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“…” Jiang Li said awkwardly: “What?”

Prince Kang couldn’t understand why they did not hear the words clearly, so he wondered: “Is it because your ears are not good, he said that Xing Luo raises us.”

Being called out like this by the super star, even though the person who said it was obviously not malicious, Jiang Li was very embarrassed, so he turned stiff, and then he heard Prince Kang say: “It seems inaccurate to say that, aren’t we living together with Xing Luo now?”

Prince Kang said this simply, not knowing how earth-shattering this simple sentence sounded to other people.

Pan Ya’s eyes widened, and she said in a trembling voice, “Live together? You, live together?”


Cohabitation was already a huge amount of information, but there was a word at the end?

It meant that more than one person was living with Xing Luo, that all of them were living together with Xing Luo???

… Cohabitation????

Didn’t the Internet say that it was a fair pursuit, but they actually lived together??

Prince Kang was even more surprised, there were more than one, did all of them have bad ears, he thought to himself, and said: “No, it’s not cohabitation. It takes me several days to sleep with Xing Luo. It’s right to say that everyone takes turns to cohabitate.”

Everyone was so shocked that their brains froze.

What??? Cohabitation by turns???

Kang Xing Luo was the emperor, and even the crown prince, SNOW and Xue, had to take turns serving him?!!!

Looking at the reactions of other people, it was clear that they must have misunderstood something. So, Kang Xue knocked on the table on Prince Kang’s side, and said coldly: “You, don’t talk.”

Prince Kang looked resentful.

Kang Dahei said obediently and softly: “Could you add me as well, aren’t we a family?”

No one answered, but Kang Xing Luo patted Da Hei’s head and said: “Of course we are a family, we’ll go back home soon, then I will accompany you well.”

After getting scolded, the Prince, who was now at a loss, remained silent, while Kang Miao and Kang Xue nodded slowly.

They looked amicable, but in the eyes of others, it was Kang Xing Luo who wanted to bring the writer Handsome home and Prince, SNOW and Miao dared not complain.

Handsome was willing to be one of the lovers, while the other cats were unhappy but dared not speak out.

… Absolutely!!

It’s amazing!

Opening a harem like a fairy…

Those who were watching were speechless!!

Could it be that Kang Xing Luo’s family fortune was worth hundreds of billions! How did he do it!!

A superstar, a supermodel, an e-sports champion, and a godly writer, all passionately expressed their fascination with Kang Xing Luo, and also said that they were the ones who were being raised.

Jiang Li, who had always wanted to prove that Kang Xing Luo had no valuable existence, was finally speechless, his face turning blue and pale.

The reality was in front of him, which was an extremely powerful explanation of Kang Xing Luo’s current achievements. In contrast, he seemed to be the one who couldn’t do anything.

It shouldn’t be!!

Jiang Li put on a sullen face and became the only silent person present.

Others followed the rhythm of the few cats after being surprised. Even Pan Ya, who was troubled in her heart, still listened to Kang Xue’s words after seeing so many bigwigs from different worlds, and said from time to time: “Ah… It’s amazing.”

The atmosphere at the dinner table became lively, and since he brought so many family members, Kang Xing Luo took the initiative to say: “I invite you today, everyone, order quickly.”

Before, they were laughing at Kang Xing Luo for having no money, but now no one suspected that Kang Xing Luo couldn’t afford to entertain guests there.

So the ordering situation that had just been put on hold continued, and everyone ordered food one after another. The meal revolved around Kang Xing Luo and the four cats at home.

He didn’t know how long it took, but after some time Jiang Li walked to Kang Xue’s side, who was closest to him, and asked, “What do you think about Kang Xing Luo?”

The voice was not loud, and only Kang Xue could hear him, but he turned his head and only looked at Jiang Li. With just one glance, he immediately had a clear picture of all the psychological conditions of this person.

In this person’s heart, there was a strong contempt for Xing Luo.

