TBVSR Ch. 21.1: It’s so good (he likes to watch Jiang Yu getting angry at him)

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In the evening two weeks later, Jiang Yu came to the locker room, ready to change out of her sweaty dance clothes.

When she untied the lacing of her dancing shoes, she saw that the lacing was out of line.

Jiang Yu quickly took off her dancing shoes and took out the needle and thread from the small bag on the side of the schoolbag to sew it.

This pair of shoes had been sewed back and forth by her many times. Whether it was the toe or the sole, there were many traces of repair.

After Wu Silin and the girls finished dancing, they walked into the locker room. Seeing Jiang Yu repairing her dancing shoes, she couldn’t help sneering: “Wearing these rotten shoes on stage, she’s not afraid of losing the face of our institution.”

“Even if she enters Esmera Art Center, she can’t afford the tuition, it’s a waste of a spot.”

“I really don’t understand, how the teacher chose her to participate in the promotion competition.”

Jiang Yu glanced at Wu Silin, and replied lightly: “You forgot so soon, I was chosen because you were not good enough, and I happened to dance better than you.”

The girls were speechless.

As Wu Silin was stabbed in her sore spot, so trembling with anger, she said: “If you can’t even buy dancing shoes, what does it matter if you get selected in the promotion competition, you can’t pay the tuition fee, what qualifications do you have to enter Esmera Art Center.”

If it was changed to the past Jiang Yu, and she had suffered such humiliation, she would definitely be angry and hurt.

But today, she just smiled calmly: “Whether I can enter the Esmera Art Center is unknown, but you definitely won’t be able to enter, so who is more sad?”

Wu Silin did not expect Jiang Yu’s ability to argue to be so strong. It was so powerful that she couldn’t say anything to her, and she felt that she had lost face in front of her friends. So, she became angry and pounced at Jiang Yu, “It’s not that you stole my chance!”

Jiang Yu easily dodged and let her jump at the empty space.

Wu Silin hit the cabinet and hurt her elbow.

Jiang Yu was too lazy to care about her and opened her locker.

Surprisingly, she found a new pair of ballet shoes quietly placed in the locker.

The ballet shoes were placed in a thin white sleeve with the VCI logo printed on the sleeve.

Everyone knew that VCI was a high-end brand of ballet shoes. It was produced by hand and had maintained their spirit of craftsmanship for a century. Their annual output was very small, but the quality was high.

When the ballet shoe industry had sprung up like mushrooms in recent years, the small quantity produced by VCI had pushed the brand to the top of the high-end and even luxury industry.

Jiang Yu took out the dancing shoes from the thin sleeve in surprise.

This was a pair of pointe shoes, the white satin surface was evenly lustrous, and every stitch and every thread were done by hand, making this pair of shoes more like a pair of work of art than ordinary dancing shoes.

VCI was the best brand for ballet shoes. Every girl who practiced dancing was eager to have a pair of VCI shoes.

It was a pity that VCI’s shoes were too expensive and buying such expensive dancing shoes was extraordinarily useless since they had to be replaced after a few months of wear.

Therefore, there were not many people who could really afford the VCI brand.

The girls sighed in surprise when they saw this pair of VCI pointe shoes, “My God, Jiang Yu actually changed to a pair of VCI shoes!”

“These shoes are a bit like the ones on Wu Silin’s feet?”

“Of course it’s different. Who knows if her pair is a high quality imitation.”

Wu Silin looked at Jiang Yu’s pair of VCI shoes that were exactly the same as her own, and her face turned cold.

Jiang Yu suddenly remembered how Qiu Li talked to her about ballet shoes two weeks ago.

He was pinching her ankle at the time, as if he was measuring it with his fingers.

But Jiang Yu never imagined that he would give her a pair of VCI ballet shoes!

Jiang Yu knew about Qiu Li’s family situation. His father was imprisoned in his early years because of being guilty of child abuse, and his mother had never contacted him. Because of his mental defects, relatives in the family were also unwilling to take care of him.

After entering Yuxi Middle School, Qiu Li relied on his excellent academic performance to get a scholarship to barely make a living.

Where did he get the money to buy such expensive shoes?

Jiang Yu silently put the shoes back into the schoolbag, ready to go to Qiu Li and ask for clarification.

At this time, Wu Silin stopped her and said, “Jiang Yu, although you are too poor to buy shoes, there is no need to buy fakes.”

“That is, it is illegal to buy and sell high-quality fakes.”

