, but if Chris causes you trouble, be sure to tell us.” The Leopard Queen said lovingly.

“Definitely, but Chris is very good.” Ye He raised his lips.

That was, under the power of his magic hand, Chris was like a cat.

Jing Yan covered his lips and turned his face away.

As far as he knew, Ed, who felt deeply that his brother would be packed and carried away, even mentioned this to his parents that he had “unreasonable thoughts” about him for the night. Unfortunately, the Leopard King and Leopard Queen seemed to think that he just did not want anyone to treat Chris too well, so he was talking like the sun had come out of the west, and if someone really had taken a fancy to Chris, Ed might as well not disturb his brother’s once-in-a-lifetime love.

At that time, the Leopard Queen was not even in a hurry to let Chris go home, and only hoped that he would fall in love well.

Ed: “Eh, even if Chris will be the queen?”

The Leopard King and Leopard Queen thought about it for half a minute, then: “Hahahahahaha!”

Ed: “…”

Orcs were free and unrestrained, gay love was not a strange thing, and male queens also appeared from time to time.

Overall, the Leopard King and Leopard Queen were enlightened parents.

It was just that Ed almost vomited blood for Jing Yan on the spot to see when he recounted it.

The chat was lively, the spacecraft landed again, the hatch opened, and three people appeared at the door.

Seeing the people coming in, the Leopard Queen first greeted with a smile: “Your Majesty the Bird King, the Queen, and this… the little princess?”

The Bird King and Queen carefully looked around at the people in the spaceship, and they were shocked again. It was the first time they had been in the room with so many powerful royal families.

And when Qiao Xi’s sister Qiao Lian saw the black-haired man sitting in the middle with a careless face at a glance, her eyes lit up.

The organizing committee greeted the three of them on the spaceship, then the spaceship took off again, and everyone made room for the three of them, allowing them to sit near the middle, which made the three of them feel very flattered.

After everyone started chatting, the Leopard Queen said kindly, “You are here for Qiao Xi, right? We were just talking about Qiao Xi, he is really a good boy.”

“Yes,” said the Black Bear prince, “our little princess has mentioned Qiao Xi several times and likes him very much.”

The three people from the Bird clan were stunned for a moment – Qiao Xi and Princess Black Bear actually had a friendship?

Having said that, they originally wanted to marry into the Bear clan, but Princess Black Bear didn’t seem to have that meaning, but if Qiao Xi and Princess Black Bear had friendship, wouldn’t it become possible?

Just as the Bird King was eager to seize the opportunity to speak, the Black Bear prince turned his head and teased Jing Yan: “Otherwise, let Qiao Xi marry our little princess?”

Jing Yan said angrily: “You dare!”

Black bear prince laughed. Then he said: “But my sister likes Qiao Xi!”

Jing Yan said indifferently: “Let her want to fart!”

Everyone in the boat burst into laughter.

This atmosphere made the Bird King, Queen and Qiao Lian suddenly realize something, and they all became nervous, since they had a bad premonition in their hearts.

“Qiao Xi…” Bird King pursed his mouth and smiled awkwardly, “You and Qiao Xi are very familiar with each other?”

“A virtual class was opened by Jing Yan online for the princes and princesses. Qiao Xi has long been a member of the class and is a good friend with these children. This time these children have come to participate in the unified examination, thanks to Qiao Xi taking the lead.”

The three people from the bird clan were stunned again.

Wait, so there were so many powerful royal families coming to the exam city this time, because these orc princes and princesses had all decided to participate in the unified exam, and this was all because of Qiao Xi leading them???

Qiao Xi and these powerful princes and princesses were good friends. Yes, did they meet in a virtual classroom?!

And this online class was organized by Jing Yan –

The Bird King was stunned, unable to speak for a while.

The Queen was also dumbfounded and at a loss.

Qiao Lian clenched her hands tightly, her heart beating fast.

Virtual class?