He despised Xing Luo’s achievements, despised Xing Luo getting things he thought he didn’t deserve.

Maliciousness gradually emerged in Kang Xue’s heart, and he replied with the same volume of voice: “He has too many advantages, at least he has a clean heart, never fights or grabs, and is always gentle and kind. Unlike some people, whose hearts are filled with mud, it is so dark that there is nowhere to stay, and their eyes are red with jealousy.”

Jiang Li froze, raised his head tremblingly, and Kang Xue looked at him with a slight smile, not mocking, but with a strong sense of suppression from a superior person looking down.

At this moment, Jiang Li finally received the final blow. He was speechless for a while, then his mind roared.

He had never been in contact with a fully evolved species in his life, and he had always felt that no matter how evolved a pet became, it was impossible for him to be the same as a human being. Now he finally knew that he was completely wrong.

The Kang Xue in front of him was far more terrifying than humans.

Jiang Li finally had no voice, and without him picking around, the others ate their meal very quickly.

The cats didn’t eat anything, while the others took Kang Xing Luo as the benchmark. After eating for a while, the meal was over.

Everyone was about to leave, but before leaving, Pan Ya went to Kang Xing Luo, looked at Kang Xing Luo for a long time, and then said: “Goodbye.”

When she said this, her tone was calm, and she did not have the excitement when she first saw Kang Xing Luo, and she also did not look as ugly as she did in the middle of the dinner, she was just calm, as if she had realized something.

Kang Xing Luo replied: “Well, goodbye.”

Jiang Li remained silent, his face was only gray, and when he was passing by Kang Xing Luo, Kang Xing Luo also said politely: “We will meet again when we have time.”

Jiang Li looked at him complicatedly, with various emotions surging in his eyes, and finally left in disgrace.

For some reason, Kang Xing Luo suddenly felt that Jiang Li would never ask him out for dinner again.

…That’s actually pretty good.

Kang Miao stared at Jiang Li showing the vicissitudes of life for a while, and whispered to Kang Xue, “Good job.”

Kang Xue said helplessly, “I didn’t do anything.”

Kang Miao agreed, “Well, I should actually be allowed to play this kind of role, I’m very good at laughing at people.”

“…” Kang Xue was speechless, and suddenly felt that it was a good thing that Kang Lai Yin didn’t come in.

If the lion cat was there, Jiang Li would probably go bankrupt on the spot, leaving him some leeway, would be better for Xing Luo who didn’t like to cause trouble.

Kang Xing Luo was slightly aware of the silent communication between the cats.

Although he didn’t pay attention to Jiang Li’s ridicule, he always knew in his heart that the cats were more or less trying to create face for him.

Looking at Da Hei who had come back, and the three cats who followed him from home, Kang Xing Luo said with emotion: “It’s just right, if Xiao Shizi and Xiao Hua were here, our family would be perfect.”

Kang Yingjun couldn’t help looking at Kang Xing Luo as he jumped into his arms. “Yeah, it would be great if Xiao Hua was here, we both missed you so much.”

Kang Miao was very dissatisfied with the repeated hugs, so she frowned and said, “Let’s talk about it when we go home. I’m hungry.”

He had eaten something but the cats didn’t, realizing this Kang Xing Luo immediately came to his senses, and hurried home with four cats alone.

Kang Yingjun and Kang Xing Luo were inseparable, no matter what, he refused to let Xing Luo go, and even leaned softly on Kang Xing Luo’s shoulder when they were sitting in the car.

Thanks to that coquettish appearance, Prince Kang felt a sense of being “threatened” by this cat who had always had a good relationship with him.

Da Hei now looked too much like the ‘Xiao San’[1] who snatched other people’s husbands in human TV dramas!

Why did he feel so subtle!!

Kang Xing Luo held Kang Yingjun’s hand tightly, the feeling in his heart was nothing more than the elation of having regained what was lost. At the moment when he settled down, he was happy in his heart, and at the same time, he felt a strong longing.

