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Mo Gungun didn’t know what to say. He kept looking at the big monster. For some reason, the big monster felt a little strange at this time. Full of a feeling of aggression that panicked him, he felt like a small prey that could not escape, facing a strong and terrifying man-eating monster.

Lu Xiaoqi’s hot breath fell on his face, “Gungun, huh?”

Mo Gungun raised his head and decided to watch the big monster: “Big monster, I…”

Lu Xiaoqi stared at the young man, the two of them almost touching. He observed the young man’s expression without blinking. He was a little embarrassed, but more of it was panic and confusion. When he saw the clear watery pupils of the young man gradually overflowing with mist, Lu Xiaoqi sighed.

He stepped back half a step, and the fiery desire in his eyes completely converged.

Mo Gungun.

The monster just seemed to be disappointed?


What did he do to make the big monster sad? Mo Gungun came out of the fog, scratching his head.

Mo Gungun held the hand of the big monster. “Big monster, what do you want me to do, I don’t understand.”

Lu Xiaoqi sighed softly, and his eyes gradually overflowed with a smile.

Lu Xiaoqi kissed the little guy’s mouth: “Gungun, I am waiting for you.”

Mo Gungun: “???”

Mo Gungun was stunned. The big monster was talking nonsense. Puffing up his little face, Mo Gungun acted spoiled and became arrogant: “Humph. What are you waiting for me to do? Do you want to speak in human words!”

Lu Xiaoqi touched his head and laughed.

Mo Gungun couldn’t help but squint his eyes.

The monster was really annoying.

He couldn’t think of it in his small head and sat down with a question mark on his head.

Lu Xiaoqi pointed to the comics: “Gungun can continue to see.”

When he thought of the picture in the comic, he felt that something was not right. So, he shook his head: “Don’t watch.”

He wanted to get in touch with the big monster, but he felt hot and unbearable, very uneasy.

Lu Xiaoqi did not force him, he had the patience to wait for the teenager to completely open up, but from time to time a little stimulation was not bad.

Thinking about it, Lu Xiaoqi downloaded the comic.

He flipped through it quickly, but when he saw the messages waiting for the author to continue painting underneath, his face blackened.

This kind of picture was enough if only he saw it.

So he sent out a message quickly, then in ten minutes, this post was blocked.

The readers who were still happy to watch were n-faced.

“The f**k, what happened! I was waiting to see the climax part, why is it gone?!”

“Blocked? Go to the Aite the author, I want to see the part of the man having fun!”

“Why was it sealed? Who sealed it?”

“Ha ha ha, I have downloaded it, please leave a message if you want it…”

“I want it! I want it!”

“I also want!”



“The f**k I was scared. The downloaded resources are all garbled. This is not enough. It turned out to be a virus! When you open it, it is a ghost, and I was scared enough to get a heart disease! This resource is gone! You don’t care about me. I want it. QAQ.”

“Hey?? I also downloaded it, I didn’t…there was a trough~ his lord! Scared me. Grimace!”

Lu Xiaoqi narrowed his eyes and was finally satisfied after seeing everyone’s messages.

The network was not completely secure, but when there was such a gap, the devils and ghosts could easily find them.

As for their resources, could Lu Xiaoqi allow other people to look at his baby?!

Mo Gungun was watching when the screen suddenly refreshed and he was told that the item was gone.

He groaned with red cheeks, “Big monster?”

Lu Xiaoqi: “What’s wrong?”

Although Mo Gungun could use the interstellar network, he was not a professional after all. If there was a slight problem, he would not understand it. So, he pointed at the screen: “No more.”

Lu Xiaoqi looked at it sanctimoniously: “Well, then I have the cache of the previous playback here. We should still be able to watch it. Do you still want to watch it?”

Mo Gungun thought for a while, glanced at the big monster, and finally shook his head.

He always felt that when there was a big monster on the side, it was very strange to see this.

Mo Gungun felt a little cold, the little panda felt tangled, should he continue to sit in the arms of the big monster. But then he was pulled into a warm embrace, and this embrace was full of familiar breath of relief.

Suddenly, he was able to figure it out.

No matter what the big monster wanted to do, it would definitely not hurt him, so he didn’t need to be uneasy. The big monster was probably sad just now because he was so hesitant. It was not that he didn’t trust the big monster, it was just that he was a little… embarrassed when facing the new scene.

Lu Xiaoqi gently stroked the young man’s head, but the young man suddenly touched his lips, and his movements froze.

Lu Xiaoqi was stunned.

Lu Xiaoqi: “Gungun?”

Mo Gungun blushed and hung his head: “Don’t be sad.”

Raising up his eyes, Lu Xiaoqi’s brows furrowed slightly.

Mo Gungun: “You asked me if I was afraid, I am not afraid.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s body became stiff.

Mo Gungun grabbed the corner of Lu Xiaoqi’s clothes: “I am not afraid, as long as it is the big monster, I am not afraid.” Suddenly his eyes sparkled: “The big monster will not hurt me, I know that the monster is the best person in the world! The best person!”