Jiang Yu was relieved when she heard that they were high imitation fakes, and said casually: “What’s wrong with buying imitation goods, have I eaten your family’s food?”

After that, she was about to leave, but how could Wu Silin let her go so easily. So, she stopped her and said, “If you wear these shoes and show your face in front of Esmera’s teacher, it would be a shame.”

After passing her cloth bag, she took out the pair of ballet shoes: “Every pair of VCI shoes has a unique code on the shoelace, which can be checked on the official website. Jiang Yu, I’m sure you won’t mind us checking it out.”

Jiang Yu said coldly: “So what if I get it checked out, it’s me who’s wearing high quality imitation shoes, and if I lose face, it is also a shame for myself, and it has nothing to do with you.”

“It’s about our Lingque Art Class.”

Wu Silin said reluctantly: “If these shoes are fake, we will help you destroy them.”

“You dare!”

She sneered and said, “You can try it.”

Jiang Yu wanted to go forward to get her shoes back, but the girls quickly grabbed her arm and controlled her, not letting her get close to Wu Silin.

Jiang Yu said angrily: “It’s through your hands anyway, how do I know if the code is correct or not.”

“Let us check together, which one is genuine and which one is high imitation, isn’t it clear at a glance.”

Wu Silin took off her VCI ballet shoes without hesitation and handed them over.

Putting the two pairs of shoes together, they looked exactly the same, but the onlookers commented: “Obviously the quality is different, Silin’s pair looks much brighter in color.”

“No, you get what you pay for, even if it’s a high imitation, a fake can’t be a real one.”

“Look at this lace, the quality is too bad.”

Jiang Yu didn’t want the things Qiu Li gave her to be judged and appreciated like this, so she reached for her ballet shoes.

Wu Silin grabbed the pair of shoes with quick eyes and quick hands.

She expected Jiang Yu to be guilty, so she urged: “Check the authenticity, we can’t lose face of our Lingque institution because of her vanity.”

The girl picked up the phone and entered the dark pattern code embroidered on the shoes.

“I found it, these shoes are…”

The girl looked at the phone, her face suddenly sank.

“It’s a fake.”

“It must be a fake.”

The girl raised her head unwillingly, glanced at Jiang Yu, gritted her teeth and said, “It’s not fake.”

Wu Silin couldn’t believe her ears, and snatched the mobile phone from the girl, to confirm again, the code displayed above is indeed genuine.

She looked at Jiang Yu very unwillingly: “Yo, didn’t you break up with your rich boyfriend, why did you go to him again?”

Jiang Yu took back her dancing shoes and threw them into her schoolbag, then she calmly turned her face away.

At this moment, a girl suddenly said: “How is it possible, Silin, why can’t we find the number of your shoes?”

Everyone looked up at the girl and saw that she was holding Wu Silin’s dancing shoes in one hand, and holding the mobile phone in one hand: “Look.”

Other girls crowded up and watched her mobile phone screen, “I really can’t find it.”

“No way!”

“Impossible, Silin’s shoes are a high quality imitation?”


Wu Silin took out her mobile phone in disbelief, logged into the official website and re-entered the code on her shoes. Sure enough, it showed the ruthless truth: Sorry, the code you are looking for does not exist.

“This is impossible!”

Wu Silin’s shoes were VCI dance shoes brought back from Ireland by her uncle who was in the foreign trade business. She wore them to class on the first day she got them and showed them off for several months!

It turned out to be a high quality imitation product!

The girls looked at each other with a hint of playfulness in their eyes.

After all this, Jiang Yu’s shoes were genuine, while Wu Silin’s shoes were fake.

Seeing her trembling with anger, Jiang Yu didn’t want to beat a fallen dog, but thinking of her actions just now, she was too angry.

“Isn’t it illegal to buy and sell fake goods?” Jiang Yu picked up the scissors on the table and threw them at Wu Silin’s feet: “Destroy it.”

Wu Silin’s lips turned white, and she looked at the girls around her unwillingly.

The girls were naturally also in a posture of eating melons and watching a good show, waiting for her next move.

Wu Silin lost her face and became furious. She grabbed the pair of high imitation dancing shoes she had boasted about for months and cut them into rags.

After she finished doing that, the girl said immediately: “Although it is a high quality imitation, it is not impossible to wear it. It looks like the quality was okay.”

“That’s right, what a pity it was cut”, they said, while walking out of the locker room.

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