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Lu Chengyu looked at the questioning reporter. This person was wearing a dark coat with a brown waistcoat. Wearing a peaked cap on his head and ordinary black-rimmed glasses on his face, he looked very ordinary. But Lu Chengyu was able to confirm at a glance that the reporter had gone through some disguise and didn’t seem to want to reveal his true appearance.

It seemed that someone had prepared in advance and waited for him to arrive. He was probably not sure whether he would come to the press conference, so a disguised reporter was arranged to wait at the scene. No matter whether the person behind this was malicious to him, it was certain that this person knew that he was the investor behind the movie.

Seeing that the atmosphere at the scene became weird, Lu Chengyu showed a trace of surprise on his face: “This reporter friend actually knows that I was at the banquet of the Qi family. I thought no one knew about it.” He scratched his head awkwardly, as if a young man who didn’t know anything about the world quickly explained, “However, I really don’t know about other things.” When other reporters saw him in such a state, they were suddenly worried, not to mention the young fellow Lu Chengyu. Those who are involved in entertainment news, dare not report such things casually. Seeing this unfamiliar colleague being aggressive, everyone on the scene gradually realized that someone must have specially arranged for him to block Lu Chengyu.

The entertainment reporters were not in a hurry to ask questions. They had long seen that the person next to Lu Chengyu was like a bodyguard. Which ordinary person needed to bring a bodyguard when he went out? After the incident of the Liang family came out, some people in their circle knew that things were not as simple as they were shown to be on the surface. But it was all for their family’s bowl of rice, and they didn’t want to use their lives in exchange of gossip, as they still distinguished the importance between the two.

“This reporter friend probably didn’t know that Xiao Lu was walking with me that night,” Zhong Zhenghan squeezed to Lu Chengyu’s side and said with a smile, “On the day that the Qi family held the dinner, we two met in the banquet hall. Later, we were able to talk, and we were together when we left.”

Although Zhong Zhenghan was not a big name, he was considered a popular niche actor in the film and television industry. The entertainment reporters saw that he had a good relationship with Lu Chengyu, and the current shooting made it very lively. The entertainment journalists remember that on the day the Qi family held a banquet, Zhong Zhenghan did post a photo of him and Lu Chengyu on Weibo, which also caused a lot of onlookers to leave a message on the screen. Both of them were young people and popular idols. It was normal to have a lot of fun.

Unexpectedly, Zhong Zhenghan would entered into this muddy water. Lu Chengyu raised his eyebrows, smiled at Zhong Zhenghan, turned his head and said to the entertainment journalists: “Thank you for your concern for me, but today is “Autumn Wind” conference. If everyone is around me, I’m afraid to go to the brother’s home, sister-in-law would not give me anything to eat.”

The entertainment reporters asked some questions and took some group photos of the two. Then, they followed the crew to collect the red envelopes. Some rich crews would give reporters some red envelopes in order to look good. Although not many, it could be regarded as a kind of show of heart.

The reporters felt the goodwill of the crew of “Autumn Wind”, so they mostly took some pictures of the scene and left.

As for the reporter who made things difficult for Lu Chengyu before, he had already left secretly, and he obviously knew that this method would not trouble Lu Chengyu. Of course, maybe this person didn’t want to trouble Lu Chengyu on purpose. He just wanted to create doubts about Lu Chengyu on the scene. He didn’t know that Zhong Zhenghan came back to confuse him and broke his plan.

“Mr. Lu, you are really in a bloody storm right now,” Zhang Shuo said as Lu Chengyu sat down beside him, turned around and shouted at the crew to prepare for the next scene, then turned to talk to Lu Chengyu, “I didn’t expect that there would be such a scene. The reporter sneaked in, if I had known I would have kicked him out.”

“I will catch the reporter today when I turn on the phone. That would not causing trouble for your crew?” Lu Chengyu took a bottle of water from Qu Lingbei and took a sip from the bottle. “I’ll find someone to check this reporter, so the crew doesn’t need to be affected.”

Zhang Shuo said nonchalantly: “We are just filmmakers, how much influence can it have.” He pointed to Zhong Zhenghan who was under the lights, “Although the actor you introduced is young, but very dedicated, he was very popular in the first scene just now, which is a good sign.”