Lu Xiaoqi’s heart felt hot and he stared deeply at the teenager. In the end, he held the boy in his arms and pressed him closely.

He couldn’t see the look of the monster, but he could his heart beating fast.

Gungun: “Big monster.”

Lu Xiaoqi kissed his neck: “Gungun, this is enough.”

Gungun: “Well?”

Hanging down his head, Lu Xiaoqi suppressed the evil in his heart: “This is enough.”

He removed the hidden dangers in his body and continued to snuggle with the teenager.

As for what the young man said, he remembered it.

Lu Xiaoqi worked on documents all morning until noon. And the evil ghosts who were sent out also came back.

Knock knock.

Lu Xiaoqi raised his eyes: “Enter.”

Mo Gungun was sitting on the table chewing bamboo shoots. When he noticed the strange soldier entering, he slithered into the big monster’s arms.

He stepped on the big monster’s legs, stood up, and tried to poke his head out. He couldn’t see anything, so he slowly climbed up, detouring behind the big monster, climbing up his back to his shoulders, and then onto his head.

His two small black ears stood straight.

The soldiers who were preparing to report turned stiff, when they saw the two furry black ears.

A pair of furry ears could be seen on the head of the marshal.

At this moment, the small pom-pom raised his small head, black eyes and white round face. The whole army was tense, was this not the panda group raised by the legendary marshal!

Mo Gungun was thinking that he was sneaking around, while he was actually visible to the soldiers.

Lu Xiaoqi felt helpless, but he looked at the soldier with a cold expression and hit his finger on the table.

The crisp voice sounded and the soldiers immediately returned to the War God.

Soldier: “Reporting Marshal, probe tY#$1 Star Warship has returned, and is requesting to enter the Serta Army Dock, please instruct.”

Lu Xiaoqi was awkward, and he narrowed his eyes: “Open the No. 1 dock.”

The soldiers looked serious: “Yes, Marshal!”

Soldiers: “Marshal, Jg star field found signs of interstellar zerg, the third squad tracked the question, whether to send more troops?”

Star zerg? Lu Xiaoqi thought for a moment: “The Eight Army should be made ready.”

Soldier: “Yes, Marshal.”

The soldiers paused and their tone was a bit difficult: “Zhang Yuanshuai has invited you to go over in the afternoon.”

Lu Xiaoqi nodded slightly: “I understand.”

When the soldiers had finished with their report, they spontaneously retired. Before going out, their eyes couldn’t stop from sweeping over Lu Xiaoqi’s head.

Mo Gungun rolled down from the monster’s head and landed on his lap, turning into a teenager: “Big monster, you have to go out in the afternoon?”

Lu Xiaoqi: “Yeah.”

Mo Gungun: “Can I go together?”

Lu Xiaoqi was silent for two seconds: “Go wherever Gungun wants to go.”

Mo Gungun’s eyes were bright. Of course he was thinking, he wanted to stay with the big monster for a day!

Lu Xiaoqi ate in his work area at noon, but it was not his daily work meal, instead he opened the box he brought with him.

The panda, sitting on the table was pulling at the edge of the box, staring at the scented food inside.

Must be super delicious!

Carefully sniffing, the panda group shook his wet little nose and carefully explored with his small head.

He looked cute, so Lu Xiaoqi could not help but….

Lu Xiaoqi: “You want to eat?”

Mo Gungun raised his head, nodded hard, and subconsciously licked his nose.

He especially wanted to eat it!

But in fact, he had been eating less recently. He used to spend two-thirds of his time eating every day, but now he only ate less than half of the time!

Thinking this, Mo Gungun scratched his head with his little paws. Did he not grow taller because he was eating less?

Mo Gungun was completely shocked by his guess. He suddenly turned into a young man and looked at Lu Xiaoqi with tearful eyes.

Lu Xiaoqi was a little stunned: “What’s wrong?”

He was fine just now, why was he crying all of a sudden?

Lu Xiaoqi hurriedly stretched out his hand to pull the person into his arms: “You don’t have to cry, don’t cry. What’s wrong?”

Mo Gungun hugged the big monster and his mouth dropped: “Big monster! Did I not grow taller?!”

Lu Xiaoqi was startled: “Huh?”

Mo Gungun stood up and straightened up: “Have I grown?” After a pause, his eyes turned red: “Or have I shrunk?”

Lu Xiaoqi looked carefully at the delicate young man with tearful eyes and a wronged expression. He thought about if he had shrunk or grown…

The little guy really cried to him.

Lu Xiaoqi pondered for two seconds before he figured it out. He was amused and angry in his heart, but he nodded righteously on his face: “You’ve grown taller.”

Mo Gungun’s tears stopped rolling down, and he asked in surprise: “Have I grown taller?”

Lu Xiaoqi pretended to look at him for a few seconds: “Well, you’ve grown. You’ve grown a lot.”

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