SN Ch. 74

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Huo Yunshen kept his hands neatly and never moved, his tone and eyes were open and deep, not revealing much charm, but his body was hard and hot, and the two words he said casually could roast Yan Qing on the spot.

His injuries were so serious, and he couldn’t walk yet, still he was thinking about that!

This was not the first time he had thought about it after waking up. Since his injury had obviously improved and his mental state had recovered, he had often held her in his arms and thought about it, but he would not make her worry too much by asking for too much. Whenever it was unbearable, he would hold her still and close his eyes to calm down.

Seeing that he was going home today, he couldn’t hold back anymore.

Yan Qing’s ears were bloodshot, and she put her hands in his pockets and pressed him gently, and said in a low voice, “Be honest.”

Huo Yunshen didn’t hold a cane, and his spine went slightly numb when she touched him. He smiled hoarsely, and leaned himself on her body: “I’m not wrong, my wife still abused me, pressed too hard, I’m a patient.”

Yan Qing opened her arms to catch him, and embraced his waist blushingly.

“You still know that you are a patient…”

“I know,” he took it for granted, “so you need to comfort me, and I want to get closer to you.”

Close to negative distance, possessive and demanding.

Yan Qing obediently lay on his chest, listening to his beating heart.

She could understand.

When the accumulation of emotions was too thick and strong, one really wanted to vent and confide through physical intimacy, especially for Huo Yunshen, who was always uneasy, even if her memory had recovered for many days, he had endured too much suffering, so he was still worried about gains and losses. During the days in the hospital, he often held her tightly and refused to let go. Even if she only went out of the ward for a few minutes and came back, there was panic in his eyes.

No matter how well he concealed it, she could still feel it.

Huo Yunshen’s world was so small that it was simply her shape.

Apart from her, he had nothing, even he himself hardly existed, and all his emotions were left to her to control.

Yan Qing’s heart was soft and aching, he never loved himself, but she did.

She couldn’t wait to give him the best and tenderest things, heal his wounds bit by bit, and give him a home.

Min Jing said tentatively from outside the door: “Brother Shen, we can go.”

Yan Qing glanced down, and found that Mr. Huo’s flamboyant place had settled down very cooperatively, and she kissed him rewardingly on his chin, cleared her throat solemnly, and shook his hand: “Shen Shen, let’s go home first, I’m homesick.”

Thinking of that… She hadn’t felt it with her complete memory, but it was the home of the two of them.

It was dark when they left the hospital, and there was a lot of traffic along the way, and the night was vividly reflecting the lights.

It was the first time since Yan Qing got well that she left the ward and went to the street to revisit the Haicheng that had been split apart and merged together in her memory.

She and Huo Yunshen grew up in Haicheng, and all their young and fierce love burned here. Later, she also met him with a new identity in Haicheng and married him here.

The hospital was in the south of the Yangtze River. Going back to the Huo Zhai villa to the north of the Yangtze River, they had to pass the bridge across the river.

The wind picked up at night, whistling and blowing the car windows, very similar to the late night when they reunited.

As soon as the car drove across the bridge smoothly, Yan Qing’s heartbeat increased. When they passed the center of the bridge, where Huo Yunshen had stood and almost jumped off the railing, Yan Qing’s fingernails were unconsciously pierced into the palm of her hand, and her heart constricted.

She couldn’t even think about it.

Recalling the scene at that time for a while, she felt chills from fear.

The man would have been hopelessly buried in this icy river. If she was slow even by half a step, his life would have stopped in the sad desire to use death to find her, drifting endlessly, never finding her or the way that led to her.

And she would have lived her life without knowing anything, and she wouldn’t know who she was in her whole life, and she wouldn’t have known that she was so madly loved by someone.

He had become a ray of light for her soul, and only he would still stubbornly look for her and wait for her.

It may take a long time to float to her side, but she couldn’t even hug him, she couldn’t feel him, was with other people, her laughing or arguing had nothing to do with him.

