TBLF Ch. 83.1

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But after receiving the money, the service had to be in place.

His sister said she was going to set off fireworks, so Yu Zhuo also reluctantly had to go downstairs to set off fireworks.

Haicheng had fireworks and firecrackers controls. A person would be fined if they set off a cannon, and they can’t light those crackers that could fly up in the sky. So, the three people bought a bunch of tops, whirlwinds, and sparklers, lit them and threw them on the ground, spinning them and crackling them. There were colorful sparks, and some even sang while spinning.

The wind was rustling, and the wind was so cold that it cut like a knife. The three of them squatted on the ground and watched the crackers spinning and jumping.

Ji Rang suddenly stood up and said: “Let’s go back.”

Qi Ying: “Hmm.”

Yu Zhuo: “…”

I think you two are really sick.

When they got home, they finally got warmer. Ji Rang poured several cups of Yu’s traditional drink, Ginger Coke. Yu Zhuo looked at him like a monster, “Don’t you find it difficult to drink?”

Ji Rang: “It’s delicious.”

Yu Zhuo: “???”

This was one of the dark dishes he hated the most. How did this person’s sense of taste develop? Why is it as strange as his parents? He didn’t bother to care about him and fell back on the sofa to continue playing games.

Qi Ying accompanied Ji Rang on the sofa to watch TV. They were watching a horror variety show. Qi Ying watched them with interest. Ji Rang peeled candy from time to time to feed her. The scene was so warm that Yu Zhuo felt like an outsider who was here as a guest.

He was reluctant to see his sister being so intimate with the boss, and deliberately shouted: “Dad, what are you doing in the kitchen? Come out to watch TV, there is your favorite female celebrity.”

With garlic in his hand, Yu Cheng poked his head out of the kitchen and glanced at it. “I’ve seen this issue. Why are you lying down again, and not sitting still! Take a look at Xiao Ji and sit up!”

Yu Zhuo: “…”

So angry!

He glared at the boss aggressively, Ji Rang just turned his head, his icy gaze was intimidating, and Yu Zhuo was immediately stunned, and he went back to play his own game because of his grievances.

Then he heard his sister say: “I don’t want candy, but melon seeds, with five flavors.”

The boss’s voice was so gentle as if the person who killed him with his eyes was not him: “Okay.”

Yu Zhuo: I don’t want new year’s money anymore, now I want to expose this person’s true face in front of my dad.

Towards the evening, the sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner was finally on the table. Qi Ying asked Yu Zhuo to tell Wu Yinghua about Ji Rang’s favorites in advance, and several dishes on the table were Ji Rang’s favorite dishes.

Yu Cheng and Wu Yinghua had a hearty personality, and they didn’t make people feel uncomfortable at all. Ji Rang sat between Qi Ying and Yu Zhuo, and the family kept serving him dishes and drinks, telling him not to be polite and treat this place as his own home and to eat more.

For a few moments, it made him fall in a trance.

He hadn’t eaten New Year’s Eve dinner with anyone for many years. He has a tough temper, even when taking revenge. He punished others by punishing himself, wishing for them to die together.

After punishing himself for so many years, he even forgot what it was like to celebrate the New Year.

He thought he liked someone, but now he realized that he was also used to that person.

Wu Yinghua put the biggest piece of sweet and sour pork ribs into his bowl: “Xiao Ji, don’t freeze, eat it quickly, this one should be delicious while it’s hot. Auntie’s craftsmanship is absolutely good, you should try it soon.”

Ji Rang took his thoughts back and nodded and smiled: “Okay, thank you auntie.”

The tradition of the Yu family was to send out the New Year’s money at the New Year’s Eve dinner table. Yu Cheng took out three red envelopes from the inner pockets of his clothes, he first gave them to Qi Ying and Yu Zhuo, and then handed one to Ji Rang with a smile: “Xiao Ji, Happy New Year. In the next year, you must study hard and try to get into a good university in the coming year!”

