YYGMC Ch. 92.1

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Lu Xiaoqi stared at the screen for a long time and exhaled a sigh of relief.

Above was a screenshot of him and the panda, and he had to say that it was more heartwarming than the shot of the panda that he had sneaked.

Suddenly, he saw a very hot post which had been reposted more than 100,000 times.

The post’s heading was “Panda and Marshal’s Daily Love, Regular Comic, High definition, no mosaic, requesting cult support.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s brows slightly rose up.

When Mo Gungun saw it, he pointed at Lu Xiaoqi and then pointed at himself: “Hmm!”

It was him!

His and the monster’s love everyday?

He didn’t see this post before, he always went to the forum, this post should have just come out today.

With so many clicks in a day, it seemed that it must be really superb.

Mo Gungun looked at Lu Xiaoqi, his eyes sparkling.

Mo Gungun pointed at the screen: “Hmm! Well!”

He urged him.

Lu Xiaoqi lowered his eyes, rubbed the little one, and then clicked in. What came into view was a plump red panda. He was holding a small bamboo shoot and eating it carelessly, and next to him was a man in military uniform, but only his chin was visible.

This was the cover.

The cover was very warm, and the picture was dominated by warm colors.

Lu Xiaoqi and Mo Gungun looked at each other and clearly saw the joy in each other’s eyes.

The vividness of the paintings of the panda revealed the pandas’ special features. Mo Gungun on the cover with the fresh and delicious bamboo shoots, looked really cute. He had to say that the painter’s paintings were exquisite and the color contrast was also very good.

It was almost impossible to ignore Mo Gungun at a glance.

Mo Gungun was very happy, and he kept looking at himself on the screen, “Hmm!”

Lu Xiaoqi chuckled: “Well, yes, it’s as cute as Gungun.”

Mo Gungun rolled up his small head, his two round ears swaying: “Hmm!”

That was him!

The panda was extremely proud. It turned out that his fans had done so many things for him, especially drawing him and the monster together.

He couldn’t wait to know what the big monster looked like in the author’s pen.

The little voice of Mo Gungun kept urging.

Xiao Hong and Xiao Huang sat on the side of Mo Gungun, looking forward with their heads together.

Xiao Hong held Xiao Huang’s hand and said with starry eyes: “It’s so good, it’s so popular!”

Xiao Huang touched his head: “Xiao Hong is also very cute, everyone must like him.”

Xiao Hong said holding his little red cheeks, sounding a little envious: “I also want someone to paint me and Xiao Huang everyday.” Suddenly, his look of yearning turned into frustration: “But no one can see us…”

Xiao Huang was speechless.

Then his eyes flashed, and Xiao Huang said: “Then we can paint ourselves, can’t we? Doesn’t it make more sense?”

Xiao Hong thought about it and felt it was very reasonable.

The more he thought about it, the happier he was, such that Xiao Hong even fanned his wings to express his joy.

Xiao Huang resisted the urge to smile.

As for whether it could be sustained, or what was drawn, that was not the point.

He scrolled down and Mo Gungun looked at the screen with energy.

The daily life of the panda and the marshal on the screen began. The colors were still mainly warm, and the warm conversation made Mo Gungun agree. He tilted his head and recalled, then nodded heavily.

This was really their mode of getting along.

In the first few pages, the marshal had not shown his face, only a portion of his chin.

But his hands contained tenderness.

He was so happy that he couldn’t help but lick his mouth.

A big hand fell on his head, and he was stunned.

After about five chapters, Mo Gungun was stunned.

Because he saw a picture that made his hair rise, and the panda had now become a beautiful boy.

Mo Gungun was shocked.

This boy was very cute and looked like him.

It was because of this that Mo Gungun’s eyes that were rolling and surprised suddenly lit up.

Then he turned to look back at the man.

Lu Xiaoqi was slightly stunned.

He didn’t know if it was coincidence, or that the author had found something, but the young boy who had turned into a panda was seven-eight times similar to the real Mo Gungun.

Lu Xiaoqi narrowed his eyes, some people were beginning to notice, maybe it was a test.

The upper echelons knew that Lu Xiaoqi had brought back a duke’s son, and someone had connected him with the panda, so there should be a next step.

Lu Xiaoqi’s eyes turned sharp.

However, after looking down, Lu Xiaoqi’s vicious look suddenly became secluded and stunned, and Lu Xiaoqi was unable to react.

The marshal finally showed his face, looking very handsome.

But the first time he showed his face was to kiss the boy.

Mo Gungun focused on the picture.

He was very skeptical about whether the author was a familiar person. But he and the monster seemed to know only the ghosts floating around.

On the screen, the two people were inseparably kissing each other, and the author had even divided the scene of the two people’s tongues entangled with each other separately. Mo Gungun stared at it, completely confused. He pointed at the big monster on the screen: “Hmm,” this big monster was a bit different from their kiss.