Huo Yunshen was paranoid and cruel, but only held her in his hands.

When he found that she had forgotten him, he was not reluctant to be dragged to hell by her, he was just afraid that he would only follow silently, and he was also afraid that his cold hands would freeze her.

Yan Qing turned her head and stared out the car window, not daring to turn her head to let Huo Yunshen find that she was crying.

She had been crying a lot lately.

A fiery palm suddenly caressed the back of her neck, half-forcedly turned her around, lifted her face, and wiped away the water marks from the corners of her eyes.

Yan Qing’s vision was blurred, and the man’s facial features were like a dream.

She couldn’t help hugging him tightly: “Shen Shen…”

Huo Yunshen kissed her fascinatedly: “Don’t cry, I’m alive, you came back to save me.”

“If I was a step late…”

“If you were late, then I would’ve become a ghost and would’ve haunted you,” he bit her fiercely, “I would’ve entered your dreams every night and tied you to the bed.”

Yan Qing hiccupped a little.

Well, blame her, she thought too sadly.

Her family was really going to be a ghost, there was no time limit, and she would grow old with him forever.

As the car approached the villa, Yan Qing saw patches of light flashing on the window from a long distance away. Huo Yunshen told the driver not to go to the garage, but to park directly at the main entrance of the courtyard.

Yan Qing got out of the car and looked up. Just like the night when she received her marriage certificate, the floor-to-ceiling windows were covered with flickering small lights in warm colours. This time, it was a bit too much, and the small lights formed a large round typesetting.

“Wife, welcome home.”

So silly, he still poked her heart into a sieve.

When he did it last time, she only knew how to hide awkwardly.

Now she just wanted to jump on the spot and rush upstairs to indulge in her own home.

“When did you prepare…”

“The moment I knew that I could bring you back with my own hands.”

The first thing Yan Qing did after arriving home was to take care of her handicapped husband and make him sit down, and then rub his fists: “Wait for me for three minutes.”

She rummaged through the box, found out the prenuptial agreement that was signed at the beginning, solemnly placed it in front of Huo Yunshen, and tore it in half in front of him.

“This must be destroyed, it doesn’t count.”

Huo Yunshen fixed his eyes on her: “Then I want one to count.”

Yan Qing dropped her slippers, half-kneeled on the sofa with her thin white legs, and moved to his legs under the crushed paper, holding his face softly.

“One is nothing, I’ll give you several.”

She first kissed the center of his brow, and the man’s eyelashes trembled.

“Qingqing will be your wife for the rest of her life, there is no end.”

Then she kissed his eyes, and his breath became heavier.

“I’ll say I love you ten thousand times every day.”

“Too little.” He retorted.

Yan Qing smiled, not thinking he was naive, pinching his cheek: “I will consider increasing it as appropriate.”

She kissed the tip of his nose again: “I want to be Mr. Huo’s best cute cat.”

The temperature on the man’s lips was getting hotter, roasting her.

She pointed at the kiss and said vaguely: “I will stick to you, I need you, I miss you…”

Huo Yunshen couldn’t bear it anymore and lifted her up and put her on his good left leg, pressed her over and deepened the kiss, tossing her around to his heart’s content, waiting for her to soften when she was in his arms, he sucked her earlobe in his mouth and asked: “Is the performance qualified? Can Qingqing use her discretion today… Love me ten thousand and one times, and give me a little more reward?”

Yan Qing had never been able to fight back under Mr. Huo’s offenses, and she knew the desires in his heart, but he had not recovered well enough from his injuries, so she could not indulge him casually.

She had other ways of expressing it.

As his health improved, the incident of the explosion gradually subsided, and Lin Yuan’s job as a manager was back on track.

The day before she was discharged from the hospital, Lin Yuan was still reminding her that the major music awards in the middle of each year were about to start, and other companies were eyeing her. She shouldn’t miss it. She should sort out her solo album early and release it on the market as soon as possible, so as to catch the last train to grab the awards.

