YXBG Ch. 21.1: Fight

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Lu Xianxian officially replaced Zhang Xiangyi as the school bully. When she first arrived, the other bosses didn’t take her seriously, but she soon beat them into submission. However, Zhang Xiangyi had officially entered a period of weakness, and was not showing any tendency to strengthen. Even worse, Lu Xianxian actually moved into his house! Yao Fei’s reason was very good: “It’s not safe for a girl to live outside!”

Was she not safe?! She would only make others insecure, OK! Who could make her unsafe? Have mercy?

Yin Zhefei was better off, as long as Lu Xianxian didn’t stick to him desperately, he could still survive the day.

With her iron fist, Lu Xianxian quickly won the respect of the boys in the school. But at the same time, she often called herself as Yin Zhefei’s girlfriend, and became the public enemy of all the girls in the school.

What was puzzling was that Yin Zhefei never denied that she was his girlfriend. The girls found it simply too incomprehensible. Did the beautiful boy have any psychological shadows when he was young, or did he have a rough aesthetic after spending a long time with Zhang Xiangyi? How could he like such a girl?

In fact, Yin Zhefei did not deny just because he knew that denial was useless. If it were useful, he would have gotten rid of this monster long ago!

Speaking of which, Lu Xianxian could be regarded as his and Zhang Xiangyi’s lifesaver. Of course, it was a bit exaggerated to say “lifesaver”. Yin Zhefei and Zhang Xiangyi went to Taipei with their parents when they were still small, and without their parents knowing, they went to fight with some punks. The result was being beaten into pigs. Lu Xianxian helped them escape, or they would surely have died very badly.

Although the grace of dripping water should be returned with a spring, but they really couldn’t bring out their gratitude…

The two guys who were used to accepting Lu Xianxian’s rebellion were in a mess, and the three people spent their lunch together every day. The atmosphere was even bleaker then. Every time Zhang Xiangyi watched Lu Xianxian pick her meat to give to Yin Zhefei, then Yin Zhefei would silently put the meat back.

Some vicious girls talked: “This woman is so shameless; she’s obsessed with A Fei.”

“Yeah, she looks like a pig, and I am embarrassed to see her stick to A Fei!”

“Could she be forcing A Fei to be her boyfriend? You see Zhang Xiangyi can’t beat her.” Every time Lu Xianxian heard such words, she looked stunned, but soon recovered her carelessness. Fortunately, she kept hypnotizing herself that if she wanted to be Yin Zhefei’s girlfriend, she had to endure the jealousy of other girls.

However, her good temper had become a kind of deceit in the eyes of these vicious girls. Their ridicule was getting more and more excessive, from her voice to her dress, to her low grades. All had become their targets. Every time Zhang Xiangyi heard such words, he would scold them back with uglier words, and Yin Zhefei, although he didn’t like Lu Xianxian pestering him, he was also disgusted with the viciousness of these girls.

Lu Xianxian’s repeated tolerance gave the girls who were bored and unpleasant to her the illusion that she was weak. One of the girls who came to their school by going through the back door had a lot of contacts with people in society and said disdainfully: “It’s not that she is very capable. Hit others? I think it’s a lie!”

Lu Xianxian returned to her seat that day and saw a note had appeared inside. She was stunned for a moment, and silently put it away.

In the evening, Zhang Xiangyi impatiently urged: “Lu Xianxian, what are you waiting for and why haven’t you packed up yet?”

Lu Xianxian looked at him and said seriously: “You go back first! I have something to deal with.”

“Thing?” Zhang Xiangyi took a look at her, “Are you going to fight again?”

“Of course not, I’m going to buy something with the girls.” She found her tone strange, and quickly showed an exciting look. Zhang Xiangyi skeptically said, “Well, then you go back early, mother still has to wait for us to eat!”

The evening sunset passed through the clouds and stained the western sky red. Lu Xianxian walked into the alley written on the note, where there were already five or six girls. The girl in the lead saw her coming and frowned, “Hey! You came late.”

“If I didn’t wait a while, Zhang Xiangyi would have come together with me.” Her voice was hoarse, completely different from her usual sharp voice.

The girl knew Zhang Xiangyi’s toughness, so she stopped talking, and went straight to the subject: “In the future, stay away from Yin Zhefei.”

“If you can beat me, I will promise you. But if you lose, don’t come interfere with my business.” She showed a sullen expression, her fists clenched.

The girl sneered: “Lu Xianxian, you shouldn’t be so stupid as to think I would fight you!” The girls beside her also showed sarcastic smiles. Lu Xianxian was taken aback and saw a group of boys walking out of the alley with sticks and wine bottles.

Lu Xianxian’s face was cold, but there was no fear. She dropped her schoolbag, drew a long baseball bat from it, and rushed up yelling.

There were bruises on her body, but she didn’t care. In her years of taekwondo practice, injuries were inevitable. Once again, her arm was swollen as big as a steamed bun, but she was fine. What’s more, as long as she won this time, she could win the opportunity to stay with Yin Zhefei. Therefore, she was merciless, and every time she hit, she was accurate and ruthless. The girl who was very arrogant at the beginning gradually changed her face.

The boys lay down on the ground, but Lu Xianxian wasn’t any better, she got hit with a stick on her head. She was dizzy and her eyes were swollen. She looked very funny. However, she walked towards the girl step by step.

“You…what are you going to do…” The girl finally felt scared. This woman was mad, and she really fought desperately.

“Remember what you said, I won, don’t interfere with my affairs again!” She spit out these words viciously and turned away.

T/N: I really respected LX in this chapter.. She used her strength to shut up her haters… It was a bit stupid to fight like this but at least she stood by her convictions and was not intimidated by a group of catty girls which is a really hard thing to do..

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