KHSW Ch. 319

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“Editor-in-Chief, I…”

“Needless to say, I understand. You were worried that your daughter will be unhappy if she finds out, right?”

“Not like this……”

“Okay, needless to say, since Ling Xi’s scandal is spreading like wildfire, why don’t you interview Ling Xi about the fraudulent donations? I believe everyone will be very interested in this, but you have to agree in advance that you won’t act as Ling Xi’s mother, you are also the editor-in-chief of our magazine, so you must not have the intention to cover up. Furthermore, since your daughter is not good to you, why not expose this matter? The result is now better, and the people from “Feng Xing” got in first.” The editor-in-chief was filled with panic whenever he thought about this matter.

“The editor-in-chief really misunderstood. When I started working as a sanitation worker, I did it without Ling Xi’s knowledge. But as soon as Ling Xi found out about it, she immediately asked me to resign.”

The editor-in-chief interrupted her again, “You don’t need to say it, I understand. Oh, yes, someone just called me and said that one of your former sanitation worker colleagues has been interviewed by “Feng Xing”. You see, what a pity!”

“Editor-in-chief, I’m sorry, I want to resign.”

The editor-in-chief was about to say something when he heard her “resign” and was stunned for a long time. “You have done a good job, why do you want to resign? Is it because the salary is not enough? If not, I will give you a raise.”

“Editor-in-chief, it’s not because of this.”

“That’s why, you tell me, as long as you tell me, I will satisfy you.”

Now Meng Xinyan was the “Goddess of Wealth” of their magazine. Since she became the editor-in-chief, their magazine’s magazine sales and entertainment news clicks had climbed to new highs. If this “Goddess of Wealth” left, weren’t they going to cry to death?

“Chief Editor, what I said is true. It was the people from the “Feng Xing” studio who made irresponsible remarks without understanding the truth of the matter. Yes, yes, Ling Xi is my daughter, but she did not abuse me, these rumours should be confined to the wise.”

The editor-in-chief felt uncomfortable for a moment, “Um, Xinyan, I understand what you mean. We all have misunderstood. So what do you want me to do so that you don’t resign?”

“I want to write a clarification report and publish it. In addition, I can interview Ling Xi, but the content of the interview needs to be decided by me.”

“Okay, okay, of course.”

After walking out of the editor-in-chief’s office, Meng Xinyan let out a breath. In fact, she had just made a gamble. Fortunately, she was right.

When Ling Xi called Meng Xinyan, Meng Xinyan had just released the clarification manuscript she had written.

“Hello? Xi’er, Mom just sent out the clarification statement, do you want to read it?”

“Mom, when you were working as a sanitation worker, did you have a colleague named Zhao?”

“Well, yes, I just heard from the editor-in-chief that someone from Feng Xing seemed to have gone to interview them. Has the report already come out?”

Ling Xi propped her chin on her elbow, “Yes, Mom, do you have her contact information?”

Meng Xinyan frowned because she also saw the interview about Xiao Zhao.

How could this Xiao Zhao talk nonsense? Creating something out of nothing.

“Xi’er, please wait for Mom. Mom will go with you to confront her.”

When Ling Xi thought about it, it was true that she was face-blind and wouldn’t be able to recognize her at all.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you below your magazine office in a while.”

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