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After leaving Lu Chengyu’s room, Yan Mu touched his forehead lightly, and then said: “Dignified President Yan, he is so small and fresh, others will not believe it.”

After returning to his room, Yan Mu opened the laptop and forwarded some useful things to Mu Qihua’s mailbox. Somehow, he suddenly remembered the Weibo account he had registered before, and then logged on to the Weibo account in a ghostly manner.

His Weibo page was the original page that came with Weibo. Because Cao Jingshen had explained that he helped him personally authenticate, although he only reposted Lu Chengyu’s Weibo, his account was already a certified account with a golden V chapter. What surprised him most was the sudden addition of hundreds of thousands of fans and the comments on Weibo that called him to be with Lu Chengyu.

His fingers stayed on the keyboard for a long time. In the end, he still did not post a Weibo. Instead, he took the mouse and clicked on Lu Chengyu’s Weibo account. Then he saw that the latest Weibo was posted by Lu Chengyu this afternoon, and it had a picture of the grass in the garden.

More than a year V: “I want to plant flowers recently. Is there anything suitable for planting? (with pictures)”

There were various suggestions in the comment area, but the most suggested was actually chrysanthemum. Yan Mu frowned, and finally forwarded a serious message on Weibo: It is better to plant rose flowers, which bloom in all seasons.

Lu Chengyu began to consider what flowers to plant in the garden, indicating that he really wanted to be with him, right? Thinking this way, Yan Mu’s mood suddenly improved by a few percentage points.

He didn’t know that soon after he reposted his Weibo, someone posted a screenshot on the forum. The host said that after the Dignified President of Huading opened Weibo, he posted a total of two Weibo, and both of them were forwarded to Lu Chengyu’s Weibo, which shows that the President of Huading had a true love for Lu Chengyu.

In the forum, many people had been brainstorming about the love and hatred between Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu. As soon as this post came out, it quickly became lively. Some people even said that this post should be renamed “Dominant President Fall in Love with Me”, “What can I do to love you, my handsome assistant” or “Cold Assistant to the President”, but because these names were too dog-blooded, many people ruthlessly ridiculed and this finally caused a scolding war.

After reposting this Weibo, President Yan Mu closed his Weibo account and started to deal with some work matters. In recent days, he had been fully investigating the attack and his free time was used to accompany Lu Chengyu in the hospital, so a lot of work had not been dealt with.

After he had processed some urgent documents, it was early in the morning, he closed the computer, got up and went to the bathroom to wash and sleep.

In his sleep, Lu Chengyu smiled seductively and charmingly in the mist. When he stepped forward to hug the other person, the other party did not refuse, but hugged him back…

Lu Chengyu didn’t know it, but he thought that it was too bad to wake up from such a dream. When Yan Mu woke up in the morning, he changed his pair of underwear with a blank face.

In the morning the two had breakfast together, Yan Mu refused to let Lu Chengyu go to work, and also assigned a driver to Lu Chengyu so that he could go out these days.

Lu Chengyu looked at the man who looked like a bodyguard, raised his eyebrows and said: “Driver?” This was obviously a sturdy bodyguard in a driver’s coat.

Yan Mu said: “Just treat him as a driver.”

At this time, the driver spoke to prove his abilities: “Mr. Lu, my driver’s license has not been deducted a point for three consecutive years. Please trust my driving skills.

“Then I will trouble you for a while.” Lu Chengyu smiled at the driver, “I don’t know what is your surname?”

“My name is He Long, Mr. Lu, you can call me whatever you want,” He Long smiled.

Lu Chengyu nodded, and then said again: “Do you know Xiao He who drives Mr. Yan in the company?” Or, Yan Mu prefers to hire a driver with the surname He?

“That’s my brother, He Hu,” He Long smiled embarrassedly. “My brother said, Mr. Lu, you usually take good care of him. Thank you, you are a good person.”

“Haha, you are welcome.” Lu Chengyu, who had picked up a good person card, glanced at He Long’s burly figure. If He Long and the thin Xiao He stood together, few people would believe that they were brothers.

Seeing that Lu Chengyu did not refuse him finding him a driver and bodyguard, Yan Mu felt at ease and drove to the company after repeated warnings.

Not long after Yan Mu left, Lu Chengyu remembered one thing, that is, the crew of “Autumn Wind” started shooting today. Because the male lead was fixed two days ago, the script went straight to filming.

As an investor, Lu Chengyu felt that he should still show his face, so he let He Long drive to the place where the crew was shooting.

