TBVSR Ch. 20: Dancing Shoes

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After the rehearsal, the girls walked out of the dance studio in twos and threes.

Jiang Yu didn’t leave immediately. It was still early. She was going to do a few sets of strength training indoors with a yoga mat.

Today teacher Lin Quwen’s words reminded her that the Esmera Art Center seemed to be more inclined towards power dancers.

Jiang Yu carefully recalled the stage performance video of each Esmera student, why every movement of those dancers could achieve a near-perfect state, this largely depended on the coordination of their muscles.

Although only half a month was left, Jiang Yu decided to focus more on strength training.

Fan Danxi and her friends walked out of the classroom, looked back at her, and said, “It seems that she is really motivated and wants to enter the Esmera Art Center.”

Wu Silin sneered: “Look at her ballet shoes, she has been wearing it for a long time, and I have never seen her change it. She is so poor that she has no qualifications to enter Esmera, anyway she can’t afford to pay the tuition.”

“If she can be selected by Esmera’s teacher, and she still can’t afford tuition, it’s just a small case.” Fan Danxi clenched her fist under her sleeves, and said, “But she will never be selected.”

As they were talking, a teenager in a turtleneck passed by them.

He was carrying a shoulder bag, wearing a black sweater and black pants, which outlined his long straight legs. His skin was very white, and his extremely beautiful peach blossom eyes were naturally raised, but his expression was very cold, filled with a silent arrogance.

Several girls looked back at him subconsciously.

In daily life, there were many difficult boys, but this boy was not only good-looking, but also had a special temperament that made it difficult to ignore him.

Even Fan Danxi couldn’t keep her gaze from lingering on him until he disappeared at the corner of the corridor.

Qiu Li came to the dance classroom.

The classmates in the classroom had already disappeared, and the slanting sun of the setting sun shone through the skylight and fell on the girl’s yoga mat.

Jiang Yu was lying on the mat for plank support, while sweat dripped down the bridge of her nose, glowing in the setting sun.

Qiu Li folded his arms and leaned against the door, looking at her from a distance.

The little girl was wearing a grey and pink sweatshirt, which was very close-fitting, perfectly contouring her bumpy figure.

Her hair was a little loose, was tied up in a bun on her head, a few strands of hair hung down between her temples, and her cheeks were flushed with a natural flush, which made her look very attractive.

Qiu Li’s left hand clenched into a fist and stabbed his palm with a little force, as he tried his best to restrain the surging desire in his heart.

In the past, he was unable to perceive the world, with few desires and almost no pursuits.

Now, even the sweetness of a piece of candy would make him addicted, and he was unable to extricate himself for a long time.

At this point, he had an even more maddening desire.

He walked lazily, in front of Jiang Yu, and squatted down.

Jiang Yu knew who was coming when she saw the rough pair of sneakers in front of her.

But she still held on… without breaking the power, she persisted until she reached the maximum limit of plank support – ‘two minutes’.

When the time came, her whole body became soft, and she slumped on the yoga mat like a salted fish.

“Why are you here?”

Since the dumpling incident, Qiu Li had not come to see Jiang Yu for a long time.

Jiang Yu was also busy with the competition at the end of the year, so she had no time to contact him.

From the beginning, where the two people met for dinner every day, the relationship between them had gradually cooled down.

“Have we broken up?” Qiu Li asked tentatively, looking at Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu rested for a while, then sat up: “I didn’t mention it.”

Hearing this, Qiu Li breathed a sigh of relief, and sat down beside her: “Then I didn’t mention it either.”

Qiu Li didn’t take the initiative to come to her these days, so Jiang Yu was actually a little nervous.

If the relationship between the two ended, it would be really difficult for her to find a breakthrough to get close to him.

The two were silent, but after a few seconds of silence, Qiu Li moved his body and sat closer to her.

“I was just exercising, don’t get too close.” Jiang Yu said reservedly, “I’m sweating.”


He leaned close to her and took a deep breath.


Jiang Yu was speechless.

For an extremely long period of time, Qiu Li’s sense of smell was weak, and in this world, the only thing he could smell clearly was the smell on Jiang Yu’s body, so strong and so fragrant.

The gardenia scent of the shampoo between the ends of her hair, the lemon scent on her clothes, and even the slight body odour after sweating…

For him, this girl near him was his whole world.

Qiu Li approached her, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.

Jiang Yu quickly pushed his face away, frowned and said, “Are you a pervert?”

“You’re my girlfriend, what’s wrong with me smelling you?”

“I stink.”

“But I like it.”

Jiang Yu’s mouth twitched. Looking at this milky wolf dog beside her, she really didn’t know what to do.

Just when Jiang Yu was in a daze, Qiu Li suddenly reached out and touched her feet.

Jiang Yu’s body instinctively jolted, and she stepped back defensively, trying to move her feet away.

However, Qiu Li held her ankle and she couldn’t break free.

“What are you doing?”

“Look.” He untied the laces of her ballet shoes.

“What’s so beautiful about this!”

“Just take a look.”

Qiu Li took off the ballet shoe on her right foot, held it in her hand, and played with interest.

The off-white dancing shoes had a satin finish, but the toes were very old and even slippery due to long-term wear and tear.

He thought of the girls’ discussion he had just heard outside the classroom, and asked her, “Don’t you have an important competition at the end of the year, you will wear such bad shoes?”

