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Jing Yan’s silent questioning gaze doubled the pressure on Qiao Xi.

He… He felt that he might really be full of shyness, so the slightest contact with Jing Yan seemed to stimulate him.

Maybe, maybe it was better not to be so shy…

Qiao Xi saw that some other people had already walked down after washing up, and whispered to Jing Yan: “Sit down and eat, wait… I’ll let you hug later.”


When Jing Yan heard this, his face softened a little, and he found a place to sit like a little daughter-in-law aggrievedly.

Qiao Xi: Confused.jpg

Lin Chu sat next to Jing Yan, looked at the two of them, and said with a smile, “It’s alright, Qiao Xi is just embarrassed, you can just ask later.”

Jing Yan complained in his mind, and while being distracted, he replied, “…how long!”

Lin Chu thought about it, and said, “Before leaving in the afternoon? In other words—”

He tilted his head to look at Jing Yan, and asked in a low voice with a smile, “You are very serious. Do you like Qiao Xi?”

Jing Yan blushed and nodded.

Lin Chu: “Then…”

Jing Yan peeked at him.

Lin Chu paused and said, “It’s nothing.”

Forget questions like, “What kind of liking do you have about Qiao Xi?”, so I won’t ask more.

At the dinner party that day, he felt the ambiguous atmosphere between the two people went both ways. After getting along for a short time, he also felt that his judgment was correct, and Black Bear Princess and the others also seemed to have realized it.

But no one said much, there must be a reason.

After all, no one knew how far they were in their hearts and whether their feelings would change. Just like Lin Chu’s understanding of Qiao Xi, Qiao Xi should have just realized that his relationship was not platonic and must need time to adapt and settle, although he had encouraged Qiao Xi to face his feelings bravely, but at this time, as an outsider, he was afraid that it had not been appropriate or necessary.

And he didn’t know Jing Yan that well, so he couldn’t make a judgment.

Therefore, it was better not to intervene in other people’s love and let them follow their own pace. There was no need to worry now.

If they really liked each other enough, these two lovely guys would definitely be able to come together by themselves.

Of course, other than that, it would be interesting to guess which of the two of them would be tempted to confess first, haha.

The entertainment time always passed very quickly, and the princes and princesses present were not really idle enough to play for a few days and nights, so it was almost time to leave after the gathering.

As the only ordinary people in this group, Lin Chu and Ji Yang were quite popular and exchanged contact information with several people.

Jing Yan asked someone to send them back, and the two of them declined, but Jing Yan attached great importance to all of Qiao Xi’s friends, and solemnly told the guards to bring them to the door.

Seeing that Jing Yan had said so, the two of them stopped talking. After thanking him, they smiled at Qiao Xi: “Come on.”

Qiao Xi was a little shy.

“If you have anything you don’t understand, you can ask us,” Ji Yang, who had already figured out the matter, bent down and whispered to Qiao Xi, “After thinking about it, just do it according to your own ideas, and Lin Chu and I will support all your decisions!”

Qiao Xi nodded quickly.

“When you come back to the Bird Clan, contact us?” Lin Chu waved to Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi also waved his wings: “Okay!”

When the two left, Qiao Xi heard the faint voice of the man behind him: “Can I hug now?”

Qiao Xi was startled, and when he turned back, he saw the man hugging his knees, squatting on the ground and staring at him eagerly.

This scene was so childish and cute.    

Qiao Xi couldn’t help laughing, and said awkwardly: “…Why do you always want to hold me?”

Jing Yan’s eyes wandered from side to side: “How tiring it is to walk.”

Jing Yan was silent for a moment, then gave up on himself: “I just like to hold you!”    


Qiao Xi blinked and wagged his tail.    

No matter what followed, those two words alone made people happy.    

“Is it because of the morning shirt scene, are you embarrassed?” Jing Yan said depressedly, “It really doesn’t matter, I don’t mind! As for that touch—”    

“—Cough, it’s alright, I’ve already… It’s already done!” Qiao Xi quickly interrupted!    

He wouldn’t tell Jing Yan that he was shy not just because of the shirt… but also the touching thing.    

“Can I hug you then?” Jing Yan asked cautiously.    

“…Well!” Qiao Xi took a deep breath and responded.    

Jing Yan stretched out his hand and finally took his beloved chick into his arms, so satisfied that he almost wanted to sigh.    

And once Qiao Xi was nestled in Jing Yan’s arms, his heart seemed to be soaked in sugar water.    

Because this place was close to the fox clan, Qiao Xi had discussed with Jing Yan before coming here, and planned to drop by to see his fourth brother.    

Of course, Jing Yan won’t let Qiao Xi go alone, and it was even more impossible for Chris and Jing Yi to miss the opportunity to travel together with them.

When Ye He came out with the little leopard in his arms, he already had a thick nasal voice: “You are going to the fox clan now?”

“Yeah, do you want to go together?” Jing Yan had a chick in his arms and was finally in the mood to tease. He smiled evilly as he said, “I think your nose is still not good, do you want to get the doctors of the fox clan to take a good look?”

Unexpectedly, Ye He smiled and replied: “Well, you are right, I plan to go with you.”

Chris was stunned for a moment, then turned his head and asked, “You want to go to the fox clan with us?”

Ye He: “My nose has turned out like this, don’t I need to go? Ahh!”

Chris: “… “

He couldn’t refute, the fox clan’s medical skills were very developed, it seemed that there was nothing but to go there?

Chris: “Otherwise, I’d better shave my hair.”

Ye He: “No.”

Chris: “…”

Ye He: “Go to the fox clan.”

No, he always felt that this man was still hiding why he wanted to go to the fox clan and he had another purpose!

——Is it for the “beauties of the fox clan”.

This guy could obviously take Chris away, but he still let Chris go to the fox clan with them. Could it be that he wants to adjust this sand sculpture leopard?

Jing Yan rejoiced in his heart.

Ye He suddenly raised his eyes and looked at him.

Jing Yan immediately restrained his expression.

The next second, Ye He’s gaze moved down slightly, and landed on the ignorant little chicken in Jing Yan’s arms, revealing a smile full of inquiry.

Jing Yan: “…”

Fuck, I forgot that Qiao Xiaoxi was also broken by Chris!

Fox beauty, S-class dangerous group!

Of course, it was impossible not to go, even if the entire fox clan area was an S-level dangerous area, it was still necessary to go.

Jing Yan wiped his face, and Princess Black Bear and the others also came out to say goodbye to him.

“Baby Qiao Xi, we’ll get together next time when you have time,” Princess Black Bear smiled at Qiao Xi, “Also, it’s nothing to live in Jing Yan’s side all the time, just treat it as your own home.”

Qiao Xi was startled, and then he said with a smile, “Yeah!”

“If one day you feel uncomfortable, you can come to me!” Princess Black Bear gave Jing Yan a provocative look.

“Don’t think about it, that’s impossible!” Jing Yan said vigilantly.

Several other people were excited.

“You can go to our place, too.”

“Ours, too, there are many palaces.”

“That’s it.”

Jing Yan: “I advise you not to have unrealistic fantasies!”

Qiao Xi: “Giggle giggle!”

Qiao Xi rolled his eyes and felt that it was a great feeling to know and be friends with this group of people.

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