Because “Autumn Wind” was a small and fresh movie, the opening ceremony was chosen in a beautiful village. When Lu Chengyu arrived, the opening ceremony was over. Zhang Shuo was filming the first scene, and there were a lot of people around. There was some media and some fans of Zhong Zhenghan also present on the scene.

As soon as Lu Chengyu appeared, he immediately attracted the attention of the media. Many people even remembered to start interviews with him. Some people asked him whether he came to explore Zhang Shuo’s set or Zhong Zhenghan’s progress, or if he had a role in this movie.

He Long had been carefully guarding Lu Chengyu’s injured arm, and he was relieved when he saw that these reporters had surrounded Lu Chengyu, but carefully avoided his wound.

“Mr. Lu, will you participate in this movie?”

“If there are any passer-by characters in the movie, and if there are not enough people, there may be me,” Lu Chengyu smiled at the female reporter who asked the question. “But the leading role is definitely not me.”

The female reporter was dazzled by Lu Chengyu’s smile, but she was a little disappointed when she heard that Lu Chengyu was not participating in the movie: “It’s a pity, many audience friends like your performance.”

“I thought everyone liked me better.” Lu Chengyu’s smile unchanged, “Just kidding, I am very grateful to everyone for your love. If I have the opportunity in the future and I can try to run around.”

The reporters were amused by Lu Chengyu’s words. At this moment, suddenly a reporter said in a loud voice: “Mr. Lu, how did you get the wound on your arm? Some people say that you were at the scene when the attack happened. Is this true?”

As soon as the question came out, the atmosphere suddenly became weird, because many of the entertainment reporters in the room were people who spent a lot of time in the circle. Lu Chengyu’s identity was not simple and they also had this faint guess. So, who would raise the case of an attack without incident. Recently, the capital had been violent because of this incident. An entertainment journalist had nothing to do with it and did not need to pay attention to this. Wasn’t it troublesome for himself?

“You mean this?” Lu Chengyu raised his arm wrapped in gauze, embarrassed, “Is it embarrassing to say that after wrestling with a bowl, I cut my arm?” Lu Chengyu replied.

The atmosphere eased in an instant, and a reporter smiled and said, “Mr. Lu, you definitely can’t cook.”

“Friends from the press, you must edit out this portion and don’t broadcast it.” Lu Chengyu cooperated with a nervous expression on his face, “I heard that now male compatriots who can’t cook will lose fans.”

As soon as the words came out, the reporters suddenly laughed. Then the reporters asked a few more questions, and Lu Chengyu responded very cooperatively. Such that the reporter friends at the scene had a good impression of him.

He Long, who was on the side, thought silently, if this is not acting skill, what else can be counted?

After Zhong Zhenghan finished filming a scene, he saw that Lu Chengyu was surrounded by a group of reporters, with an atmosphere where everyone was a good friend. He couldn’t help but say to the agent beside him: “See that person can perform well. He should star as the male lead, those reporters are kinder to him than to me.”

Wang Song’s eyes beamed, and he looked in the direction of Lu Chengyu with admiration: “What a handsome golden leg.”

Zhong Zhenghan glanced at him disgustingly: “What handsome golden leg. If you have the ability, go and hug his leg yourself.”

Wang Song touched his face, shook his head and sighed: “The hardware is not enough, so forget it.” If he had a handsome face, he would hug his thigh 800 years ago, and why bother to work hard. He could only be an agent who brought up such an unconscious artist.

Zhong Zhenghan: “…”

Just when Lu Chengyu finished answering the reporters’ questions and the reporters were about to disperse, the reporter who had raised the attack again said: “Mr. Lu said that you were not at the scene of the attack, but why did you appear at the banquet of the Qi family?”

The banquet held by a distinguished family like the Qi family was generally inaccessible to people. For example, reporters like them couldn’t even take two photos at the gate. Lu Chengyu was invited to the banquet?!

As soon as this problem came up, the reporters who were planning to leave all stopped.

When Zhong Zhenghan next to him heard this question, he frowned. He had been in the entertainment industry for some time, so he didn’t understand the problem of this reporter. However, if Lu Chengyu was involved in the incident, it would not be a good thing. Where did this reporter get the courage?

Zhang Shuo and Qu Lingbei found that things were not right, so they stopped filming and hurriedly walked in the direction of Lu Chengyu.

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  2. Either someone sent that reporter to stalk on Chengyu, or he’s just really stupid😐

  3. There is absolutely a malicious intent with this reporter. If it was a normal reporter, perhaps a bold one might have asked the first time, but pushing the agenda with the second one means there’s something deeper going on. LCY can handle it though. He reminds me of Sebastian- one hell of an assistant!

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