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“Gift? Wanwan also prepared a gift for us?” Mama Mi said with tears on her face and smiled.

“Yeah.” Mi Wan hurriedly picked up the potted plant on the table and handed it over, “The orchid I found for you, it will bloom in a few days.”

Whatever Wanwan gave her, as long as it was given by her daughter, even if it was a wild flower picked by the roadside, she would gladly accept it. Reaching out to take it, Mama Mi made up her mind that no matter what kind of orchid she saw for a while, she would give it a big compliment, but when her eyes swept over, she froze… Everyone saw Mama Mi suddenly freeze, everyone looked over in doubt, not understanding what happened.

“This is… what kind of orchid is this?” Mama Mi’s hand holding the orchid trembled slightly.

How could Mi Wan recognize it? She also forgot to ask Fan Chen, so she took out her phone and said, “Let me ask.”

Mi Wan: Fan Chen, what is the name of the orchid you gave me?

Fan Chen’s reply came back quickly: Tian Yihe.

Wasn’t it an orchid? Why did it sound like the name of a lotus flower. Mi Wan was puzzled, but still told Mama Mi the name of the orchid: “This orchid is called Tian Yihe.”

“Tian Yihe?!” The three Papa Mi, father and son exclaimed at the same time.

“Sure enough, it is Tian Yihe, and it is such a beautiful Tian Yihe and is about to bloom.” Mama Mi said excitedly, “I have raised flowers for so many years, but I have never raised a Tian Yihe.”

Was this flower very famous?? Mi Wan blinked in confusion, and didn’t care, as long as the other party liked it.

“Wanwan, where did this flower come from?” Mama Mi asked quickly.

“I exchanged it with my friends.” Mi Wan replied.

“For exchange? Why is your friend willing to exchange such precious flowers for you?” Mama Mi couldn’t believe it.

“He has a lot of pots in his yard, so I just ordered a pot.” Wasn’t it just an orchid, the spiritual consciousness had not yet bloomed, and it was not even an orchid demon.

“Every…the whole yard?” Mama Mi’s excited voice was unsteady, “Are they all orchids?”

“There are all kinds of plants, right? He is a member of the Wanwu Group, and he usually likes to grow this kind of flowers and plants.”

“The gardener of Wanwu Park?!” Mama Mi’s eyes glowed with admiration. It turned out that her daughter’s friend was the gardener of the Wanwu Park, then it was no wonder. That was the Wanwu Park, and the gardeners of the Wanwu Park were like gods to those who loved to grow flowers and plants. Because they could grow any living plants on any land, and they could grow any plants alive.

“Are these flowers expensive?” Mi Wan couldn’t help asking.

“Tian Yihe is very rare in the orchid world. A single plant can be sold for 10 million yuan, and there is no market for it.” Mi Yan replied. Although he didn’t like orchids, he still knew some common sense that should be known.

Ten million yuan for an orchid? No wonder Fan Chen was so rich. Mi Wan couldn’t help but whisper secretly, I thought that I had collected enough money with the demon’s medical treatment, but it was far from Fan Chen in comparison. If I earn one million, I have to work hard to get rid of the demon poison. But when someone else earns ten million, they just flick the demon power with their fingers.

“Wanwan, what did you exchange with him? It’s too expensive. It’s not a relative or an acquaintance. You can’t let him suffer. I’ll transfer 10 million to you later, and you hurry up and give the money to him.” Mama Mi only said to give money, but didn’t say to return the orchid, which showed that she really likes this orchid.

“I’ll go back and ask him.” Mi Wan said perfunctorily.

“Okay, remember to ask.” Mama Mi squatted aside holding the orchid, admiring it carefully.

At this time, Papa Mi took a few steps forward. He glanced at the unexpanded calligraphy painting on the coffee table, coughed lightly, and showed an expression of determination: This must be for me. She gave my wife orchids worth tens of millions, and it must certainly not be much different when giving me calligraphy and paintings, even though she spent my own money.

Mi Wan was still a student, and Papa Mi never expected her to be rich, so he concluded that the money for buying gifts must have been given to Mi Wan by the eldest son.

Papa Mi didn’t cry, he was a big fat man with a long back and a burly waist. So, Mi Wan’s delivery was much more casual. She picked up the calligraphy and paintings on the table and handed them over casually: “For you.”

Papa Mi tried hard to control himself faintly. The corner of his mouth was about to rise up and he unfolded the calligraphy pretending to be calm, revealing the first character inside.

Hey, it turned out to be calligraphy.

Papa Mi was overjoyed and couldn’t help but quicken the movements of his hands. He unfolded the calligraphy all at once and let his two sons pull them from left to right, and then stared at the words above to study for a long time: There was also a faint scent of ink, which looked like it was written not long ago, not an antique. Could it be that Mi Wan asked some master to write it for him?

Papa Mi turned his head to look at the inscription of the calligraphy and painting, and saw a red seal on the inscription, with two words printed on it: Mi Wan.

Seeing that Papa Mi looked so carefully, Mi Wan thought he couldn’t recognize the calligraphy on it, and kindly explained: “I wrote this yesterday afternoon, because I was too anxious, so I didn’t frame it, and the words on it said good health.”

“You…you wrote it yesterday?” Papa Mi’s mouth twitched.

“Yeah, Uncle Ye said you like calligraphy and painting, so I wrote you a copy.” Mi Wan pondered for a while and asked, “You don’t like it?”

When he got up, his heart was crying silently: What you gave to my wife was the best orchid that is priceless, but to me it was just a calligraphy and painting that you scribbled at random. Why is there such a big gap. (Mi Wan: I also picked up those flowers from the next door, so don’t cry.)

