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The meal was actually quite harmonious.

Qiao Xi returned in the form of a beast, and everyone only sighed that the transformation time was so short this time.

After Yu Xiuran came back, although he was silent, with Chris and Jing Yi there, there wasn’t even a minute of silence at the dinner table. They had mingled well with Lin Chu and Ji Yang.

“Qiao Xi, you really have two good friends!” Chris pretended to be old and said, “I think we can call them to the party after the exam!”

“What party?” Lin Chu and Ji Yang wondered.

Speaking of this matter, Qiao Xi also felt that it was almost time to reveal his identity to these two people.

In the past, he always had all kinds of concerns and did not dare to expose his identity at will, but now he was different, and he always felt a lot more enlightened.

He should let Lin Chu and Ji Yang know the truth.

So, he smiled and said, “Well, I’ll make an appointment with you when the exam is over!”

After dinner, Yu Xiuran looked back at the Little Chicken.

“Look,” his friend poked him with his elbow, hesitated, and asked, “By the way, do you remember the wolf royal family’s surname?”

Yu Xiuran paused, recalled for a moment, and then his pupils widened.

The surname of the wolf royal family was Jing.

No wonder when he was thinking about Qiao Xi just now, he always felt something was wrong.

Although the Jing surname was not only used by the royal family, but Qiao Xi was sent to the wolf clan palace, and the identity of his friend surnamed Jing could easily be imagined.

Yu Xiuran never thought that Qiao Xi would really be favored by the wolf prince.

The wolf clan beside Qiao Xi might be the guards of the wolf palace, or some humble wolf clan aristocrat… But how could it be the wolf clan prince?!

“Looks like you’ve thought about it too?” his friend whispered, “I couldn’t believe it when I first thought about it, if that man is really the prince of the wolf clan, he would probably still be the crown prince of the wolf clan depending on his age.”

They didn’t know the wolf clan royal family, but the words “wolf clan prince” had enough weight, not to mention the wolf clan prince, whether in terms of ranking, or in terms of aura, that man named Jing Yan had a strong presence in the royal family.

It was really a blessing for Qiao Xi to meet such a person.

Not only the friendship, but thinking of the man named Jing Yan looking at Qiao Xi…

Yu Xiuran stopped in place.

If he hadn’t chosen to leave at the beginning, the person standing beside Qiao Xi at this time…would it be him?

At this moment, his heart was clamoring with unwillingness.

Unwilling to let Qiao Xi leave like this, unwilling to let that man stand by Qiao Xi’s side like this.

But all his unwillingness stemmed from the fact that he had turned and left.

And now… in the face of the wolf prince, he who was just a bird clan nobleman, didn’t even have the courage to try again.

He gritted his teeth.

His friend looked at him like this, sighed, and said, “It’s too late to regret it, brother.”

Not to mention the series of problems caused by Qiao Xi’s animal shape, if they had taken action before Qiao Xi was caught by his parents, the two who had had subtle feelings for several years might still be friends again – just friends, after all, he didn’t think Qiao Xi had that kind of meaning for Xiuran – unfortunately, at that time, the two of them watched Qiao Xi being stuffed into the car by the men in black, but didn’t move.

When they went home and asked their elders, after learning about the situation, they just kept silent.

If he really liked him, how could it be like this.

His friend shook his head.

Back at the hotel, Qiao Xi, Chris and Jing Yi reviewed for a while before going to bed.

Qiao Xi and Jing Yan were sharing a room.

When Qiao Xi was going to take a bath, Jing Yan suddenly thought… Fortunately, Qiao Xi had changed back to the animal form, otherwise he might be nervous to death!!!

Speaking of which, the first time he saw Qiao Xi’s human figure, it wasn’t like this… Sure enough, he liked this Qiao Xiaoxi more.

Jing Yan blushed and sat beside the bed thinking.

When the little chick dried his hair and walked out swaying, Jing Yan blushed and said, “Then I’ll go wash up.”

The next day, the friends in the holographic classroom all arrived one after another and clocked in one by one in the chat group.

At the same time, the entire test city was broadcasting the pre-exam mobilization meeting live.

Every pre-exam mobilization conference would invite various celebrities to give speeches, this time the speaker was Chris’ mother, the Queen of the Leopard clan!

A few people were sitting in front of the holographic TV. Chris was eating snacks and commenting on his mother’s speech level. At the same time, he worriedly wondered if his mother’s throat locking skills had become more advanced, and he couldn’t help feeling suffocated for a while.

After the mobilization meeting, it was the last round of review.

During the day, the Leopard King looked for Chris to have a meal with him.

In the evening, Qiao Xi went to bed early, and Jing Yan was still checking the things he was going to bring to the exam room tomorrow.

Admission ticket, pen, computer, etc.

And transformation balls!

Who knows if Qiao Xi would suddenly transform again in the examination room, and the transformation ball must be brought. In order to prevent the situation of “wearing the wrong clothes” again, Jing Yan even prepared three transformation balls for Qiao Xi, and they were from three different brands.

“No matter how high the error rate is, it won’t be all women’s clothing in the three brands’ transformation ball,” Jing Yan said.

In that case, it would be too magical, ahem!

And Qiao Xi suddenly thought, yes, why did he suddenly transform yesterday?

Although the first two transformations were without warning.

Qiao Xi remembered what Jing Yan told him when he held him that night – with a certain “goal”, he could complete the transformation more smoothly.

“It could be what you want to do after you transform, or why you want to transform, or what makes you want to transform.”

Yesterday’s transformation was as unconscious as the previous two.

If it was as Jing Yan said, what was in his mind at the time…

Qiao Xi recalled it seriously, and then shuddered.

“It should be all set,” Jing Yan straightened up, he was wearing a bathrobe, his belt was casually tied, and his slightly open chest revealed some scenes that would make people blush and their heart beat, “You can go to the exam in peace tomorrow, Qiao Xiaoxi.”

He turned back and smiled at Qiao Xi.

“Plop” sound.

Qiao Xi was stunned.

Jing Yan was stunned for a moment, and his face became very nervous.

He came over and said worriedly, “What’s wrong? Why did you suddenly cover your chest? Your heart is not feeling well?”

Jing Yan bent down and his collar opened wider.

Qiao Xi: “…!!!!”

Jing Yan widened his eyes and said, “Why did your hair explode!? Qiao Xi, are you alright?! Wait, I’ll call an ambulance right away!”

Qiao Xi lifted the quilt and got in, hid inside and panicked: “Idiot, stop screaming, I’m fine!”


“Hey, what’s the matter?! Why are you suffocating yourself? You still say you’re fine, how could you be fine like this! Qiao Xiaoxi, don’t panic, I’ll call the best doctor right away! Quick, don’t make yourself sick!”

The idiot Black Wolf nervously started a quilt tug-of-war with Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi was going crazy, he pulled the quilt that covered his hair and shouted, “I’m really fine! Woo, leave me alone!”

It was just that his body temperature was a little higher, his heartbeat was a little faster, and his whole body was numb!

He was fine! He, he just seemed to have realized something!!!

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