She had been preparing original songs for the album. Originally, nine songs were scheduled, and the others were completed. Only the last title song was left, which was also the title song of the album and a semi-finished product.

The reason… was that she hadn’t found the missing part of her soul before.

At home, Yan Qing took care of her husband who was showing signs of weakness from a rare illness, satisfied his endless demands for kisses, cuddling and comfort, and sneaked into the studio to write songs when he was busy with work.

Before the recording of the episode of “Song of the Night” was interrupted by the explosion, Yan Qing polished every note of the song. She picked up the pen and wrote the title of the song and the title of the album stroke by stroke on the paper.

“Deep Thoughts”.

Every thought, every breath, ten years of time, deeply loved.

The studio door was quietly pushed open.

Yan Qing felt Huo Yunshen’s breath approaching, and quickly folded the paper without showing it to him.

There was a smile on Huo Yunshen’s lips: “Have you failed in your studies? There are still secrets.”

“Yes, I can’t let you know for now,” she raised the end of her eyes slightly, with soft charm, “Mr. I’ll give you a candy.”

He was still walking very slowly, step by step to her, his bony fingers stroking her chin: “What kind of candy can make me obedient, is it sweet enough?”

Yan Qing looked up at him.

The man had just finished work, his shirt collar was buttoned to the top, and his Adam’s apple was rolling up and down.

The coldness covered up a lot, showing off the calmness and abstinence of the whole body, God knows how much patience was buried in it.

It had been almost a week since he was discharged from the hospital. She was very tactful yesterday and asked the doctor on the side lines if her husband could do some less strenuous exercise, just moderate.

Yan Qing couldn’t bear it anymore, she pulled Huo Yunshen’s shirt with her white fingertips, pulled him down, brushed her lips over his rolling Adam’s apple as if unintentionally.

His back tensed.

She didn’t move away, and attacked the side of his neck and earlobe, feeling his hot breath and the suddenly tightened hands around her waist with satisfaction.

There was nothing more exciting than tearing off your husband’s pretence.

Yan Qing thought she was feeding sugar, so she could take it slowly.

Huo Yunshen was obviously dissatisfied with the speed, so he picked her up and sat in her place.

The chairs were big enough.

He carried the fluffy girl, let her knees spread apart, until they landed on both sides of his legs. Thier bodies did not fit together immediately, and there was a short distance between them.

Their body temperature was blending with each other, boiling the air.

Yan Qing’s snow-coloured skin turned red, and the shoulder straps of the home sling slipped off.

Her knees couldn’t hold up a little, and she sat down slowly.

Huo Yunshen grabbed her hand and put it on the metal buckle around his waist, his voice was hoarse: “Qingqing, I want to eat the candy you gave me.”

Yan Qing felt that she was too naive.

Less strenuous exercise?

That was probably the biggest understatement about Mr. Huo himself.

In every secret corner of her body, the same deep-rooted joy three years ago and three years later merged into one, completely burning her calm and reserve.

The next day, Yan Qing was going to set off to record the show. “Song of the Night” had been postponed for a week, and there could be no further delay. She was going to finish filming the second half of the corresponding performance in the resort.

Huo Yunshen’s walking was inconvenient, and most of the time he needed crutches or support. Yan Qing was worried about his health and asked him to stay at home. The recording studio for the competition was in Haicheng, and it was only an hour’s drive from home, so she could return on the same day.

Mr. Huo nodded innocently: “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

As soon as Yan Qing left, he got into the car and followed her to the recording site.

My wife won’t let me go, so I will go secretly.

He promised to wait for her, but didn’t say where to wait.

Anyway, nothing could stop President Huo’s determination to follow his wife.

Min Jing chattered in the car for a long time, and insisted on reporting the current funny situation clearly with a serious face: “Brother Shen, it’s basically like this. I have been persistently surfing the Internet for a long time, everyone is thinking that Huo Corporation is going to go bankrupt and you are going to leave the board of directors. There are rumours that you are disfigured and physically disabled, and are waiting for your wife to divorce you.”

