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Mi’s main house.

The Mi parents flew back to China early in the morning, and it was not yet ten o’clock in the morning when they returned to their residence.

After getting out of the car, Mother Mi ignored her husband who was a step behind her, and asked the servant who came up to pick up the luggage, “Is Wanwan back?”

“Not yet.” The servant was stunned for a moment before replying.

Mama Mi was a little disappointed immediately, then her beautiful eyes were full of disappointment.

“Didn’t they say she’ll come over for lunch? I guess she’ll be here soon.” Papa Mi slowly got down from the back seat. He was a little fat and had gained a few more kilograms after recuperating for half a year. Standing beside the slender Mama Mi, the whole person looked like a huge mountain.

“I’ll call Uncle Ye and ask.” Mi Yan got out of the back car, heard the conversation between his parents, and said aloud.

“Okay, Yanyan, call him quickly.” Mama Mi said immediately.

“Don’t call me Yanyan.” Mi Yan frowned in disgust, but still took out his mobile phone and called Butler Ye.

When Butler Ye received the call, he was knocking on the door to urge Mi Wan to get up. When he heard the phone ring, he quickly answered, “Master.”

“Uncle Ye, is Mi Wan coming?” Mi Yan asked directly.

“Miss, she…” Butler Ye looked at the still closed door and said wittily, “She’s picking out her clothes. She said she wanted to let the husband and wife see her most beautiful appearance, so she got up early in the morning to pick out clothes. She had been picking until now and hasn’t finished picking.”

Does she still know to dress up?

“Tell her to come here quickly. It doesn’t matter what she wears. She wears the same clothes anyway.”

“Yes, I’ll just…”

Butler Ye hadn’t finished speaking when the bedroom door was suddenly opened, and Mi Wan poked her head out. Then she yelled extremely irritably: “Uncle Ye, why are you knocking on the door so early? It’s not even ten o’clock, and lunch doesn’t start until twelve o’clock. Call me again at eleven o’clock.”

After finishing speaking, without waiting for Butler Ye to react, she closed the door again with a bang.

“…” Butler Ye broke out in a cold sweat, feeling that his career was facing a severe challenge.

“Uncle Ye, were you lying to me just now?” The voice on the other end of the phone suddenly became cold.

It’s over, it’s over, the young master is angry, what should I do? Butler Ye was a little flustered. The eldest son was very scary, when he got angry, and he might fire him. Expulsion? Wait a minute, he doesn’t seem to be paying my current salary.

Butler Ye became more courageous, and said with a chuckle, “Master, my current salary is paid by the young lady, so…you understand.”

“Very good.” Mi Yan gritted his teeth and hung up the phone.

Butler Ye hurriedly took out a bottle of quick-acting heart-rescue pills from his pocket and took one for himself to calm his beating heart. It was really not easy to work for others, and the old and new bosses both couldn’t be offended.

“Miss, miss get up, the husband and wife have already arrived home, you can’t really hold your breath.” With tears in his eyes, Butler Ye continued to urge his new boss to get up.

Here, as soon as Mi Yan hung up the phone, Mother Mi stared at her eldest son with a pair of beautiful eyes: “Is Wanwan coming?”

Mi Yan, decided to continue to use Butler Ye’s lies to lie to his mother, and he didn’t have to worry about being exposed.

“Yes, yes, Wanwan is now thinner. Girls love beauty, so we will go out shopping later.” Mama Mi’s reaction after hearing this was completely different from that of her son who was a straight man. On the contrary, she was very happy with the changes in her daughter, “I haven’t seen Wanwan’s appearance after losing weight, she must be very good-looking.”

“Mom, although my sister looks better than before, she’s still not as good-looking as you.” Mi Shao boasted sweetly.

“It’s all your fault!” Unexpectedly, after hearing this, Mama Mi gave her husband a hard look.

“What… what’s wrong with me?” Papa Mi was very puzzled, how could he have offended his wife again.

“Wanwan was so fat when she was a child because she inherited your genes. If she doesn’t look good now, it’s still your fault.” Mama Mi said.

“…” Papa Mi smiled wryly, and this was the reason again. Because of her daughter Mi Wan’s body that tended to get fat, her wife had blamed him for her daughter since she was five years old, and always scolded him when she thought about it.

