KHSW Ch. 194

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Ling Xi was sure that Chi Jiayang would never say that she had married Xu Yizhi first in front of them, so he would recklessly push all the questions asked from him.

“You bastard, how can you do such a thing?”

Chi Yanbin’s face was terrifyingly gloomy, and Wang Suping hurried to appease Ling Xi, “Ling Xi, this is indeed our family’s fault. Chi Jiayang, why don’t you apologize to Ling Xi?”

Although she didn’t like Ling Xi at first, now at this moment, she had to protect the face of their Chi family.

Chi Jiayang immediately apologized to Ling Xi in a low voice, “Ling Xi, I was really wrong. I was drunk that day, so I regarded Mengxue as you. I promise you that I will never drink in the future.”

Ling Xi sneered and put her arms around her arms, “Oh, you said that you were drunk that time? What about after that? Can you guarantee that you didn’t roll in the sheets with Ou Mengxue when you were awake?”

Chi Jiayang had a trace of guilty conscience in his drooping eyes, but at this time, of course he would not admit it, “Ling Xi, you have to believe me, there was only that one time between me and Ou Mengxue.”

“Oh, is it? Only once? “

Chi Jiayang nodded sharply.

“If it’s only once, than why is Ou Mengxue is pregnant?”

The news was like a bolt from the blue, and Chi Jiayang’s face turned pale.

Chi Yanbin and Wang Suping were even more shocked.

Chi Jiayang asked in disbelief: “Ling Xi, what did you just say? Ou Mengxue… Pregnant?” His voice trembled.

“If you don’t believe it, you can take her to the hospital to check it out in person.”

The blue veins on Chi Yanbin’s forehead burst, and he asked angrily, “Why did our Chi family have such a descendant as you?”

No matter how angry Wang Suping was, she still felt sorry for her son, “Yanbin, don’t be angry yet, isn’t it just that our son made someone pregnant? Just ask Jiayang to give her some money, and it won’t matter if she has an abortion.”

Chi Jingyu and Yang Huilin watched the play from the side, as if they were outsiders.

Sure enough, Chi Jiayang was Chi Yanbin’s biological son.

Ling Xi with a typical “It’s not too big a thing to watch a play”, adding fuel to the fire, said: “Auntie, did uncle do the same thing?”

After listening to Wang Suping and Ling Xi’s words, Chi Yanbin became even angrier, “Wang Suping, who do you think you are? When will it be your turn to be the master of the Chi family? Is this how you educate your son? If I had let you abort the child when I got to know you were pregnant, would there be so many problems today? Also, Chi Jiayang, let me tell you, if you can’t handle this matter well, get out of this house with your mother.”

Ling Xi looked at Chi Yanbin’s enraged self, and she felt a surge of pleasure in her heart. In the past life, she had never seen Chi Yanbin angry at Wang Suping and Chi Jiayang, but she saw it today.

This was just the beginning!

“Since uncle still has to deal with family affairs, I’ll take my leave first.”

Chi Yanbin immediately restrained his anger and tried his best to be as pleasant as possible, “Ling Xi, this time, our Chi family is sorry to you, if there is anything in the future that you want, you can mention it, as long as we can do it, we will definitely satisfy you.”

“Thank you, uncle.”

“Jingyu, go and send Ling Xi off!”

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