SLDH Ch. 48.2: Blessing

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Because Butler Ye didn’t say anything and Mi Yan was too arrogant, Mi Wan very happily continued living in the old house in the eastern suburbs. She slept until she woke up naturally every day. When she woke up, she went to the pet shop to make money. She lived too carefreely. She didn’t think about going home for the New Year at all. Until the younger brother of the Mi family called her.

“You come home tomorrow.” Little Brother Mi said.

“Why?” Mi Wan didn’t know why.

“Mom and Dad will be back tomorrow.” Little Brother Mi secretly glanced at Big Brother and said in a low voice.

“Oh, okay, then I’ll come over for lunch tomorrow.” Her parents were coming back, she must prepare gifts, after thinking about it, Mi Wan hung up the phone and went downstairs to find Butler Ye.

Little brother Mi put down the phone and reported to his elder brother, “She promised to come back.”

“Well, we’ll meet them at the airport together?” Mi Yan asked.

Little Brother Mi shook his head: “She said she was coming back for lunch.”

“Crack!” Mi Yan slammed the document in his hand onto the table, making Little Brother Mi tremble, “She really thinks she’s meeting a relative, right? Ok, ok, ruthless.”

Brother, can you stop being so scary when you say ok. If you really want Mi Wan to pick up our parents at the airport with us, you just tell her no. Little brother Mi finished complaining silently, hugged his game console, and fled back upstairs in a hurry.

Here, Mi Wan went downstairs to find Butler Ye, and told the news that the Mi parents would be coming back tomorrow.

“The lady is going back to the main house tomorrow?” Butler Ye said happily.

“Yes, yes.” Mi Wan said, “I want to bring something back some gift for my parents. Do you know what they like?”

Butler Ye had worked in Mi’s house for decades, so of course he knew this: “This I naturally know. I know that the master likes calligraphy and painting, and the mistress likes orchids. But these two things can’t be found easily, you can give them later, miss…”

“I see, I will prepare.” Mi Wan who got the answer didn’t wait. After Butler Ye finished speaking, she waved her hand and ran out. She had to go for lunch tomorrow morning, so she had to prepare the presents quickly.

“Prepare… how do you prepare?” Butler Ye muttered for a while, then thought about it and felt relieved. In fact, it didn’t matter what she prepared, as long as it was a gift from the lady, both the husband and wife would be happy. Wasn’t their greatest wish to see a sunny and happy lady after having quit drugs?

Mi Wan asked the driver Xiao Zhang to take her to a place that sold the Four Treasures of the Study[1], then bought some rice paper, borrowed the owner’s brush and ink, and wrote four cursive characters on the spot: good health.

“Good calligraphy.” The store owner couldn’t help but praise, in fact, Mi Wan’s calligraphy was not particularly good, but the artistic conception of her script was free and easy, and the four characters Mi Wan just wrote depicted this free and easy artistic conception. In addition, Mi Wan, a young girl, could actually write calligraphy, this was also very favorable.

“Thank you, boss, wrap it up for me.” Mi Wan went to the next door to carve a chapter and stamped it on it. After the boss rolled it up for her, she tied it with a ribbon and carried it back to the old house.

The gift for Papa Mi was ready, and the gift for Mama Mi was much simpler. As for orchids, just ask the boss next door for a plant.

That night, as soon as she sensed that Fan Chen was home, Mi Wan jumped over the wall and ran over. As her spiritual power was exhausted again and again, Mi Wan found that her strength had recovered a lot. Recently, as long as she wanted to, she could already sense whether Fan Chen was at home through the barrier in Fan Chen’s yard.

“Fan Chen, I’m here to deliver medicine to you.” Mi Wan skillfully pushed open the door of the living room and walked in with the newly refined medicine.

“Thank you.” Fan Chen had changed into home clothes, as he said this with a slight smile in his eyes.

“Hey, your complexion has improved a lot recently, and the injury on your chest seems to have recovered a little.” Mi Wan found out as soon as she entered the door. After a few days of not seeing each other, Fan Chen’s complexion had become better than ever. Could it be that since she persisted in refining medicine, finally something had worked out?

“Didn’t you notice that the aura of heaven and earth has become stronger during this time?” Fan Chen asked with a smile.

“It seems… a bit.” Mi Wan felt it and found that the aura of heaven and earth was indeed stronger than before. “Why is this?”

“Because it’s the Chinese New Year.” Fan Chen explained, “Before the Chinese New Year, most factories would have holidays and work stoppages, and the pollution of water and air by humans will be greatly reduced. In addition, during the festival, humans will conduct a large number of sacrifices, so the power of faith has also increased a lot.”

There would be good wishes for the future. At this time, the power of faith was the strongest.

“So that’s how it is.” Mi Wan couldn’t help guessing, “But it’s only been a few days since you were on vacation, and you’ve recovered so well. It seems that there are many people worshiping you secretly. Tell me, do you often pretend to be the god of the mountain? Huh?”

Fan Chen chuckled, opened the thermos Mi Wan sent over, drank the medicine in it, and said, “I didn’t recover so fast in previous years. I think I look better this year, thanks to you preparing the medicine.”