“Mom and Dad, you have been flying for more than ten hours, go back to the house and take a nap first.” Mi Yan suggested.

“No, no, I bought a lot of gifts for Wanwan, I need to tidy them up and give them all to her when she comes over.” Mama Mi said, and quickly followed the luggage-carrying servant into the room, deciding to take the gifts out with her own hands.

Papa Mi glanced back at the eldest son, and asked, “Wanwan won’t hurt your mother again, right.”

Mi Yan was startled, and then slowly said: “Wanwan has changed a lot, you can see for yourself when the time comes.”

Papa Mi didn’t say anything, just nodded, turned around and caught up with his wife.

Fifty minutes later, Mi Wan, who was casually wearing a coat, was dragged by the driver Xiao Zhang to Mi’s old house.

“Miss, we’re here.”

“Ah, so soon?” Mi Wan rubbed her eyes, wondering if Butler Ye urged her to get up too fast, she always felt that she didn’t wash her face clean, her eyes were itchy all the time, she now seriously suspected that she had gum in her eyes, “Xiao Zhang, do I have gum in my eyes?”

“…” Xiao Zhang, a driver with high EQ, paused for a moment, and said very sincerely, “Miss’s eyes are very beautiful.”

Mi Wan immediately felt relieved, and then she smiled: “Okay, then I’ll go in.”

“Wait a minute.” The driver Zhang with high EQ found a wet wipe from the box and handed it to Mi Wan and said, “Miss, wipe your face. Be more energetic.”

Mi Wan also felt that she was not very sober on the journey, so she took the wet tissue, wiped her face carelessly, and then got out of the car with a gift.

When Mi Wan got out of the car, the driver Xiao Zhang breathed a sigh of relief: it could be regarded as a tactful way to tell the lady to wipe off her eye gum.

Holding a potted plant in her left hand, a scroll of calligraphy under her arm, and a basket of eggs in her right hand, Mi Wan looked like a young rural daughter-in-law returning for New Year’s greetings with eggs. But she hadn’t taken two steps, before a servant immediately came up to greet her, eager to pick up the things in Mi Wan’s arms: “Miss, let me get it.”

“No, I’ll carry it myself.”

This was Papa Mi and Mama Mi’s gift, she should take it in by herself.

“Then…Miss, give me the eggs. I’ll send them to the kitchen for the chef to make a lunchtime snack.” The servant said again.

Mi Wan glanced down at the basket of eggs tied with various beautiful bowknots by Mrs. Zhang, and solemnly reminded: “These eggs should not be eaten indiscriminately.”

“Uh…” The servant was a little confused, Why can’t you eat eggs indiscriminately? Is that some other object that looks like an egg?

After the servant became so dazed, Mi Wan had already walked in front of him, and entered the living room in a few steps. In the living room, Mi Yan, the eldest brother of the Mi family, was still reading the documents, as if there was never a day in a year when he did not read the documents. On the other end, Younger Brother Mi was much more down-to-earth, chatting with his friends on his mobile phone.

As soon as Mi Wan’s figure appeared in the living room, Mi Yan felt it. He looked up and saw Mi Wan carrying a large bag, and raised his eyebrows in surprise: Did she bring a gift back? Still have a little brains.

“Sister, you’re back?” Mi Shao shouted in surprise when he saw Mi Wan, “I’m going to ask my parents to come down.” After speaking, he ran upstairs.

Mi Wan didn’t care, she carried her things to the coffee table in the middle of the living room, put the things in her arms on the coffee table, and then poured herself a cup of tea, and took a sip. In the morning, Butler Ye urged her so urgently that she hadn’t drunk any water since last night.

On the other side, Mi Yan was silently looking at the things Mi Wan brought back: a scroll of calligraphy painting, which should be for his father, a pot of orchids, which must belong to his mother, and…a basket of eggs? What was she doing with the eggs? Could it be that Mi Wan raised chickens in the old house, and were these eggs laid by her own chickens?

Mi Yan was guessing, when suddenly there was a sound of hurried footsteps at the stairway. Mi Wan looked over curiously and saw a middle-aged beautiful woman wearing a green silk scarf at first glance. The middle-aged beautiful woman had a pair of red phoenix eyes exactly like Mi Yan’s big brother Mi Yan, but the look in her eyes was softer than Mi Yan’s. The moment her eyes touched Mi Wan, she immediately burst out with joy.

