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In the sunny school infirmary, Li Hongqing had to change the gauze within a day, so he scolded him: “I asked you to get the bandage changed every other day, which means that the bandage I bandaged could definitely last for two days. But now you actually go to play ball for me?!”

Xiao Wu also slammed the sledgehammer on the ground, adding fuel to the fire: [The wound is now open, are you satisfied? Don’t blame me if this leaves a scar…]

Yan Han was sandwiched between two loudspeakers and was speechless. He made his last struggle dejectedly: “It’s all because of Teacher Li. Your medicine is so effective. After taking it, I completely forgot that I had a wound on my arm.”

“Stop flattering me here!” Li Hongqing said that he would not accept his trick, “No matter how good my medicine is, it can’t withstand your tossing like this! You are simply destroying my brand. Don’t say that I am treating you when you go out.”

Yan Han blinked in confusion: “Who would I talk to when I go out?”

“You don’t know this, right? I am also a well-known figure in the medical field.”

“Then why did you come to the school infirmary to be on duty?”

“…Get out of here!”

Yan Han laughed.

Reapplying the medicine was actually a bit painful, especially since the wound had opened again, so Yan Han forced himself to endure it.

If someone talked to him now, he might scream out.

Big brother was so nice in this regard, how could he scream?

Forced to get the dressing changed, Yan Han asked Xiao Wu about his performance just now in order to distract himself.

[Not bad. In physical education class, running will add 2 points, playing basketball will add 9 points, and the ‘physical fitness’ category will be added with 11 points. In addition, one point is added to ‘virtue’, which is a reward for having a good attitude in class.]

Yan Han: “Oh! Thank you, Fifth Brother.”

He had figured out the rules a long time ago, and the development of several other achievements would give extra points to “virtue”.

As for the “physical” points, Yan Han could only say that he did not play basketball in vain, and he should do the same in physical education classes in the future.

The premise was to let the injury heal first and not leave any scars.

Under Xiao Wu’s fierce eyes, Yan Han thought so.

After changing the medicine, Yan Han went inside to use the toilet.

At this time, the school bell had rung, lunch break had begun, and students were leaving the teaching building one after another to eat or relax.

Yan Han scrolled through his phone boredly in the toilet. The first thing he saw was Wen Juerong sending him a message, asking him if he should bring him lunch.

Thinking that he would go to the cafeteria to eat later, Yan Han politely said no, and sincerely expressed his gratitude to this warm-hearted little brother who still thought of him.

Then he swiped his finger down and found that the red envelope he sent to Lin Jianlu yesterday had not been accepted yet.

He didn’t answer or speak, as if he didn’t see his message at all.

Maybe the school tycoon and the disciplinary committee member was usually too busy to look at his phone?

His finger hovered on the screen for a moment, and he realized that the school rules stipulated that students could not use mobile phones on campus. Yan Han did not dare to send him a message to ask what was going on, so he could only put the phone away.

Then he stood up, pulled up his pants and flushed the toilet. Yan Han’s set of these movements were completed in one go.

He washed the handle, pushed the door open and muttered: “Oh, you say, Lin…”

Yan Han raised his head and his voice stopped abruptly.

He heard a voice outside, and the voice belonged to a woman, and it was not just one person…

Yan Han walked out. Except for Li Hongqing, the people outside were all female teachers, and one of them was his young Chinese teacher…

Unexpectedly, there was someone inside, so they all turned to look at him.

The Chinese teacher even recognized him: “Yan Han? What’s wrong with you?”

“This classmate is injured. So she came to the school hospital to get it bandaged. Oh, don’t talk about it. Come and see the sleep mask I have been using recently, let me tell you, it is very effective! I apply a thin layer of it after applying essence and water at night. Look at my face…”

Yan Han: “…”

Li Hongqing looked gentle only on the surface, but privately, he was still a person who could scold him with a very harsh voice. Yan Han thought that saying that this person had two faces would not be an exaggeration, but he did not expect that the person sharing the cosmetics advice would have another appearance.

God knows how shocking it was for him to see the other person wearing a white coat, pointing his finger at his face and proudly showing off his skin.

But now, did he accidentally break into some strange… girlfriends party?

“It’s fine.” The Chinese teacher came to her senses and asked Yan Han to go to the cafeteria early to eat, and then asked Li Hongqing what brand of sleeping mask he had been using.

The other teachers didn’t teach Yan Han, but they were attracted by his fair and moist skin. Anyway, they had met during the lunch break, so the teachers inevitably started joking: “I wish my face could be like hers. It’s so good!”

“Really, look at her face, it’s fair and moist, she has no acne or spots at all, she’s so young!”

Yan Han: “…”

Don’t say that.

He still had acne. Wasn’t it because of this that Xiao Wu gave him a thumbs up this morning?

It was just hidden by the eyebrows so you couldn’t see it.

Li Hongqing, who highly recommended the sleeping mask, said: “Actually, you have to start taking care of yourself when you are young. You should start using facial masks at this age. Classmate, you must not slack off just because you are young!” His tone had finally become serious and thoughtful.

Yan Han kept a sweet smile on his face and said to Li Hongqing and the teachers, “Then I’ll leave first.”

Then he walked out of the door with the corners of his mouth twitching.

As soon as he got out of the campus infirmary and was about to walk to the cafeteria, his phone in his pants started vibrating like crazy.

He took it out and saw that it was Wen Juerong who had sent him a video call request again.

Yan Han hid in the corner of the corridor and risked his life to answer the video call. He saw only half of Wen Juerong’s face on the screen.

“What’s going on?”

“Brother Yan! Are you done? Come to the school bulletin board!”

“Ah? What’s wrong?”

“You’ve been hung up! The love letter you wrote to Luo Wenlong was posted on the bulletin board!”


Yan Han: “What?”

Wait a minute…who is Luo Wenlong?!

Trying to integrate the memories of this period, Yan Han remembered that the name of the school committee member of his class seemed to be this?

So when did he write him a love letter?

[Oh, this is a story setting. The storyline took place before the arrival of you, the host. It is considered a hidden plot.] Xiao Wu said in a relaxed tone.

It didn’t realize that there was any problem at all, and it even said with difficulty in concealing its excitement:

[Congratulations to the host for triggering the [Girl’s Thoughts] side mission! Complete this task to obtain the skill [Billionaire Plan]!]

As Xiao Wu’s voice fell, the fog dissipated, and a “memory” of “Yan Han” appeared in Yan Han’s mind again.

At the same time, Wen Juerong said: “There are also photos of you, Lin Jianlu and Wei Ningxin on it! Oh my god, this is too Shura…Brother Yan, come on!”

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