There was actually such a virtual classroom, which was full of princes and princesses of the strong royal orc families?

And it was organized by Jing Yan… It was self-evident what this meant!

For a long time, her parents only said that no matter how powerful Jing Yan was, he was just friends with the princes of the Butterfly clan and the Leopard clan, and at most two wolf clan families supported him, but Jing Yan’s ability seemed to not be limited to that!

They were afraid that before today, even the Wolf King and Queen of the wolf tribe did not know that as long as Jing Yan was willing, the wolf tribe could ally with these powerful tribes at any time!

This man was really great!

Qiao Lian became excited. When she and her parents visited the wolf palace once, she immediately fell in love with this man, and her vision was right!

Her parents didn’t even take Jing Yan seriously and wanted her to marry into the Snake Clan, but she didn’t want it! She already had someone she wanted! Even though she was a few years older…

Qiao Lian suddenly felt it was a pity at this moment, it was really cheap for Qiao Xi, if she knew that sending him to the wolf clan would make him finally come to Jing Yan’s side, it would have been better to not let him go to the wolf clan, instead she would have gone herself!

After bearing a little bit of hardship on Jing Yu’s side, she could live with Jing Yan every day!

Fortunately, she didn’t miss the opportunity this time. Knowing that Jing Yan would also come, she immediately begged her parents to take her with them, and her parents agreed without much thought!

Qiao Lian’s heart was so excited that she couldn’t help but want to talk to Jing Yan, but unfortunately there was a young man whose identity she didn’t know between her and Jing Yan, which made her a little uncomfortable.

The young man suddenly smiled at her and whispered, “Want to talk to Jing Yan?”

Qiao Lian blushed.

Actually, this man was quite handsome.

But the young man smiled and said in the next second: “Just think about it.”

Qiao Lian: “…”

Who was this guy?

“Hey, speaking of which, it would be great if our children were as good as Qiao Xi,” said the eldest prince of the Bear clan, “Jing Yan, don’t be so obsessed with it, if the marriage won’t work, it’s better to have Qiao Xi come over occasionally to play with our Princess.”

“If Qiao Xi wants to go, I will accompany him.” Jing Yan hummed.

“It turned out to be so tight!” The eldest prince of the Bear clan laughed.

“If I were Jing Yan, I’d have kept an eye on others too.” Leopard Queen teased meaningfully.

The corners of Jing Yan’s lips curled up.

“Isn’t it too early to be happy?” Ye He drank tea slowly.

Jing Yan gave him a knife-like look. Seeing that the other party was so skillful, he said cheaply, “By the way, do you know that Chris tried to spoil Qiao Xi?”

Ye He made a move.

Jing Yan said with a wicked smile, “Chris’s soul has been taken away by the beauties and handsome men of the fox clan, and he can still ogle them while standing on the street, can you still do it? Has the allergic rhinitis been cured?”

“… “Ye He smiled and put down the teacup, a crack appearing on the teacup.

The Bird King, Queen, and Qiao Lian were clearly seated in the middle, but they were restless, always feeling as if they were excluded from the atmosphere.

The warm greetings they received when they first came in seemed to have been an illusion – no, it should be said that they also understood now that these people were so warm when they first greeted them because they were Qiao Xi’s parents.

But later, when Qiao Xi was mentioned, the core of their conversation was with Jing Yan.

What this meant, no matter how sluggish people were, they still understood.

These people liked Qiao Xi, and these people knew the reason why Qiao Xi was sent to the wolf clan and then transferred to Jing Yan.

They could probably only bear to say hello to them and give them a smile.

The Bird king and queen were on pins and needles, and it was at this time that they really regretted it.

It would have been good if they had taken the initiative to apologize to Qiao Xi earlier and beg for peace. The opportunity to make friends with so many powerful clans was missed in vain, and the situation of the Bird clan had become even more embarrassing.

At the moment, they could only secretly pray to see Qiao Xi later, and that Qiao Xi would forgive them as soon as possible!

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