“Wanwan, are you Wanwan?” Compared to the Mi brothers who didn’t recognize the thin Mi Wan at first sight, it was also the first time she saw her daughter after she lost weight, but Mother Mi recognized her at a glance, as if in her impression, this was what her daughter should look like after losing weight.

“Mom.” Mi Wan couldn’t help shouting until Mama Mi ran to her. At the same time, a feeling of guilt suddenly emerged from the bottom of my heart.

“Why did you make me so fat, I don’t want to go to parties with you, they will just laugh at me.” This was the original owner’s memory of her mother.

Mama Mi was a well-known beauty in Cannes when she was young. She was born into a scholarly family, with a noble and elegant temperament. Later, she married Papa Mi, because Papa Mi was not outstanding and had a fat appearance, so people secretly said that it was a flower stuck in cow dung. Mother Mi didn’t care about these things until Mi Wan’s birth. Because compared to the cleverness and elegance of the elder son Mi Yan, Mi Wan perfectly inherited Papa Mi’s genetic defects.


But with her mother’s eyes, how could she think her child was ugly? Mother Mi still liked her daughter very much, and always took her out to various parties in a beautiful dress. But the child’s psychology was sensitive. After being despised and ridiculed again and again, the little girl’s fragile heart was shattered.

“Look at her, she’s still wearing a XX brand flower dress, doesn’t she look like a sow that fell into the flowers?”

“Why is her name Mi Wan? It should be called Rice Bowl, she just knows how to eat.”

“Your mother is so beautiful, why are you so ugly? You don’t look like your mother at all.”

“Wanwan, don’t cry, when you grow up, you will become very beautiful.” Every time she saw her daughter sad, Mama Mi would gently coax her. But this lie that was said to coax her was ruthlessly exposed in the face of the fact that Mi Wan grew bigger and fatter.

“Why did you give birth to me, why did you give birth to me when I look so ugly.” Being bullied outside, Mi Wan was cowardly and could only come back and complain about her gentle mother. They obviously had the same parents, why were both her older brother and the younger brother so good-looking, but she was the only one who was so fat.

Faced with her daughter’s accusation, Mama Mi was so sad that she didn’t know what to do. All this fell into the eyes of Papa Mi who loved his wife like his life, and he finally got angry: “You are fat because you inherited my genes. If you have any dissatisfaction, come to me and don’t talk to your mother like that again.”

At that time, the original owner was full of resentment, and she felt that every time she complained, Mama Mi’s felt guilty, and since she felt guilty, it must be her fault, so she couldn’t figure it out and didn’t want to think about it. So much so that the relationship with the family went farther and farther, and finally reached the worst point after the news of the original owner’s drug use broke out and Mama Mi was depressed.

Mother Mi looked at the completely different daughter in front of her, her eyes gradually turned red, and her voice was full of distress: “Why have you lost so much weight? How long have you lost so much?”

At this time, Mi Wan’s weight was about half of what it used to be, in a few months, how hard it must be for a person to lose half of her body weight.

Seeing Mama Mi crying, Mi Wan panicked. When she was in Xuanwu Mountain, she was the only girl in Xuanwu Mountain. She was the only one who cried for others to see, and there was no chance for others to cry in front of her. At this moment, Mi Wan didn’t know what to do with the loving woman who was about to cry, so she could only look to Mi Yan for help.

Mi Yan picked up the file calmly, pretending not to see it.

Bastard, so dishonest. Mi Wan cursed secretly, turned her head to the other side, and looked at little brother Mi.

Little brother Mi looked at the scene in front of him with a smile, and he couldn’t even see the cry for help in his sister’s eyes.

Bastard, blind guy. Mi Wan glanced around, and then saw a middle-aged fat uncle, Papa Mi, the original owner’s father.

Papa Mi’s expression at this time was not much better than his wife’s. He already knew about his daughter’s successful weight loss through the phone. Originally, he thought that she had just lost some weight and looked thinner, and he didn’t want to know more, however it turned out to be what she was now.

She must have been tormented by drugs to become a skeleton, so she was reduced to this. Even though he had always disliked this daughter, he couldn’t help feeling distressed at this moment.

Seeing that Papa Mi’s expression was not much better than Mama Mi’s, Mi Wan had no choice but to help herself: “Then I prepared a gift for you.”

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