MGSGW Ch. 251

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Yes, her master paid attention to the naturalness in everything, so he felt that Lin Mumu should also look down on love.

But Lin Mumu just couldn’t take it lightly, she had finally accepted Yun Ting now, so to ask her to break up with him again, she just didn’t want to.

“It’s fine if you have an idea in your heart.” Professor Lin was unwilling to continue to talk about this matter: “People in our Taoist sect do not prohibit marriage, but I don’t recommend that you invest too much emotion and affect your practice. With your talent, there is still some hope for a breakthrough in the future.”

Lin Mumu couldn’t listen at all!

What kind of breakthrough or talent, this was not what she wanted at all. What she wanted is just Yun Ting.

“Master, rest, I won’t bother you.”

“Lin Mumu.” The old Taoist sighed, “Do you want to know about your biological parents?”

“No.” Lin Mumu shook her head: “They don’t even want me. Now, I only have my master.”

Lin Mumu used to always want to know who her biological parents were, why they abandoned her, and why she was an orphan.

Lin Mumu was a little scared now, she felt that Professor Lin would not let her get too involved with Yun Ting, maybe it had something to do with her background.

If that was the case, she would rather never know her own life experience. Rather than an imaginary family, she wanted the real Yun ting by her side.

Professor Lin looked at Lin Mumu’s back and didn’t know what she was thinking.

Lin Tianlang didn’t ask, he just made a pot of hot tea silently, and poured it for the master.

Although their master seemed strict and unreliable, he actually loved Lin Mumu the most in his heart. If it weren’t for some unavoidable reasons, the master wouldn’t beat these mandarin ducks with a stick.

After all, Yun Ting was a very noble person, and his aura was also the most helpful to those who practiced Taoism. It was not a loss for Lin Mumu to have married him, and he also loved Lin Mumu deeply. No matter how you look at their marriage, they should be blessed and fulfilled.

There must be some difficulties for the master to do this, but it was a pity that Junior Sister Lin couldn’t understand this.

Lin Mumu pouted and returned to her room, feeling a little depressed.

“What’s the matter? Did your master teach you a lesson?” Yun Ting took Lin Mumu’s hand and stuffed a large lollipop into her palm.

“I’m an adult, I don’t want to eat such childish things!” Lin Mumu protested, but she tore off the package of the lollipop without any resistance, and put it in her mouth.

“Has the mooncake been torn apart?” Seeing Lin Mumu’s angry appearance, Yun Ting asked.

Lin Mumu, with a lollipop in her mouth, turned her face, looked at Yun Ting seriously, and asked a question: “Yun Ting, let’s have a baby.”


“Are you also talking like that old man? Just waiting until the three-year period expires to return me?” Lin Mumu became more and more aggrieved.

“Fool.” Yun Ting flicked Lin Mumu’s forehead: “You are only eighteen years old, it’s too early to have a baby now. Didn’t we agree that we will wait until you graduate from college.”

“I don’t care, I want children. As long as after giving birth, you can’t return me.” Lin Mumu suddenly exerted force, and her whole body lay on Yun Ting’s body.

Lin Mumu’s movements were clumsy, but firm. She was now trying to pull Yun Ting’s clothes, trying to take off these obstructive things.

But she was not familiar, why was it so hard to get rid of these clothes?

Lin Mumu touched him casually, igniting Yun Ting’s temperature, but his clothes hadn’t been torn off yet.

Yun Ting watched the little girl tossing around patiently, and when he couldn’t stand it anymore, he reminded her, “I’m the one with the hood.”

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