IAPP Ch. 8

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Gu Anxin frowned at Ling Yue, “You were so strong when you grabbed me just now, I think it shouldn’t be a big problem for you to take a bath by yourself now.”

Ling Yue squinted at her with dark eyes, “I think I’ve already paid you the babysitting fee, this is what you should do.”

The two people’s eyes intertwined, and they refused to give in to each other. For a moment, sparks could even be seen popping out of their eyes.

“Forget it.” In fighting spirit, Gu Anxin still couldn’t beat Ling Yue after all, and could only retreat. She resignedly pushed Ling Yue to the bathroom.

When passing by the table, she casually took the sunglasses placed on it and put them on. The bathroom was chaotic, with a lonely man and a woman, although every time she helped him take a bath, Gu Anxin only played an auxiliary role for Ling Yue, and did not have any substantial contact with his key parts, but she was still afraid of seeing something she shouldn’t see, or the hot and ambiguous scene before would reappear.

When Ling Yue was in the middle of taking a shower, Gu Anxin’s cell phone suddenly rang outside.

With such an excellent opportunity to escape from the bathroom, Gu Anxin seemed to hear the note of life-saving, and ran outside while saying: “I’m going to answer the phone, someone may be calling me urgently.”

Since it might be “urgent”, Ling Yue couldn’t continue to detain her, but seeing Gu Anxin running out with shame and anger, Ling Yue was in an inexplicably good mood.

“Tomorrow? Okay, I’ll go… Well, no need… No, I can go there by myself, thank you, okay, goodbye.”

Gu Anxin was answering the phone in the living room. The house was small and the sound insulation of the door was not very good, so Ling Yue could hear her words clearly.

When Ling Yue came out of the bathroom, he saw Gu Anxin packing her things in a backpack.

“Where are you going?” Ling Yue asked unintentionally.

Gu Anxin didn’t look at him, and put the towel and trekking poles into her backpack, “I forgot to tell you, our publishing house organizes painters to go hiking tomorrow, I’m leaving early, there are ingredients in the refrigerator, you can cook for yourself.”

Gu Anxin still had a normal attitude towards Ling Yue because of his rudeness before.

Ling Yue fell silent and didn’t express his opinion. He just stopped wiping his hair, “Come here and wipe my hair.”

“Tsk…” Gu Anxin glanced at him impatiently, “Wipe it yourself, I have to prepare things for tomorrow, I don’t have time.” Just because she had been taking care of him for a long time, she forgot that she had to climb the mountain tomorrow, and now she was in a hurry to pack her things.

Ling Yue looked at her, and Gu Anxin also looked at him sideways, thinking that he was going to lose his temper in the next second, according to his domineering habits, but this time, Ling Yue only raised his chin slightly, and then bowed his head to continue drying his hair.

Regarding this, Gu Anxin was stunned in surprise. It seemed that this third brother, sometimes, was not difficult to serve.

What Ling Yue thought was, let her go this time, and the fact that Gu Anxin was busy complaining in front of him also gave him a sense of stability at home, and this sense of stability, in his opinion, was very luxurious.

In the early morning of the next day, Gu Anxin tiptoed out, and she was running out of time, so she had to run after she went out.

“Gu Anxin, this way.” At this moment, someone called her.

Gu Anxin took a closer look, and it turned out to be Chen Longfei, the deputy editor-in-chief of the publishing house, “Editor Chen, why are you here?” Gu Anxin was very surprised.

Chen Longfei smiled, and scratched his neatly trimmed short hair, “Isn’t the unit organizing an event? I happened to pass by here, and I heard that you live here, so I stopped by to pick you up.”

Gu Anxin was dumbfounded. She was not a fool. Chen Longfei recently bought a house in Binjiang. Binjiang was two directions away from her home. Could he really just drop by? And then recalling that Chen Longfei had been taking good care of her recently… Gu Anxin was startled, so Chen Longfei had always been showing favour to her?

Deputy Editor-in-Chief Chen was just 30 years old this year, with an ordinary appearance and an ordinary figure. He had gotten divorced last year. It was said that his marriage lasted only one year. Gu Anxin had always regarded him as a simple leader, and had never considered that aspect.

As she was thinking, Chen Longfei had already walked towards her and stretched out his hand to wrap her shoulders, “Let’s go.”

Gu Anxin was taken aback, and quickly took a few steps back to keep a safe distance from Chen Longfei, and said with a smile, “No need, Editor-in-Chief Chen, you are quite busy too, I can go there by taking a taxi, it’s not far away.”

“Xiao Gu, I’ve come all the way, you won’t let me drive an empty car, and the time is running out.” Chen Longfei looked at her with a smile.

Gu Anxin didn’t speak.

“Get in the car, I won’t eat you.” Chen Longfei took the initiative to open the car door for Gu Anxin.

Chen Longfei was the boss, and he had already arrived at her door, so she really couldn’t refuse. Although Gu Anxin was reluctant, she was half pushed into the car.

Chen Longfei’s car quickly drove away from downstairs in the community, but what Gu Anxin didn’t know was that there was a pair of eyes upstairs staring at the driving car.

Ling Yue witnessed the whole process of Gu Anxin being brought into the car by Chen Longfei. In his opinion, that little old man was not worthy of Gu Anxin. Seeing Chen Longfei’s car disappear, Ling Yue tightened his grip on the wheelchair.

Gu Anxin hadn’t come out to exercise for a long time. Ever since she picked up Ling Yue, she had lived her life as a nanny. In fact, sometimes, Gu Anxin would feel worthless for herself, and Ling Yue didn’t seem to be a very grateful person.

“Anxin, your phone is ringing again.” Chen Longfei who was beside her reminded Gu Anxin.

“Oh, good.” Gu Anxin hurriedly stopped and took out her phone, and frowned when she saw the caller ID. This was already the eighth call from the third brother, and he really had a lot to do today.

“Gu Anxin, where is the salt?” Ling Yue asked on the other side of the phone.

“Just now you asked me where it is, it’s right next to you.” Gu Anxin felt that Ling Yue was like a mentally handicapped child today.

“Oh, when are you coming back? Where are you now?” Ling Yue asked again.

“I’m going back tonight, we’re going to have dinner together. You’ve asked me about it just now. I’m halfway up the mountain now. I’m fine. I’ll hang up. It’s very dangerous.” Gu Anxin hung up the phone without waiting for Ling Yue to speak again.

The team in front had already left her far back, and Chen Longfei was following her all the time. If she didn’t hurry up, she would face the situation of climbing the mountain alone with Chen Longfei, so Gu Anxin didn’t have the energy to continue talking with Ling Yue, so she hung up and continued climbing the mountain.

Chen Longfei smiled, and glanced at her mobile phone, “Whose call was it? Is your boyfriend checking up on you?” He asked this on purpose. He did have that kind of feelings for Gu Anxin, but it still needed to be further confirmed whether Gu Anxin was single or not.

Gu Anxin paused for a moment, and suddenly wanted to tell Chen Longfei, yes, it was her boyfriend who called just now!

But Gu Anxin was a person who had never been good at lying. Seeing that the best time to lie had passed, she could only shake her head, “No, just an ordinary friend.”

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