“That’s right, it doesn’t matter how much effort I have to invest in making the medicine for you.”

“Thank you.” Fan Chen thanked earnestly.

“Verbal thanks are the most insincere, you have to give me something practical.” Mi Wan blinked and said playfully.

It seemed that she came to find her today, besides delivering medicine, she must have other things to do. Fan Chen understood in his heart, but he didn’t make a fuss on his face, he just asked, “What do you want?”

“I… want a pot of orchid flower.” Mi Wan said immediately.

“Orchid? Orchid demon?” Fan Chen asked.

“No, just an ordinary flower that can bloom.” Mi Wan quickly explained, what would she want with an orchid demon, if Mama Mi raised it, and the orchid suddenly became a spirit, wouldn’t she be scared to death.

“You want to give it away?” Fan Chen had lived for so long and knew a little about human preferences. Hearing what Mi Wan said, he could probably guess the purpose of the orchid flower.

“Well, my mother is coming back tomorrow, she likes orchids, so I want to get her a pot.” Mi Wan replied.

“That’s it~~” Seeing that Mi Wan called her mother so naturally, Fan Chen knew that she regarded the relatives of this body as her own, and felt a little happy for her, but also a little envious. Because he would never understand the fetters of this kind of family affection.

“I happen to have an orchid in my yard, and the flowering period will be half a month later. If you want, I can make it bloom earlier.” Fan Chen said.

“I want it, I want it.” How could Mi Wan not want it.

When the two came to the courtyard, Fan Chen picked up a short, slender potted plant with green leaves from among countless potted plants and handed it to Mi Wan. Then he lightly tapped the green leaves of the orchid with his fingertips, quietly injecting a touch of demon power, and then the yellow buds of different sizes slowly started forming on the tender green orchid leaves.

“Hey, why don’t the flowers bloom completely?” Mi Wan couldn’t help asking, although the buds look pretty, wouldn’t it be better if they were all in full bloom?

“People who like orchids like to raise it by themselves. You send it over and let her raise it for a few days. She will be happier when the buds open by themselves.” Fan Chen explained.

“Oh, that’s how it is.” Mi Wan didn’t have this kind of interest in growing flowers and weeds, but her second senior brother liked it very much. Thinking about it now, it seemed that her second senior brother would run into the flower field every time the flowering season came. It turned out to be this reason.

“Then is this flower difficult to grow?”

“Not bad.” For Fan Chen, this orchid was indeed not difficult to grow.

“That’s good.” Mi Wan said reassuringly, “Then I’ll take it away.”

“Yeah.” Fan Chen thought for a while and then said, “Do you want me to deliver the flowers there for you?” Climbing the wall while holding the flower pot should be inconvenient.

“Then you put the orchid on my window sill.” Mi Wan seemed to feel that it was inconvenient as well, and after hearing what Fan Chen said, she put the potted plant back in his hands. Fan Chen reached out to take it, and the fingertips of the two suddenly touched. The scorching heat from Mi Wan’s fingertips touched his. Fan Chen’s eyelids twitched in shock, and he hurriedly moved away.

“Hey, why are your hands so cold?” Mi Wan didn’t notice Fan Chen’s avoidance, she was surprised by the cold fingers of the other party, and even chased and touched them again, “It’s really cold, why is your body temperature so low?”

Fan Chen looked embarrassed and was afraid that it would be too obvious if he pulled his hand away, so he could only forcefully reply: “My real body is a tree, so my body temperature is obviously not high.”

“That’s right, if your body temperature is high, it will become firewood.” Mi Wan let go of his hand and couldn’t help laughing out loud at the joke she thought of.

Fan Chen didn’t care about Mi Wan’s comparison of him to firewood, all his mind was on his fingers, until the scorching temperature was blown away by the night wind.

“Then I’m leaving, good night.”

“Good night.”

Mi Wan waved her hand, turned around and ran to the wall, when she was about to climb over the wall, she suddenly remembered something, so she turned back and looked at Fan Chen.

Fan Chen was startled and looked over curiously.

“I’m also human, is my power of faith useful?” Mi Wan asked suddenly.

“Should…be useful.” Fan Chen was not sure, because the demon hunters knew the existence of the demon clan, so they didn’t have much respect for ghosts and gods.

“Then…” Mi Wan clasped her hands together, bowed in Fan Chen’s direction, and said loudly, “I hope Fan Chen’s injury will heal soon.”

After that, she jumped to the other side of the wall.

Fan Chen stood there for a long time, until the light in the window on the second floor opposite was turned on again, and he suddenly remembered that the potted plant in his arms hadn’t been delivered yet. With a slight movement of his fingertips, tender green vines grew out of the ground again, holding the potted plant and gently placing it in front of Mi Wan’s window.

Mi Wan pushed open the window, carried the orchid in, looked at Fan Chen who was still standing in the courtyard through the fence, and sent a message on her mobile phone: Mountain God, have you sensed the power of my faith?

Fan Chen lowered his eyebrows, smiled and replied yes.

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[1] Four Treasures of the Study, Four Jewels of the Study or Four Friends of the Study is an expression used to denote the brush, ink, paper and ink stone used in Chinese and other East Asian calligraphic traditions.

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