RCFS Ch. 161: Junyao High School 2

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But what Ye Yunxi didn’t know was that the money he got was actually only 190 million, not 200 million. Ye Junpo was afraid that she would be bullied at school, so he gave her the bigger portion.

But it didn’t matter, this was just the first movie. She could make money quickly. Now that she had accumulated capital, when the company was established and the business network was created, those who had sucked their blood, one day, she would make them spit it all out!

Ding! The host is awesome, and the first round of box office of the hit film task has reached the standard, so now you can receive Awesomeness XP: 30,000, physical strength: 20! Do you want to receive it?

“No, wait together.”

She wanted to see how much physical strength she could get!


Mr. System was very well-behaved now, the host could do whatever she wanted, there was no way, who made the host so strong and handsome?

The system had surrendered, so what self-will was needed?

As long as it had the host, it would be fine!

Ding! The movie task is up to standard, and a new map is opened: Junyao High School! The host is big, please take me to fly!

Ye Yunxi smiled, raised her head and whistled, Hades landed firmly on Ye Yunxi’s arm, with something in his mouth, and moved towards Ye Yunxi’s mouth as if to please.

“Good boy!”

Ye Yunxi smoothed its fur, and Hades threw the thing in her mouth into her palm, and it turned out to be a terrified hamster.

Shui Lingling’s eyes were round with fright, its ears were pricked up, and its fluffy body was stiff.

However, it was quite cute. She didn’t expect such a fierce Hades to have such a cute little hamster in his mouth.


Hades opened his mouth and yelled at the hamster. The little guy was so frightened that he went straight to Ye Yunxi’s shoulder, buried himself in her long hair, and looked out timidly with only his eyes exposed.

Haha, so cute!!

Hades was upset, the food he brought had won the favour of his master!!

Without further ado, he took the hamster out and spread his wings to fly.

“Don’t eat it!”

Hades froze for a moment. In desperation, he could only throw the hamster up, spread his wings to catch it, and fly around. After a while, there was a lump of stiff and soft meat on his forehead, and he immediately asked for praise in front of Ye Yunxi.


She was about to die of laughter, the hamster was so frightened that its fur was blown to pieces by the wind, as if it had just been trampled.

Still cute!

Stretching out her hand to poke the little hamster’s limp body, the little guy kicked his legs and came back to his senses.


Why do you touch someone!!

Hades was upset, spread his wings, and continued to fly with the little hamster. However, after a few rounds, Mr. Hamster seemed to be having a good time. He didn’t know how to be afraid at all. He jumped on Hades’ head, and his teeth were still showing.


Hades got angry and wanted to shake it off, but the hamster grabbed the fur on the top of its head and began to enjoy the flying mode.

Ye Yunxi couldn’t help laughing, Hades, who was being used as a mount, landed at Ye Yunxi’s feet with a face of grievance, lowered his head and rubbed against her thigh, begging for comfort!!!

Ye Yunxi could only hold back her laughter, and stretch out her hand, then the hamster obediently climbed into her palm, and the whole hamster collapsed into a satisfied ball, its claws retracted, as it turned into a soft ball of fur.

Really, super cute!!

“From today onwards, your name is Qiuqiu.”

The little hamster shook his ears, rolled over and got up, raised his paw to hug Ye Yunxi’s finger, stretched out his pink and tender tongue the size of a sesame seed, and licked it very cutely, one time!

Do you want to be so cute and soft?

Foul foul!!!

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