Jiang Yu snatched the ballet shoes from his hand and said dissatisfiedly: “I don’t think that my shoes are rotten. If you think like that, than buy me a pair.”

Qiu Li rubbed his nose and said casually, “A pair of dancing shoes.”

“Good pointe shoes are not cheap.” Jiang Yu took the shoes in her hands, and said: “The quality of this pair is very good. I ate soup and rice in the cafeteria for half a year, plus the New Year’s money and pocket money, then only was I able to buy it, so even if they are old, I have never thought about changing them.”

It was not that there were no other ballet shoes, she had a lot of them, but the quality of the ballet shoes would directly affect the stage presentation.

Therefore, Jiang Yu would rather save money to buy a pair of high-quality shoes and wear them for a long time, rather than buy cheap shoes and always change them.

Qiu Li asked casually, “How much?”

“My pair of AK satin pointe shoes cost 2,000 at the time.”

Hearing this, he expressed incomprehension: “Just these shoes?”

“What do you know?” Jiang Yu patiently explained to him: “Shoes at this price are not bad at best. But really high-quality pointe shoes can go for even five digits.”

Qiu Li looked at the old pair of dancing shoes in her hand, it was obvious that they had been worn for a long time, and even the color had faded a lot.

“If I had money, I would have changed it.” Jiang Yu put on her shoes again, and said casually, “I just have enough for my tuition, so I won’t spend it on other things for the time being. So these days, I can’t ask for anything else.”


Now that he had other thoughts, the attraction of food to him was not so great.

Jiang Yu leaned over to tie her shoelaces, and when Qiu Li saw this, he pulled her hand away, picked up the laces beside her feet, and fastened them carefully for her.

His hand was well made, each fingertip was long and beautiful, with a tie wrapped around her ankle, and the thumb and forefinger spread out, casually tying the shoes on her ankle.

His movements were delicate, and his expression was unprecedentedly gentle.

Jiang Yu’s heartbeat was uncontrollable, so she looked away.

After sending her home, Qiu Li walked alone on the deserted streets in the middle of winter.

Standing for a while leaning against the street lamp, he took out his mobile phone and downloaded a shopping software.

After opening the software, he searched for ballet shoes.

The price of the shoes ranged from dozens to hundreds, but the shoes worth thousands of dollars were not found.

Shouldn’t be this way.

Qiu Li pondered for a moment, and then called Liu Jinghuan.

Soon, the phone was answered, and there was a loud KTV song that could be heard in the background, as a man roared “Love if you die”.

“Yo…, what gust of wind brought you here today, you even took the initiative to call me. I thought after you entered Yuxi High School, you beaten to death.”

Liu Jinghuan was his playmate since he was a child, and for so many years, the only one person who could be called a friend.

As a child, he and Qiu Li were neighbours, so he knew exactly what happened to him.

If it weren’t for this, normal people would probably not be able to be friends with him.

Liu Jinghuan’s family was very poor. He dropped out of school early and struggled in society. From time to time, he sold some imitation goods to support himself and his sick father at home.

“I want to ask a question.” Qiu Li said directly: “Do you have a channel to buy shoes?”

“Yes.” Liu Jinghuan said without hesitation: “What kind of shoes do you want, Adidas, Nike Converse, high imitation genuine goods. I have all of them, and the price is beautiful. Which one do you want?”

“Dance shoes.” Qiu Li said, “Ballet.”

As soon as these words came out, the phone was silent for 20 seconds, and Liu Jinghuan burst out, “Damn it.”


He seemed to think he had heard it wrong, so he asked uncertainly, “Ba… ballet? With all due respect, it won’t be… women’s style.”

“About 36.”

“Women’s style!!”

Liu Jinghuan simply couldn’t believe his ears: “Are you going to buy shoes for girls? And that too dancing shoes? No, it won’t be…”



“You actually have a girlfriend!!!!”

The girl was so impatient, she found Qiu Li, a madman, to fall in love.

Qiu Li was impatient and asked, “Is there any?”

“Yes, I have everything you want here.” Liu Jinghuan heard the dissatisfaction in his tone, so he suppressed the shock in his heart and talked with him about business: “Imported, domestically produced…a few are available. Which one do you want?”

“The best one.” Qiu Li said without hesitation, “The most expensive one.”

“Then wait, I’ll help you ask my friends.”

Qiu Li hung up the phone and waited on the street for a quarter of an hour, then Liu Jinghuan called back again: “I asked, yes, are you sure you want the most expensive one?”


“My friend gets the goods from the famous boutiques in Hong Kong. If you want the most expensive, I’ll get you the brand-name goods. The price is 40,000 yuan.”

Hearing the price, Qiu Li was silent for a moment and asked, “Is it the best one? That kind?”

“Anyway, I can get the best stuff here. It must be completely different from the dozens or hundreds of items online. Anyone who knows the stuff can understand it. I guarantee that after your girlfriend wears it, she will not lose face. For our friendship, I won’t take any commission. I’ll ask only for how much the store wants…”

Qiu Li knew that Liu Jinghuan would not lie to him, so he said: “Within half a month, I will get it.”

“Sure, I’ll find a way for you, is it convenient for you to make a deposit?”

“Not yet.” Qiu Li said, “I’ll think of a way.”

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