KHSW Ch. 318

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“Come on, let me see your arm.”

Ling Xi pulled her sleeves and exposed the wounded area which was covered with gauze.

“Can’t you be more careful in the future?” Pei Shan’s words of reproach implied concern.

“No, Sister Pei, why should I be careful about this kind of thing? It’s fine if I don’t scratch my face.”

“If you had really waited for that wolf’s paw to scratch your face, you couldn’t continue to be an artist.” Thinking of what the general manager said to her today, Pei Shan’s eyes darkened.

Ling Xi pursed her lips, not caring about her appearance.

“It’s good for you to come back. You must have heard the rumours about you. Tell me what happened.”

“These rumours are not a big deal. I did donate more than 200,000 yuan to build a primary school in a village before. As for what happened later, it must have been done by Ou Mengxue.”

Jiang Shu also said, “That’s right, I went to Ou Mengxue just now, and she admitted it herself. As for the evidence, it’s in the voice recorder Ling Xi gave me last time.”

When Pei Shan heard that Jiang Shu got the evidence, her eyebrows relaxed, “As long as there is evidence, Jiang Shu, you did a good job this time.”

“Thank you, Miss Pei.”

Hearing that Jiang Shu went to look for Ou Mengxue, Ling Xi thought of the black van again.

“Jiang Shu, apart from this matter, has Ou Mengxue revealed anything else to you?”

Ou Mengxue just wanted to take someone’s life casually, and now she was terrified to the extreme, like a monster who had lost her mind.

Jiang Shu hesitated, it was better not to tell Ling Xi about this for now, so she slowly shook her head and said, “No more.”

Pei Shan continued: “Also, Ling Xi, please find your mother again. I know she is the editor-in-chief of Entertainment Express Magazine. Can you ask her to help write a report to clarify the facts.”

“Got it, sister Pei, I’ll go now.”

At this time, the Entertainment Express magazine office had been busy for a whole morning, and the phone had not stopped ringing since the news broke in the morning.

“Editor, the editor-in-chief is looking for you.”

“Okay, I see, thank you!”

Meng Xinyan went out and heard the colleagues from the magazine whispering, “I’ll just say, why did Ling Xi only cooperate with her in the last interview, so they have a mother-daughter relationship!”

“However, I didn’t expect our editor-in-chief to have worked as a sanitation worker. Although she is the mother of a celebrity, she has a lot of face, but her life is too hard.”

“I always feel that there is something hidden in it. Look, if Ling Xi is not good to her mother, why did she accept her mother’s exclusive interview? Don’t you think so?”

“You don’t know that, Ling Xi must be thinking that with her mother in the magazine, it must be easier to promote her.”

“I didn’t expect Ling Xi to be such a white-eyed wolf. Her mother worked so hard to bring her up, but she treated her mother like this. Speaking of it, our editor-in-chief is also very pitiful.”

When Meng Xinyan heard what they said, she stopped immediately. She wanted to clarify for Ling Xi, but she was afraid that after she said it, they would mistake it for her protecting Ling Xi.

She had no choice but to sigh and walk away.

Editor-in-Chief Office.

“Knock, knock—” Meng Xinyan knocked on the door twice.

“Please come in.”

“Chief editor, are you looking for me?”

“Xinyan, why didn’t you tell us about your relationship with Ling Xi before?”

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