After saying these terrible words, the air conditioner in the back row turned on the highest-grade cooling, which could freeze people to death.

Assistant Min covered his head: “Brother, I’m just an emotionless reading machine! I didn’t say it!”

Huo Yunshen said coldly: “Clarify what should be clarified, I’ll do the rest.”

Qingqing resumed work for the first time today.

She wanted to be Mrs. Huo who was full of stars, not a poor little girl who had lost her shelter, was helpless, and was ridiculed and used to see a good show.

Before Yan Qing arrived at the recording site, Lin Yuan gave her enough psychological training, worried that some blind people might talk nonsense and ask her about the rumours on the Internet, and asked her not to mind.

However, before the car came to a complete stop, a group of high-level executives and persons in charge related to the show came out to greet them, and there were five or six assistant stylists specially arranged for Yan Qing.

Lin Yuan felt something was wrong, the phone happened to vibrate repeatedly, she lowered her eyes to look.

Huo Corporation’s official blog announced three minutes ago that after entering the US market, it had reached an important cooperation with Sawyer, the top leader in the industry, and a series of other blindingly huge investments.

In the accompanying short video, there was a clip of Huo Yunshen signing a contract with the person in charge of Sawyer.

The man bowed his head slightly, handsome and cold and unstoppable.

After this article, the official blog posted a heart-warming emoji package, and added a very straightforward sentence: “Mr. Huo said, if you make money, you can buy diamonds for your wife.”

After a long time of passionate guessing Netizens who were eating melons were made dizzy from being bombarded.

What about bankruptcy and divorce?

The black and red female star who they loved to hear and see lose her backing, and once she was pushed down by the back wave, she would become the 18th line!

“No, wait! This video is from before the explosion, who knows if the Huo family took it out to whitewash the peace, maybe Mr. Huo is now abolished!”

“I’m afraid it’s not just the face, I heard that the hands and feet are… tsk…tsk…tsk…, I’m afraid there is only money left, what else can Yan Qing do with being Mrs. Huo?”

Channel into the recording site.

The order of today’s competition was determined by drawing lots, and Yan Qing would be the first to sing.

She wore the long dress selected by Huo Yunshen, which was tea-green like smoke, with pearls falling just right, her long hair was playfully coiled up, revealing her slender and beautiful porcelain white shoulders and neck.

When Yan Qing stepped onto the stage with her skirt in hand, Huo Yunshen walked with difficulty to the exit where the competition ended.

The exit was behind the stage, she couldn’t see him, but he could see her clearly.

The beams of light gathered throughout the field, only illuminating one person.

Yan Qing was in the light.

He was in the dark.

He stared at her intently, obsessively.

After Yan Qing finished singing, the judging auditorium was deafeningly boiled. Amid the comforting voice of the director, she bowed with a smile, turned and walked to the exit.

Their eyes collided amidst the chaotic applause and the light and shadow.

Yan Qing was stunned, staring blankly at the tall figure standing in the darkness, until other sounds and images disappeared.

She stepped forward involuntarily, and ran towards him. Hearing the extremely excited roar in the earphones, the director hurriedly moved the camera and the beam of light along with him.

Yan Qing walked through the long corridor and rushed to Huo Yunshen.

Broken gold was reflected in his eyes, and he said in a low voice, “Honey, I didn’t bring a cane, so I won’t embarrass you.”

Yan Qing looked at his slightly raised lips, angry and distressed, and poked his chest angrily: “Didn’t I say that you should rest at home?”

“That’s the plan, but as soon as you left, I realized that I couldn’t stand long-distance relationships.”

“Long-distance relationships? We are in Haicheng, and I can come back home in an hour…”

One after another screams filled the recording hall.

Huo Yunshen stroked her hair deeply, lowered his head and approached her, and said with a smile: “I can’t help it, if I’m not by your side, no matter how close the distance is, I still think it’s far away.”

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