At this time, little brother Mi also became excited. Since Mi Wan started giving gifts, he had been staring at the basket of eggs on the coffee table. The eggs must be given to me. There were ten eggs in total.

“Sister, are the eggs for me?” Brother Mi couldn’t help asking.

Mi Wan glanced at Little Mi and saw that the boy’s excited eyes had lit up. It would be a pity if his anticipation failed. She thought that these were all for Mi’s family anyway, so she took out two from the basket and handed it over: “Here are two.”

Although two were a little less, but Younger Brother Mi was already very happy with them, so he happily took it, and cherished it in his hand, he could finally eat these eggs.

Mi Wan handed the remaining eggs together with the basket to Younger Brother Mi and said: “These eggs are for our parents’ health. You tell the kitchen that each person can only eat one a week. If you eat too much, it will be useless.”

“Yeah.” Little Brother Mi nodded hastily, “I won’t let them waste it.” These were ginseng eggs.

After the gift was delivered, Mi Wan felt a little thirsty again. She poured herself another glass of water, and when she picked up the glass, her eyes suddenly met the eyes of the eldest brother of the Mi family, Mi Yan, who seemed to have something to say in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Mi Wan asked suspiciously.

“Hmph!” Mi Yan’s face darkened, he snorted coldly, and turned his head away.

Sick! Mi Wan thought secretly.

When Mother Mi recovered from the temptation of the orchid, she took Mi Wan to her room again, and introduced to her daughter all the gifts she brought back from abroad. Mi Wan made a preliminary estimate, and when she went out in a while, she would definitely need two people to help her carry it together before taking it away.

After lunch, Mi’s parents, who had been on a long-distance flight all night, finally went to go sleep. Mi Wan took advantage of the time when they went back to their room to sleep and prepared to leave.

“Where are you going?” Mi Yan, who was cold the whole time and hadn’t spoken to Mi Wan, suddenly called to Mi Wan who was about to leave.

“Going back to the old house.” Mi Wan replied.

“You don’t plan to come back to live?” Mi Yan frowned. He thought that Mi Wan would move back voluntarily when she came back today. He even had her room cleaned up.

“…” Mi Wan was startled, and then understood the meaning of Mi Yan’s words. He wanted to let her go back to live in the Mi family’s main residence. After thinking about it, she said, “I won’t come back to live.”


“Just I’m not used to it.” Mi Wan smiled, not wanting to explain too clearly.

“This is your home.” Mi Yan reminded loudly.

“I know, but I want to live by myself, and I will come back to visit you when I have time.” Mi Wan thought of the weak and crying mother Mi, and said, “Please find a reason to explain to Mom, I don’t want her to feel sad. Let’s go!”

Waving her hand, and when all the gifts were put into the car, Mi Wan left without hesitation.

“Brother, sister, is she still unable to let go of the past.” Looking at the car that Mi Wan left in, Mi Shao asked in a murmur, “Did we not care too much about her before?”

Mi Yan’s eyes trembled, he felt sore for a while, was there still a gap after all?

Because of Mama Mi’s over-enthusiasm, Mi Wan only had time to look at her phone a few times until now, and then she found that there was an unread message from a few hours ago, which was sent by Fan Chen about the orchids he prepared.

Fan Chen: Does your mother like it?

Mi Wan replied: She liked it, and said to transfer the money to you, so I can’t let you suffer.

Fan Chen: No need.

Mi Wan: She said she couldn’t accept such an expensive gift because we were not relatives or acquaintances, so she insisted on giving money.

Not relatives or acquaintances? Fan Chen’s fingers froze, and it took him a while to continue typing: I gave it to you.

Mi Wan: Then I won’t be polite to you.

Fan Chen: Yes.

Fan Chen was a little happy and added a smiling expression to the back.

Mi Wan: Mi Yan asked me to go home, Mi Yan is my elder brother.

Fan Chen frowned: Then are you going back?

Mi Wan: I refused.

Fan Chen: Why?

Mi Wan: I am not the original owner.

Fan Chen: Then…

Mi Wan: The original owner had always longed for the warmth of the family, but she didn’t know how to get it, and had been using the wrong method. But no matter what, after all, she was the real daughter of the Mi family, and I don’t want to accept this instead of her.

Fan Chen: You think it’s unfair to her.

Mi Wan: Yes. When Mama Mi smiled at me, my heart was empty.

Fan Chen: Mi Wan, as I said, there is no other remnant soul on your body. The original girl had already been reincarnated.

Mi Wan: I know, but I have her memory.

Fan Chen: You humans have a saying that life is only for a hundred years, just be happy and do what you want.

Mi Wan understood the meaning of Fan Chen’s words and replied with a smile: I want the pet shop to make money, and I am the happiest when I make money.

After that, Fan Chen didn’t reply to the message again, and the car arrived at the pet shop soon. Xu Zhuang had already returned home from vacation, and there was only a sparrow spirit in the shop.    

“Boss, you are here. The little cat demon reserved by the cat tribe is already in the yard.” Sparrow Jing reported, “It’s just a small problem that the tail cannot be transformed.”

She went through the front hall to the backyard.

After stepping into the backyard, she subconsciously took a step back, thinking that she was in the wrong place. She saw that the tall trees that had only dead branches were now full of new shoots. The withered and yellow weeds had turned green, and there were unknown wild flowers in the middle. Among the dead potted plants in the corner, each potted plant grew vigorously with green leaves. Even the vine swing, which had been separated from the earth, also bloomed with small purple flowers.

A yellow and white kitten was squatting leisurely on the swing, licking its fur comfortably.

“What did you do to my yard?” Mi Wan took out her cell phone and called Fan Chen.

“Just let spring… come a few days earlier.” Fan Chen replied.

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