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“I have asked for leave.” The girl who had been asked was Liu Yan, an art student at Huaxing Art School. She said blankly, “You do your business, I won’t disturb you.”

Director Liu said, “You all run away.” Come on, don’t bother me!?

“Stay well!” said a tiger faced Director Liu to Liu Yan, and Director Liu then glared at Si Huang again. You blue-faced disaster!

Si Huang faced Director Liu with an innocent face as if admitting his mistake, and when Director Liu couldn’t bear to look at him directly, he turned his head to look at Liu Yan’s group of girls with a chuckle, quietly blinked his eyes, and said silently, “Thank you.” Then one finger was placed on the lips, “Hush.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” The fans started shouting viciously: “Don’t get over here!”    

“Ah…” The girls realized that they had done something wrong, the noise subsided, and they made amends with hindsight, covering their mouths, or making a booing action, as they stared at Si Huang innocently or apologetically.    

Si Huang frowned in distress, but his beautiful eyes were clearly filled with a hot spring-like smile. Every girl who saw him knew that he wasn’t really angry, and he didn’t mean to blame them.    

Just about to drown, okay?? Your Majesty, don’t be so handsome!    

“Wow! He looks so gentle and handsome, and he’s so good!” A fan who had originally come for An Yiyuan whispered.    

As soon as these words came out, a girl next to her said, “Yes, I think so too. I just asked the girl over there and she said that he is only sixteen years old! So tender!”    

“Why do they call him Your Majesty? Ah?”    

“I’ve already inquired, because his name is Si Huang, and his campus ID is Fenghuang. Since he was called Your Majesty on a forum, everyone started calling him that!”    

“It’s good to be called Your Majesty, Your Majesty is cute.!”

Unknowingly, most of the female fans who had come for An Yiyuan actually started talking about Si Huang, and they chatted happily with Liu Yan’s group of knights.

In the temporary rest house, An Yiyuan and Guan Li both saw this scene with their eyes, An Yiyuan’s eyes flickered, and he sighed: “Before I saw Si Huang, I didn’t believe that someone could be born to eat the rice of the entertainment industry. But he doesn’t look like a newcomer at all, he doesn’t panic no matter what, and his ability to attract fans is too strong.”

Guan Li glanced at him, “You can learn from him.”

An Yiyuan really carefully observed Si Huang, then helplessly said: “I’m an old bone, should I still act cute?”

Guan Li twitched the corners of her mouth, “Learn from him, he doesn’t ignore the fans’ efforts, and pays attention to them.”

An Yiyuan was startled, and his expression changed, by this time Si Huang had already walked over, “Sister Guan, Senior An.”

As soon as he heard the title, he knew how close he felt to the two of them. An Yiyuan felt helpless, who made him not really help Si Huang at that time.

“Xiao Si, I’ll help you get into the scene later.” An Yiyuan said with a smile.

Si Huang smiled shyly, “Senior An is polite.”

“Who is being polite to you!” An Yiyuan deliberately lowered his face, “I don’t want the souls of the girls here to be taken away by you.”

Si Huang narrowed his eyes, then he touched his chin and chuckled, “I’m short of fans.”

There was a saying in the world called “a smile which could steal a heart”. An Yiyuan felt that it was not too much to use it on Si Huang, and his heartbeat was almost lost because of this smile for a moment. The corner of the other party’s mouth was clearly showing a shallow smile, but it was dazzling due to the waves flowing from his squinted eyes, rendering thousand points of elegance.

This beauty had surpassed men’s and women’s barriers, it was just pure and compelling charm.

An Yiyuan suddenly understood the excited reaction of the female fans.

At the same time, he was silently sad, with a sense that his fans were about to be lost to the other party.


Today’s location shooting was in the famous film and television city in Yangcheng. The staff quickly set the scene, while Si Huang and An Yiyuan were getting their makeup done.

Following Director Liu’s order, the two officially entered the stage.

Si Huang sat in a wooden wheelchair, with a pond and attic behind him. There was an old tree beside him, which would be made into a romantic Qionghua tree[1] later.

Several extra actors also appeared.

The staff then set up the light boards, cameras, etc.

Director Liu stared at the camera screen in front of him. After confirming that there was no problem, he made a gesture and said to Si Huang: “How did you act in the audition before, that is how you have to act now. Do you know how to act now? Leave the rest to Xiao Ou and the others.”

They were the staff responsible for filming.

Si Huang smiled and nodded, the fans who were stopped outside by the security guards were more nervous than he himself.


The word sounded.

The aura of Si Huang on the wheelchair changed instantly, and his body was suddenly surrounded by an invisible but seemingly real aura, so indifferent that people dared not approach it easily.

She closed her eyes and seemed to be sleeping lightly. Not far away, the extras were arguing. No matter how loud they were, they couldn’t seem to wake her up. One party’s voice became louder and louder. This woke her up, but she didn’t take the initiative to call for someone.

Suddenly, a man in guard costume took a few steps forward, but the man in blue cloth tried to stop it, but it was too late.

These few steps touched the scope of Qianji’s ‘arc’.

She opened her eyes lazily, and the camera immediately gave her a close-up.

Director Liu was surprised to find that his previous worries were completely unnecessary, and Si Huang surprised him again. The first time he acted, his sense of the camera was so sophisticated that it was not jerky at all. Under the close-up magnification, he could clearly see the slightest change in Si Huang’s eyes in the shot, which showed a more radiant charm than it did in reality.

——Simply a luxurious visual feast——

Director Liu’s heart was beating violently.

The snow-white complexion, thick eyelashes, and black pupils gave people a very clear feeling. There was no emotion in it, and it did not feel cold, but it was unattainable.

It’s just… He was so delicate that it didn’t look like a person, but it was still full of life and agility, and it couldn’t be fake.

It was not like he hadn’t seen him before, why did it feel different today? Director Liu took a deep breath, suppressed his trembling mind, and raised his head to look at Si Huang in reality. Even him, the director was a little dazzled by him, and then he understood: the previous equipment was not so complete, and it was shot indoors just for Tie Lao to see.

This person was simply born to eat the rice of the entertainment industry! At this time, Director Liu also had the same thoughts as An Yiyuan from before. A realistic and beautiful person who looked beautiful even when not on camera, like Si Huang, with the existence of the camera defied the sky.!


Director Liu retracted his thoughts, and then shouted irritably.

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