Lu Xiaoqi lowered his head: “Well, it’s not the same.”

Mo Gungun’s eyes were full of doubts: “Hmm?” Why was it different?

Lu Xiaoqi’s eyes revealed a hint of deepness: “If Gungun wants to try it, that’s fine.”

They usually did it gently. A gentle touch was okay, but the next scene was a bit too charming. The marshal had pressed the young man under him and was tearing at his clothes.

Then before Mo Gungun could see clearly, Lu Xiaoqi quickly flipped through it.

By the time Mo Gungun wanted to protest, Lu Xiaoqi had already closed the post with a red face.

Mo Gungun blinked: “Hmm.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s face turned red and dark: “Gungun, we won’t read anymore.”

Mo Gungun was puzzled: “Yeah.”

Lu Xiaoqi took a deep breath, and his gaze became deeper: “Gungun I really want to see it.”

Mo Gungun nodded.

Lu Xiaoqi looked at Xiao Huang with meaningful eyes.

Xiao Huang also looked at it vaguely just now, and now he was also comforting Xiao Hong.

Seeing this, Xiao Huang pulled Xiao Hong into the pendant. They were going to chat, and this small space would be left to the two of them.

Lu Xiaoqi lowered his eyes and carefully covered the pendant around Mo Gungun’s neck with the small cloth bag.

When Wu Da and Wu Er, who were watching the ugly thing’s every move, saw this, their faces turned dark.

Wu Er cursed loudly.

Wu Da patted him on the shoulder.

What was the need for all the excitement? He was used to it.

Mo Gungun raised his eyes and looked at the screen, waiting for the big monster to play comics for him.

But the next second he was carried onto the lap of the big monster. He was going to sit on the table when he suddenly fell on his lap. Mo Gungun could not see anything anymore. He raised his head in confusion: “Uh-huh, uh-huh.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s voice was a little hoarse: “Baby, turn into a boy. I’ll hold you and watch.”

Mo Gungun blinked in confusion.

Was there any connection between transformation and reading comics?

Lu Xiaoqi: “You are a teenager in this, isn’t it more appropriate to read it this way?”

Mo Gungun tilted his head, thought about it and was a bit moved by his words.

With this thought in mind, Mo Gungun flashed and transformed into a young man, his delicate little face facing Lu Xiaoqi.

Because he turned into a boy, Mo Gungun said: “Big monster, I have no clothes.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s pupils shrank, and he stretched out his arms to bring the person into his arms, “I’ll hold you, it will not be cold.”

Mo Gungun walked towards the man and snuggled up to him, absorbing a lot of heat from Lu Xiaoqi’s chest.

It was indeed not cold, Mo Gungun thought silently. Although he felt that this was wrong, he was used to the feeling of being with the big monster.

So, let’s just be naked.

Mo Gungun had no sense of crisis at all.

Lu Xiaoqi hugged the fair-skinned and smooth boy, and with dark eyes, clicked on the comic that seemed to be endlessly erotic.

Lu Xiaoqi: “We saw this before.”

Lu Xiaoqi fiddled with his fingers gently, and the screen slowly scrolled downwards.

The eyes of Mo Gungun grew bigger as the picture became more and more uninhibited. He looked at the comic and saw himself and the monster doing strange things. He couldn’t help but bow his head and look down.

Mo Gungun’s head was full of the pictures in the comics, and the whole person was smoking.

This, this this…

Even if he didn’t understand it, he still felt hot and bothered, and he couldn’t help but twist his bottom.

There was a heavy gasping sound of the big monster in his ear.

Mo Gungun stiffened.

He turned around and stared blankly at the big monster with an unstable expression, but his eyes seemed to be suppressing the howling wind.

Lu Xiaoqi made a face: “Gungun.”

Mo Gungun: “Well?”

Lu Xiaoqi’s arm gently stroked the boy’s body: “Let’s continue.”

Mo Gungun was stroked like this, and his whole body shook.

Mo Gungun laughed and said: “Don’t do it, itchy! Hahaha.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s line of sight became more and more secluded, and his whole body tightened. It was like a leopard in his territory at night, and his line of sight was full of aggressiveness.

Mo Gungun turned his head, and the plot in the comic became more and more limitless. Looking at the body of the big monster in the picture, then…

Mo Gungun felt as if he had opened a door to a new world.

Lu Xiaoqi stroked the boy, “Gungun?”

Mo Gungun was still in a daze, staring at himself in the picture, his mouth watering, his cheeks flushed, softly asking for something.

This, this, this…

Lu Xiaoqi grabbed the boy’s arm and gently kissed the back of his hand.

Mo Gungun was kissed suddenly, so he took a breath.

Mo Gungun turned around: “Big, big monster?”

Lu Xiaoqi leaned closer: “Is Gungun afraid?”

Lu Xiaoqi pointed at the comic: “Are you afraid of the pictures here?”

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