TCYEC Ch. 88

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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

It had been a few days since the pilot trailer of “Pretending Overloaded” was released. After the heat subsided a bit, Guan Yahua posted another few minutes of shooting footage.

The extras were all tidbits related to the clips that appeared in the pilot trailer. Therefore, the first thing in the screen was a blower. The director and martial arts instructor were playing around with the blower. There was no Yu Siyang in the screen, but you could hear him. His complaint: “Director Jin, you bought a few blowers, but you can’t adjust the wind power.” Then there was Hong Zhehao’s complaint: “It must be from the waste collection station. I bet it did not cost more than five or ten yuan.”

The Jin Ce in the screen didn’t speak, but his brows were drooping in mourning.

Then the picture turned around. During the filming, the martial arts instructor held the blower towards Yu Siyang. After the power was turned on, a gust of wind blew past, and Yu Siyang was screaming.

After the scene was over, the scene was changed to filming. Yu Siyang took out a few thick silver needles from behind to give Hong Zhehao the needle, and then the director shouted “Pass”, and Hong Zhehao instantly regained his animation after pretending to be mentally handicapped. In the vigorous bear child mode, he took the silver needle from Yu Siyang and curiously played with it, and then he found that he had broken the thick and long silver needle with a single bend… He held the broken “silver needle” and looked dazed, when a girl ran into the screen and took the broken “silver needle” with a collapsed faced, and said: “This item is expensive, so don’t destroy it. Ah ah ah ah!”

Hong Zhehao weakly asked: “How much is this item? I will pay.”

The girl looked at Hong Zhehao angrily and said, “Ten yuan a piece.”

Hong Zhehao: “…How much?”

The girl emphasized loudly: “Ten yuan a piece.”

“…” Hong Zhehao walked out of the screen with a blank expression, returned to the screen after a while, and handed ten yuan to the girl, “Now, I will pay, I promise not to play with such expensive props next time.”

The girl quickly took the ten yuan and said generously, “If this is the case, I will forgive you.”

In the video, the girl had already walked out, leaving Hong Zhehao standing there with a blank expression.

The tidbits were over, leaving a line of big words “Please look forward to the movie “Pretending Overload”.

As soon as this tidbit came out, the enthusiasm for “Pretending Overload” rose again. Many netizens made comments on the official microblog of the film hahaha: “Em, laugh at me, Yu Siyang was blown so badly, hahahaha Hahahaha”

“The crew is really poor. They can’t afford a new blower which cost a few hundred yuan. A ten yuan prop is actually a very expensive prop. [cry]”

“I don’t want to complain, I really want to say, the prop master is a god, the ten-yuan silver needle is so realistic that I don’t know what to do, but I still can’t help but hahahahahaha.”

“Hong Zhehao distressed for a second and was critically injured by the ten yuan prop [Hug] [cry].”

After a while, Yu Siyang reposted this Weibo from the official Weibo, with a post saying: “#<Pretending Overload> Turning Behind and Laughing# Director, you are already so poor that you should hide deep and not expose all your merits and fame [Laugh].”

Hong Zhehao quickly replied to Yu Siyang’s Weibo: “#<Pretending Overload> Turning Behind and Laughing# The props worth ten dollars are really expensive//@Yu Siyang #Director of Pretending Overload #, has become so poor, he should hide his fame and merits deeply, and not expose it all [Laugh]”

The fans of the two almost laughed to death, and even passers-by who were attracted by the hot topic saw this tidbit and couldn’t help but laugh. Many people asked when the movie would be released on the official Weibo account.

“For this expensive prop, I have to watch [laugh]”

“Give me the refill of the blower, when will the movie be released? I will definitely support your…blower, hahahahahahaha.”

In a small office with only four desks, two editors were sitting side by side editing a film. Opposite them were Jin Ce and Guan Yahua. The two were accompanying the editor to cut the film together, communicating and dealing with issues such as rhythm and material arrangement at any time.

However, Jin Ce and Guan Yahua were very busy now, and they had no time to communicate with the editor for the time being. They were stuck on their computers, using countless personas, and using countless proxy IPs to fill the Internet with rhythm.

It was really sad to say that the overall budget of “Pretending Overload” was only 25 million. This budget also included publicity. In order to make the movie more sophisticated, the early-stage props and costumes cost a lot. Then there were the expenses of the crew, the remuneration of the actors, and the money allocated to the announcement was really not much.

Good steel was used on the blade, and Jin Ce had to do more with limited funds. Therefore, there was no scheduled announcement-that is, a large-scale announcement, and it helped save a little bit. In this kind of early publicity, they still could not invite a navy, and could only go into battle by themselves, with one against one hundred.

The film was approved through his mother’s side. Although the film had not been edited yet, it was already scheduled for release on the first day of the new year.

There were several blockbusters competing for the box office during the Spring Festival every year. For small-cost comedies like them, to survive in the cracks of blockbuster films, they could only find another way and use these funny tidbits without revealing the content of the film to attract fans on the Internet.

Fortunately, the appeal of Hong Zhehao and Yu Siyang was not bad. A pilot trailer and tidbits attracted a large number of fans to pay attention to the movie.

“Pretending Overload” was still popular among many netizens. Then the nomination list announced by the organizing committee of the Cloud International Film Festival set off a climax in the entertainment circle at the end of the year.