Ji Rang was taken aback for a moment, and Yu Zhuo said next to him: “Don’t want it? Don’t give it to him.”

Yu Chen hit him: “Smelly boy, eat your meal! When you can test as good as Xiaoji, I will give you double new year’s money.”

Qi Ying was right: they were really good.

Ji Rang took the red envelope and whispered, “Thank you, uncle, I will.”

Yu Cheng smiled from ear to ear.

He was polite and gentle, and after a meal, he reached the status of a good student in the hearts of both husband and wife.

After eating, Ji Rang wanted to help clean up the dishes, but Wu Yinghua drove him back and let the three children play by themselves. It depended on them whether they wanted to go out or watch the Spring Festival Gala, they just had to pay attention to safety.

Last year, Haicheng had a New Year’s Eve fireworks show, and this year it had a countdown clock. It was a real big bronze clock, three stories high, and it had been standing on the square in the city center for some time.

Several major businesses in the city bid for the qualifications to ring the bell. When the countdown was counted, the bidders would strike the bell. They heard that there would be a whole year of good luck by ringing the bell, in the coming year.

After all, there was only one qualification to strike the bell. Of course, the more the New Year’s blessings were, the better. Later, everyone said that those who hear the first toll of the bell will have good luck in the coming year. So, many people ran to the central square to watch the clock strike, waiting for the New Year’s Eve.

Ji Rang also took Qi Ying.

Before going out, she ran back to the bedroom and changed her clothes.

She took off his coat and put on the red cloak.

When they came out, even Wu Yinghua and Yu Cheng looked dumbfounded: “Yingying, what are you wearing? Cloak? It’s pretty.”

She was very suitable for wearing red.

The skin is white, the facial features are exquisite, and the red looked especially delicate on her.

Ji Rang’s eyes sank, and he didn’t say a word. When the three of them left the house, Yu Zhuo ran to find his classmates. Standing under the dim streetlamp, Ji Rang couldn’t help but pull the little girl to him.

He rubbed her cheek with his fingers, as if it wasn’t enough, he asked her in a low voice, “What are you doing in such a beautiful dress?”

She smiled beautifully, well-behaved and soft: “Wear new clothes for the New Year.”

Ji Rang made his fingers tighten.

He wanted to kiss her.

The sound of children firing off cannons came from a distance, and the wind passed by, bringing a burst of gunpowder smoke.

He brushed the corners of her lips with his thumb and said in a low voice, “Close your eyes.”

She blinked her wet eyes, then closed obediently.

He leaned down, held his breath, and gently kissed her trembling eyelashes.

“Okay, there was something dirty, I wiped it off for you.” He stood up straight and smiled, took her hand, and hailed a taxi casually: “Let’s go to New Year’s Eve celebration.”

Qi Ying pursed her lips and smiled obediently.

The colorful lights in the central square were dazzling, as bright as daylight, and the crowds were extremely lively, and one could see the bronze bell in the middle from a distance. There were also many people who took advantage of this opportunity to make money. Food stalls and toy stalls were everywhere.

Qi Ying liked this kind of fun the most. She wanted to see everything and taste everything.

Ji Rang followed her.

As long as he watched her smile, he felt that it would be no big deal even if the sky fell.

As it was approaching twelve o’clock in the morning, the scattered crowd gradually moved closer to the bronze bell, and representatives of successful bidders were already in place.

Neither of them wanted to squeeze in the crowd, so they stood in the outer circle with peace of mind, waiting, anyway, they would hear the bell. Ji Rang asked her to stand on the round stone platform and hugged her from behind so that she could see the scene of the bell ringing clearly.

Soon, the countdown began in the crowd. Starting from ten, Qi Ying reacted and shouted with joy.

Five! Four! Three! Two! One!

The vigorous bells rang again, like water ripples, swaying in the square circle after circle, everyone shouted excitedly: “Happy New Year! “

Ji Rang put his arms around her waist, lowered his head to her ear, and muttered in a low voice: “Baby, grow up quickly.”

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