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Ye He got into their flying car, and the group took off and turned to the fox clan territory.

The eldest prince of the fox clan already knew about the matter of him visiting his fourth brother, and he had to let him know when they set off, since he would arrange for someone to greet them.

After more than half an hour, the flying car entered the fox clan territory, and after another two hours, they met with the fox clan messengers who came to greet them and flew to the fox clan palace together.

Along the way, Jing Yan held Qiao Xi in his arms.

It was also the first time that Qiao Xi was full of thoughts in this state, and secretly sniffed Jing Yan’s breath, feeling that it smelled as good as always, and he liked it.

Jing Yi and Chris were arguing, Jing Yan and Ye He kept their secrets, and said a few words, while Qiao Xi glanced at Jing Yan’s well-articulated hand for a while and rubbed quietly on Jing Yan’s arm for a while, he was also very busy.

But when the flying car lowered its height and was ready to land, the atmosphere in the car became different!

A little black wolf, a little leopard, and a little chicken were all lying by the window: “Wow!”

Jing Yan and Ye He: “…”

Blue veins appeared on their foreheads.

Before they could say anything, the little leopard and the little chicken were caught back.

Chris: “What are you doing, let me go, I still need to–ah…”

Ye He: “Whether you want to be petted or see, choose one of the two.”

The little leopard turned his feet up, his snow-white claws hugged the man’s hand, as he was petted nicely.

Ye He leaned into his ear and said softly, “You’d better keep this choice firmly in your mind.”

Jing Yan hugged the little chicken tightly and said sourly, “Are they that good-looking? Very ordinary, not as good-looking as me!”

Qiao Xi said with a warm face: “…Well, this is true.”

Jing Yan’s eyes lit up, and he immediately puffed out his chest: “Yeah!”

Jing Yi turned his head and saw the two couples: “…”

What the hell, why did it seem like he had become the redundant one???

The speeding car landed at the Fox Clan’s palace, and when the few people came down, the fox clan’s eldest prince, Xing Luo, was already standing there with his attendants.

Xing Luo was dressed in the classical robe of the fox clan, his long black hair was tied up casually behind his back, his dark red eyes filled with a gentle smile, and he looked picturesque.

The robe on his body was crimson, but it did not show any femininity, and since it was worn on his perfect body with wide shoulders and narrow waist, it made him look extremely handsome.

Even standing under sky full of fireworks, he was still the gentlest and brightest candlelight.

Ah, this was the legendary “male fox”.

Qiao Xi thought secretly.

Just looking at him made him feel like he was being stunned!

“You’re finally here,” Xing Luo came over and nodded to Jing Yan and the others with a chuckle, then his eyes fell on Qiao Xi, he reached out to touch Qiao Xi’s head, and said with a smile, “Xiao Xi?”

“You, you Good!” Qiao Xi looked up at the big beauty, he and Xing Luo had only talked over the phone, it was the first time they were meeting! Xing Luo himself was as gentle as his voice!

Jing Yan looked at Xing Luo and felt relieved.

Although he looked really… demon-like, but at least he didn’t wink like the fox clan people that passed by them a few days ago, he seemed to be quite stable.

He had always heard that the fox clan was unrestrained and enthusiastic by nature, and few people could escape their pursuit. Fortunately, this was not all—

“Don’t be so polite, just call me by my name,” Xing Luo said softly, and suddenly pointed his finger at him. Then he scratched Qiao Xi’s chin twice, and smiled softly, “You’re as cute as your brother said.”

After saying this, warm fingers touched Qiao Xi’s mouth.

– “Not all that” shit!!!

Jing Yan’s eyes narrowed, and he quickly twisted, making the little chick and the sinful finger stagger!

Xing Luo glanced at Jing Yan in surprise, and Qiao Xi also raised his head blankly.

Jing Yan bit his head and said: “…It’s too late, let Qiao Xi see his brother before dinner!”

Xing Luo’s eyes turned, then realizing something, the corner of his mouth curled slightly: “Ah, my fault, my fault.”

He retracted his hand and said with a smile, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the treatment room.”

Along the way, Qiao Xi glanced at Xing Luo from time to time.

Xing Luo really looked so beautiful, he looked like a fairy when bathed in the sun.

But Jing Yan was the same, he also looked like a fairy.

The two were really comparable, but fortunately their styles were different.

And he… seemed to really only like Jing Yan!

Through constant comparison and analysis, Qiao Xi came to the conclusion that he really liked Jing Yan, rather than just being bewitched by Jing Yan’s beauty!

Jing Yan found that Qiao Xi’s attention had been being attracted by the man in front of him, and his heart was sour and full of a sense of crisis.

He couldn’t help but whisper: “Qiao Xi…why are you always staring at Xing Luo?”

Qiao Xi immediately retracted his eyes and said embarrassingly: “No, I just think he… looks good, and subconsciously …”

Jing Yan: “…!!!”

What was “subconsciously”!

The chick was seduced! The little chick was really tempted!

Jing Yan pursed his lips and tightened his hands slightly.

As they walked, they passed a fountain.

The spring water was still gushing, and several young people dressed in distinctive clothes were playing in the water.

Qiao Xi took a closer look and felt a little familiar – Hey, weren’t these the clothes Jing Yan painted in the painting! Pure white, simple, just like the clothes worn by the characters in mythology!

One of the teenagers still had half-length hair, which really made him look like the person in the painting!

He immediately raised his head to look at Jing Yan and saw that the man’s eyes were indeed attracted to him.

Jing Yan inadvertently glanced at the young man beside the fountain and was also shocked. At first glance, the figure from the back and the human figure of Qiao Xi were really similar, and the hair was also brown, but after all, it was not Qiao Xiaoxi, he only liked Qiao Xiaoxi!

… Jing Yan stared at that person for more than two seconds!

Qiao Xi was jealous.

“The person over there is a bit like the person in your painting…” Qiao Xi said sourly.

Jing Yan felt guilty when he heard this, and he looked away with a light cough: “Well…it’s a little bit.”

Fortunately, Qiao Xiaoxi had not found out that the person in the painting was him!

Thinking about it now, what he did back then was too stupid…

But the voice fell, and both of them subtly fell silent.

Jing Yan: …Tsk, what should I do if Qiao Xiaoxi was seduced!

Qiao Xi: … Jing Yan wouldn’t want to hook up with that boy by the fountain!

Immediately, the aura around the two of them became heavy.

Two meters behind them.

Ye He: “Huh.”

Chris: “What are you laughing at?”

Ye He: “It’s nothing, I just want to praise you, it’s pretty good.”

Chris: “…”

They were one meter away.

The little black wolf walked with a group of guards resentfully.

Otherwise, he should also hook up with a fox lady and go home!

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