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“I prepared a whole new set of clothes for you, so that you won’t run naked.” Thinking of something, Shen Yu smiled lightly, and added, “You mentioned in your article that the xx brand has a coat you like very much, you can only afford it if you withdraw money at the end of the day, but in fact, you don’t have to wait that long, as long as you change your shape obediently tonight, you can wear it.”

Xu Maomao blushed, Shen Yu actually looked at his novel! He also read his thoughts! God, he hoped he didn’t know the correct way to swipe the card to get on the bus – after all, he had many stupid readers who didn’t even know how to swipe the card to get on the bus. The meaning of meat… Writer Xu thought innocently.

But he didn’t get rewarded for nothing, the male god Da Da’s clothes were too expensive, he dared not take them…

Shen Yu seemed to know his estimate and said softly: “Just treat it as a loan for you to wear, don’t feel burdened.”

“… Meow.” Although you said that, but, what day was it today, male god!

Putting on new clothes and spending Christmas with the male god or something, it was like a date!

Xu Maomao was moved!

Ashamed and happy, and a little dreamy, Xu Maomao thought to himself: Anyway, the potion must be used up within three days, and today was Christmas Eve, so there was no need to use it in vain. Male god, in order to make you happy, I will do my best!

The puppet cat had a shy face and nodded its head with a smile on its face.

When they were in the car, he entered the chat group to say goodbye to Alalei and Dr. Mi, but he accidentally switched the interface and sent it to the group chat.

[Oscar]: The Shit Shoveling Officer invited me to spend Christmas with humans! Looking forward to it!

The group of cats was shocked: Oscar’s tone…why did it sound like he was going to meet a female cat! Alas! There was a sour smell of about to fall in love!

[Heimang]: …

In a corner of the same city, a black cat was staring at the screen and licking its paws. After a while, it closed the chat group, turned around and ran in one direction.

Back home, Shen Yu really took out the suit that Xu Maomao was thinking about, and he also thoughtfully prepared the underwear.

Xu Maomao looked at the little white pants, his cat face almost turning ripe!

“Put it on in after transformation.” Shen Yu said again, “I have compared your size, it should fit you well.”

What size have you compared!!

As soon as Xu Maomao thought of the crotch bump that day, and the scene where his indescribable part was on the opponent’s knee, he immediately wanted to find a crack in the ground and slip through.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Yu urged, “We have to go there before eight o’clock, hurry up.”

“Meow~~woo~~~” You, don’t look!

Xu Maomao raised his claws and pointed at the male god angrily, then covered his eyes, believing that he, who had always been kind to cats, should soon understand what it meant.

As a result, Shen Yu raised his eyebrows and pretended not to understand.

Xu Maomao protested weakly, but met Shen Yu’s bright expectant eyes, and his heart froze, he bit his gift box, and dragged the box to another room with some divine power, and then used his butt to slam the door shut.

Shen Yu, who wanted to take the opportunity to feast his eyes but hoped in vain: …

Xu Maomao squatted in the room blushing with his heartbeat racing, took a deep breath, and after dispelling the pink picture in his mind, he went into the big backpack and took out the bottle of potion.

Amitabha, hope it is strong enough to last the whole dinner, otherwise he will have to imitate Cinderella and leave the glass slipper before twelve o’clock!

He gulped down the purple glow potion, and soon the itching of being torn and stretched hit the body. Ten seconds later, a half-naked and white orc boy with a cat’s tail and cat ears and claws on its hands and feet replaced the chubby Ragdoll just now. After accurately chanting Miaomiao Miaomiao’s incantation, the tail, ears, hands and feet were completely transformed, then Xu Maomao quickly put on his clothes.

It was a camel-colored mid-length coat. Shen Yu’s visual inspection was very accurate and it fit well. The material was very crisp. It was worthy of being from a luxury brand. Although Xu Maomao had shrunk by a size compared to his previous self, his body proportions were still very good. Well, the clothes perfectly complement his complexion and body shape, making him appear full of luxury.

He pushed open the door nervously, even though he was satisfied in the mirror, he was still nervous to appear in front of his sweetheart, for fear that Shen Yu would find it unattractive.

When the person came out, Shen Yu’s eyes were suffocated, and his eyes shone with amazement.

Xu Maomao pinched the corner of his clothes but did not move.

“Come here.” Shen Yu said in a deep voice. Seeing that he didn’t move, Shen Yu simply walked over and picked him up, still in the horizontal hugging position!

“Ah!” Xu Maomao panicked, “What are you doing!”

“Me,” Shen Yu laughed lowly, “I was hugging my cat, but now he seems to have gotten heavier.”

The deep magnetic sexy bass cannon passed by his ear, causing Xu Maomao to tremble all over, and his face was burned into a small apple almost instantly. However, he regained his senses and immediately struggled to jump down. Even though he had transformed into his human form, he was still very agile since his main body was a cat.

“I, I, I, I am not your cat now! Let me go!”

Stuttering so nervously, Shen Yu wanted to kiss him at that moment, but Xu Maomao struggled too hard, and instantly turned the pink colored bubble burst, so he had to let go of his hand angrily, and change the subject: “You seem to be able to talk?”

“I, I’m not used to getting too close to others, well, you have to restrain yourself, I’m a big living person now, even if that’s the case, you can’t do too much of that.” Well, even if you have such a brain, you have to bear it too, we haven’t matched our horoscope yet, Mr. Shen! Don’t play hooligan just because I like you!

The disappointment in Shen Yu’s heart was instantly healed by his shyness. He heard from Zhong Xiang long ago that Xu Maomao was deep in the closet with no experience at all. Even though he drove so smoothly on the Internet, he was still a conservative little virgin in reality—well, he suited him very well.

Now the atmosphere may not be in place yet, so Shen Yu told himself not to be in a hurry, besides, the troublemaker Oscar was lying between the two of them, Shen Yu chuckled and comforted: “I know my Mr. Xu, now we can go out together, right?”

The shoes were also ready, the brand was expensive, the moment Xu Maomao put it on, he really had the illusion that he was Cinderella. Shen Yu also brought him a men’s watch, which he couldn’t afford even if he put all his manuscript fees together with his current business.

Sure enough, there was magic on Christmas Eve, and Dr. Mi was his fairy godmother, and the male god was the prince who is about to dance with him… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Xu Maomao felt that his whole body was blowing dirty air, and before he was about to be swept away, he reminded weakly: “It can only last for two hours…”

Shen Yu naturally understood what it meant, and hurriedly took him out together.

There were too many people going out on Christmas Eve. Shen Yu’s car passed several intersections that were blocked by people. In desperation, he stopped the car, turned around and said to Xu Maomao, “Take the subway.”

It could be seen that the super rich second generation in the community of Tianx Gate actually had to take the subway to date someone!

It was intoxicating to think about it, and Shen Yu was also a little embarrassed: “Sorry, my helicopter is not in this city, not to mention private helicopters are not allowed to hover in this city…”

God, you don’t need to explain! I understand! If you keep talking, I’ll think you’re brazenly showing off your wealth!

Xu Maomao hurriedly said: “It’s okay, I like the subway too.”

So the two rich men dressed in half a house entered the bustling subway station sweetly side by side.

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