When Lu Chengyu heard this, he turned his head to look at Zhong Zhenghan. Seeing that he was standing silently in the field, he seemed to be brewing emotions, so he nodded and said, “It’s good if you think he is suitable. I was still worried that it would embarrass you.”

Zhang Shuo laughed twice, then his face became serious, and turned to the field, made a gesture of preparation for the start. Lu Chengyu knew that Zhang Shuo was very serious when he started shooting, so he stood up quietly and walked aside in order to silently observe Zhong Zhenghan’s shooting.

At this moment, a fat man suddenly appeared next to him and smiled so hard to see him, “Hello Mr. Lu, this is Zhong Zhenghan’s agent Wang Song, thank you for taking care of our Zhenghan.”

“You are welcome, Zhenghan and I are friends,” Lu Chengyu recognized who this fat man was. After he joined the brokerage company that year, he learned to do things from a senior like Wang Song. Wang Song was mall and cheap, bullying others but fearing hardships, and had a lot of problems. But he was very concerned about Zhong Zhenghan’s affairs. When he was forced by Huang Chuan to have no retreat, Wang Song still dealt with him in the company for a period of time. It’s just that the company couldn’t bear Huang Chuan’s pressure and fired him. Now when he saw Wang Song’s fat face, Lu Chengyu really felt kind towards him.

Wang Song smiled and rubbed his hands. Seeing that Lu Chengyu was indeed not making a polite remark, he said: “The male lead actor who can appear in this movie depends on your recommendation. Otherwise, how can Zhenghan have this opportunity?

“I only recommended him to the director because of his good acting skills. If his acting skills are not enough, no matter how good the relationship is, I won’t open this mouth.” Lu Chengyu looked in the direction of Zhong Zhenghan. At this time, Zhong Zhenghan was in pain under the camera. Sitting on the ground, every move was like a character in the play, completely removing his own shadow. When Lu Chengyu saw this, he said with emotion, “Now, he is Chen Qiuhe in the movie. This is Zhong Zhenghan’s acting skills.”

Wang Song’s pleasing smile on his face gradually became proud, and he only remembered after watching it for a while. he was trying to please Lu Chengyu, but looking back, Lu Chengyu had been called away by the screenwriter of the crew.

He squeezed his somewhat fat chin in distress. It was a good thing that Zhenghan had a close relationship with Lu Chengyu, but Zhenghan just went into the muddy water for Mr. Lu just now, which gave him a headache as an agent.


In the office of the president of Huading International, Yan Mu looked gloomy after reading the newly received e-mail. This time, if the Yao and Li family succeeded, even if the Mu family got revenge, their vitality would be greatly injured. Thinking of his two cousins ​​who cared about him since childhood, he closed the mailbox with a cold face.

Cao Jingshen, who was sitting next to him, saw Yan Mu’s face gloomy, and knew that the boss had a good relationship with his two cousins, but as a friend and employee, he had to remind him: “Boss, you are too involved in this matter. I am worried about it. Others might make trouble with you through this matter.”

Yan Mu calmly said: “Jingshen, some things exceed my bottom line, so I can’t just watch from the side.”

After hearing this, Cao Jingshen was silent for a while and decided not to say anything anymore on the topic: “I heard that Xiao Lu was injured. Is it serious?” He didn’t know if it was his illusion but he found that after he mentioned Lu Chengyu, the boss’s eyes seemed to brighten.

“He still needs to recuperate and cannot come to work for the time being, so I will trouble you during this time.” Yan Mu saw that Cao Jingshen had no objection, but he added, “I will add a red envelope for you this month.”

“What? I’m sorry,” Cao Jingshen’s smile suddenly became a little brighter, “If you have any work, leave it to me, it’s not a big deal to do a little more every day.”

Yan Mu had long been accustomed to the speed at which Cao Jingshen changed his face, so it was not surprising to him. When he about to say something, his personal cell phone rang suddenly, and he took it out to see that it was He Long.

After answering the call, Yan Mu frowned. How could anyone deliberately find Xiao Lu to make trouble, and who on earth deliberately tried to get Xiao Lu involved in the attack?

“What’s the matter?” Cao Jingshen saw Yan Mu’s face that had become worried again. “What happened?”

“Xiao Lu was troubled by others,” Yan Mu took a deep breath and said in a deep voice. “And I found out that Xiao Lu’s parents’ background was a bit wrong.”