I miss Xiao Hua, and I miss Xiao Shizi even more.

If only the lion cub was with him.

He really wanted to share the joy of this moment with Kang Lai Yin.

The car drove fast, and the one person and four cats finally arrived home.

When Kang Yingjun arrived in front of the villa, Prince, Xue and Miao pushed him into the house.    

The other cats also had something to say, but Prince Kang tugged at Kang Yingjun and said, “Da Hei, why have you changed so much? Your face is no longer round. Where’s your flesh? Turn into your evolved form and show me!”

He was very passionate about maintaining his figure, so he was naturally very interested in the skinny Da Hei. “You lost weight after crying for a few days? How did you cry? Teach me, I want to lose weight too.”

Kang Yingjun: “What, don’t bully the cat.”

Kang Xue stayed by Kang Yingjun’s side when he found out the news about Xing Luo, and he had witnessed Da Hei crying upside down, he had been sad to death, so he helped to change the subject and said: “Okay, you just came back, where do you live recently? Why were you with Xing Luo today?”

Kang Dahei obediently said: “Yes, this way…”

The cats chatted without taboo, while Kang Xing Luo ran to Kang Lai Yin’s room. He was still in the corridor, and he said happily: “Xiao Shizi? Xiao Shizi, come and see, see who’s back?”

He didn’t hear Kang Lai Yin’s response but saw the secretary at the door of the room.

The secretary looked anxious and said worriedly: “You are back!”

Kang Xing Luo was stunned, affected by the secretary’s emotions, he asked a little impatiently, “What’s the matter?”

The secretary said: “Sir, he is not well! Let’s go and see!”

Kang Xing Luo: “What happened!?”

Seeing that his emotions were almost exaggerated, the secretary said sadly, “Sir, he’s in heat again!”

It was already the end of June, but there was still some credibility in saying that he was in heat. Kang Xing Luo immediately panicked, and really rushed into the room, while calling out worriedly: “Xiao Shizi!”

What greeted Kang Xing Luo was Kang Lai Yin’s fiery embrace. As soon as he entered the door, the tall figure hugged Kang Xing Luo into his arms. Kang Xing Luo shrank his shoulders and felt a wave of hot breath spray on his ears.

Kang Xing Luo’s voice trembled, and the memory of the last time the lion cub was in heat hit him, and he became nervous instantly.

This was…

Kang Xing Luo’s heart was beating like thunder, and he tentatively asked: “Xiao Shizi?”

Kang Lai Yin hummed in a low voice, his voice was sticky, and it seemed that it was really different from usual.

From Kang Xing Luo’s angle, he naturally couldn’t see Kang Lai Yin’s face, but if he could turn his head, he would be able to see Kang Lai Yin’s eyes, not at all delirious like last time.

Kang Lai Yin was completely awake but was trying to look unconscious.

Kang Dahei was back.

Kang Lai Yin’s position in this family was being threatened like never before.

There was no other way!

Kang Lai Yin had to take action!

Of course, the embarrassing idea of pretending to be in heat was a last resort, and Kang Lai Yin definitely didn’t premeditate, absolutely not!!

Kang Lai Yin’s heartbeat was faster than Kang Xing Luo’s. He tried his best to stabilize himself, grabbed Kang Xing Luo’s chin with one hand, and scrambled forward.

Kang Xing Luo was stunned for a moment, but he did not refuse.

Kang Lai Yin was so emotional that his arms trembled a little.

This light kiss was about to deepen, and Kang Lai Yin’s status was about to move towards the ideal land.

When suddenly there was a loud knock on the door.

Prince Kang howled loudly: “He’s just pretending!! There’s no smell in the room! He lied to you!!”

Kang Xue, Kang Miao & Kang Dahei said: “We can testify!”

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[1] It literally means little three referencing a mistress who was the third party in a relationship.

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