RCFS Ch. 160: Junyao High School 1

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Ye Yunxi started staying at Di Junxie’s house as his fiancée just like that, Di Wei was very unhappy about it, but he didn’t say anything. As for Di Weiqian, she was sent to live in school early in the morning.

Early in the morning, the sun and the people were beautiful, and Di Junxie even felt that the air smelled particularly good this morning.

Hades spread its wings and flew above the heads of the two. Even if it was a minor, its wings were much longer than ordinary birds.

The noisy birds around, when they saw the huge shadow of Hades, they immediately quieted down. A terrifying sense of oppression fluttered between the shadows of the dense forest. Small birds such as sparrows huddled together shivering, for fear of being discovered by Hades, and that they would die if he found them.

Therefore, the surroundings were extremely quiet, and no bird dared to call at this moment.

They didn’t want to die either.

Ye Yunxi pressed her legs while answering the phone.

Ye Junpo’s voice was extremely excited: “Yunxi, the box office of our movie’s first screening has already exceeded 1 billion! Wan Ming is going to arrange a second screening for us!”

Generally, movies would be released for half a month to first look at the box office results, this was known as the first round of screenings. If the results were good, there would be an additional round of screenings, or even three or four rounds.

Now that the box office of the first round had exceeded one billion, it would definitely be screened in the second round.

“That’s great.”

“By the way, Dad has already received the box office earnings of the first round of screening. It’s a lot of money! Dad is really happy. By the way, your brother is also very excited. Dad will just give it to you.”

“He got 10,000 pocket money, so he immediately went to the art supply store to buy two drawing boards, saying that one would be used by himself, and the other would look good on display!”

Ye Yunxi: What can she say?

It was not her fault that her brother’s attributes were secondary.

“By the way, Dad has also issued a card for you. You contributed the most in this filming. Half of the box office money should go to you. Dad has deposited it for you. When you come back, Dad will give it to you!”

Ye Junpo was also well-intentioned, where was Junyao?

The children there were not the students of the Imperial Secondary School, where there was uneven, and both rich and poor students studied together.

Junyao’s students, at worst, belonged to the rich second generation, otherwise, Junyao’s tuition fees would not be so high!

Ye Junpo was also afraid that his daughter would be bullied in Junyao, so he wanted to give the card to his daughter before the official classes started, then at least she would not be looked down upon because of lack of money.

“No need, Dad. I’ll go back and get it at the weekend. I won’t need it anyway.”

With a black card in her hand, she could use as many assets as she had, so it didn’t matter whether she had the card or not.


Ye Junpo’s broken voice was a little disappointed: “When you are at school, you must take good care of yourself, if someone bullies you, beat them back!”

Ye Yunxi glanced at the man next to her who was leaning against a tree and smoking, with a heavy hum.

Don’t worry, Dad, I won’t show mercy.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Yunxi directly asked the system: “How much is my current black card limit?”

Congratulations to the host, the black card limit has been increased to: 100 million!

One hundred million?

So little?

Dad gave her half, that was to say, one billion at the box office, but the money in Dad’s hands was only 200 million.

Even with tax deductions and movie theatre income, they should be able to get at least 30!

But after thinking about it carefully, Ye Yunxi quickly understood that the reason why they got so little was because her father was not well-known, and there was no backer behind him. He just got two hundred million.

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