“What does this mean?” Cao Jingshen’s expression changed slightly, and he immediately frowned when he thought of the property Lu Chengyu’s parents left him. Those properties were definitely not something that a company’s general manager and university professor could accumulate. “Xiao Lu, does he know?”

Yan Mu slowly shook his head, “This is something I did not find out until recently so I could not tell him.”

He thought of the bad Liang family and Lu Chengyu’s indifferent relatives, Cao Jingshen sighed: “It’s almost like I’m filming a dog blood drama, but I don’t know the ending.”

Yan Mu was silent, after thinking for a while, stood up and said: “I have to leave beforehand. Please help me deal with the company’s affairs.” Cao Jingshen nodded. After seeing him leave in a hurry, he sighed, resignedly picked up the files on the desk, and went back to his office.

Although the old man of the Mu family was nearly eighty years old, he was a very energetic old man. He even insisted on doing Tai Chi several times a day. It was fine for him to plant flowers, play chess, and have a very happy life. After the attack, he had been silent for a long time and started a counterattack, and it made many people remember his iron and blood methods, but no one dared to do anything about this case.

When he was watering the flowers, he heard that his grandson was coming, but he was not surprised. Instead, he asked the nanny to bring him into the garden, while he continued to bend over to take care of a pot of orchids.

Yan Mu walked into the garden and saw that Mr. Mu was removing insects from flowers, and after a soft call to grandpa, he stood aside and did not speak.

“You kid finally remembered to come back,” Mr. Mu poured some water on the chrysanthemum with a smile, then handed the kettle to Yan Mu, and asked Yan Mu to pour out the water from the kettle to wash his hands. After washing his hands, he shook his hand on the water channel, “I heard about the previous thing. The assistant of your company is very capable. Our Mu family owes him a favour.”

Yan Mu put the water bottle aside, took out a handkerchief and handed it to Elder Mu: “He is injured now and is recovering.”

“I also heard Qihua mention this. I heard that this young man also made a lot of money by investing in making movies by himself?” Father Mu took Yan Mu to the table under the arbour and sat down, “Although it is not a serious industry, but this young man has a good vision.”

He did not argue with his grandfather about the seriousness of the show business. Yan Mu never thought of changing the concept of the older generation. He said calmly: “If it wasn’t me this time, he would also won’t be hurt so badly.”

 “You’re young and don’t know that the heart is unpredictable,” Mr. Mu had seen many types of people after so many years of ups and downs, and he knows this truth. Someone treated you well, but it might not necessarily be true. Okay, maybe this person had no plans. He saw that his grandson believed in the young man surnamed Lu very much, and sighed, “I haven’t seen this young man, and I don’t know what kind of person he is. But our Mu family doesn’t owe favours. When this matter is over, let Qihua thank him. As for whether he is worth the time, you have to rely on your own heart to judge.” The nanny came over and poured water for the two of them. Seeing that the two were talking, she hurriedly walked away again, obviously not wanting to hear one more word.

Yan Mu looked at the tea cup from which white smoke was drifting out, and thought for a long time: “Grandpa, I want to ask you one thing.”

“What is it that is worth your special trip?” Mr. Mu picked up the tea cup and blew on it. The tea stalk floating on the surface of the water moved, then he said in a mild tone, “I rarely see you so embarrassed.”

“This has something to do with the assistant who saved me,” Yan Mu took a sip of the tea, “I have a doubt. His parents had a lot of suspicious things about them before they were alive, so I want Grandpa to check it for me.”

“Do you think it is suspicious, or do you want to help Assistant Lu find out the truth?” There was not much emotion in the old man Mu’s tone as usual. He just looked at Yan Mu calmly, “I took this down.”

Yan Mu heard that his grandfather’s tone was not particularly enthusiastic, knowing that it would be useless to ask for it, so he didn’t insist on it, and said, “It’s noon, what do you want to eat?”

“Whatever,” Mr. Mu was stunned. “The tofu and duck blood you made last time were good. If you add these two dishes at noon, it would be even better.”

“It’s not good for your body to eat too much duck blood,” Yan Mu said with a stern face, “I’ll make something else for you.”

“I’m not a picky eater, you can do whatever you want,” Mr. Mu’s mouth arched downward.

Yan Mu: “…” This is really not picky at all.

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