The Cloud Award announced the nominations in December and held the award ceremony in January of the following year. It represented the most authoritative awards in the film industry of China. The announcement of the nominations every year would set off a storm of blood and guts on the Internet. Fans supported their idols. At the same time, they were also criticizing other nominees for the same award.

As soon as this year’s nomination list came out, in the list of the best new actor award, Yu Siyang’s name was seen.

As soon as this list was released, the popularity of “Pretending Overload”, which had not faded on the Internet, immediately pushed Yu Siyang’s popularity up. Then, various opinions appeared on the Internet in an endless stream, both praising and devaluing him. There were people who called him hot, and there were all kinds of ghosts and monsters, and there were even some who wanted to kill him, and some were saying that he was a hot candidate for the best new actor award of this year’s Cloud Awards, and the other four candidates were not comparable to him.

Luo Peng was really busy and happy during this period of time, buying hot searches, inviting the water armies, posting drafts how to muddy the water on the Internet, and holding his own Xiaoyu up for a while, and stepping on his own Xiaoyu for a while.

Yu Siyang, who was at the center of the conversation, turned a blind eye to things outside the window and focused on making wild duck.

The two small wild ducks that Ge Rui sent last time were too meatless, each of them only got one or two bites pitifully, and they didn’t enjoy it at all.

The domesticated duck had tender meat, fat but not greasy, and had a strong game taste. He soaked it in brine for two hours to marinate the ducks. Then he put them in a bamboo net covered with glitter and inserted them with bamboo needles. He fried them in hot oil, cut them into cubes, and sprinkled some white sesame seeds over it.

The meat of the duck was fresh and tender. After being fried at high temperature, the fat was melted into the meat, making the inside more tender and rich in juiciness. In addition, the outside was fried and crispy, and the meat juice was firmly locked in, and it became crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The fragrance of the ingredients was mixed with the fragrance of the onion, and with the fragrance of sesame added, the taste was extraordinarily strong, and it left an almost endless aftertaste.

Yu Siyang liked to eat it very much. Of course, Xue Chengxiu and Mu Mu were no exception, but the last time he made wild duck with chives, there were so many friends who were called, that everyone could only eat only one or two bites in the end, and nobody had enjoyed it.

This time, Ge Rui sent the small wild duck again, and she sent it secretly, so he decided not to call people over for dinner. Therefore, the family of three in the Xue’s villa and Ge Rui, as well as Aunt Wang, Uncle Lin, and bodyguards all ate a hearty meal. It was enjoyable, each one was satisfied with the delicious aftertaste of the small wild duck, even the hiccup had that strong fragrance, it was really satisfying.

When Ge Rui left the Xue family villa, she remembered something she had forgotten before—she forgot to call her fiance Zhang Zhenqi.

Uh… Forget it, call him next time.

Ge Rui felt guilty for a second, and then left Zhang Zhenqi behind and recalled the delicacy of the small wild duck.

Yu Siyang sent away Ge Rui and opened the Weibo that he had not used all day long. His fans had almost exceeded 10 million. The top Weibo on the homepage showed the list of nominations for the Cloud Award, and it was accompanied by fans blessing him since he was nominated as well.

“Brother, what are you looking at?” Xue Yunmu walked over with his favorite robot toy during this time and pulled Yu Siyang’s sleeve.

Yu Siyang picked up the little fat man and showed him his Weibo interface, trying to explain in words that children could understand: “Your brother has participated in a competition, and if he wins, he will have a small trophy. There are other people participating with brother. Many people who like your brother are encouraging him.”

Xue Yunmu immediately raised his chest and supported his Yangyang brother: “My brother is very good, and my brother will definitely win.”

“Why is brother good? Huh?” Yu Siyang was happy by the child’s proud little expression and shook the child’s chubby body.

Xue Yunmu held his face in his chubby hands and thought about it seriously for a while, “Brother makes good food, there are so many delicious foods that others can’t make, so brother will definitely win.”

Yu Siyang: “…” This really was a foodie. The reason was simple and crude.

And because of the nomination, when Yu Siyang was criticized by the fans of other nominees, the food groups were selling meng on the Weibo of the other nominees-

“Yue Taoshan, I invite you to eat braised pork, you treat my head mercifully?”

“Anyan, do you like pickled fish? After eating my pickled fish, can you tell your fans not to pinch my head, who has a special glass heart.”

All the other four nominees were fed a variety of foods by the food groups, and their microblogs were usually “love you” and “thank you”. Since they were nominated online and began to be criticized, their microblogs had been blocked. The eight major cuisines of China were offered up, and their fans kept on criticizing other nominees, but they had nothing to do other than be hungry.

The four of them didn’t know Yu Siyang. Seeing this situation, they could only smile helplessly and let it go.

The foodies of the country had extraordinary combat effectiveness.

“Brother?” Xue Yunmu poked Yangyang, who was obviously disoriented.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Siyang returned to his senses.

“Brother accompany me to play robot battle, okay?” The little fat man raised the robot toy in his hand, staring at Brother Yang Yang.

Yu Siyang nodded, and competed with Little Fatty with the robot toy, making sounds like “biubiubiu”.

At this time, the night life was just beginning at 8 o’clock in the evening. Some people called friends to accompany them out, some were sitting on the sofa at home watching TV series at 8 o’clock, some were still working hard overtime, and some were preparing to do other things.

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