IHSB Ch. 48

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Gu Mingli laughed, and raised his hand to rub her little head.

“Your brother isn’t hurt anymore.”

Tang Le and the others felt sad and envious. They were also beaten, but the treatment was completely different. Destroy it! The world didn’t love them anymore.

The little girl didn’t believe it. Her brother’s injury looked painful, so she forced him to see a doctor.

If it were someone else, Gu Mingli might have become impatient long ago. He never needed others to take care of his affairs, but it was a different story, when the person was Nuan Nuan.

“Okay, my brother will obey you and go to the doctor.”

Nuan Nuan suddenly smiled with crooked eyebrows, and said in a childlike voice, “Fourth brother is so good.”

Gu Mingli “…”


Tang Le laughed unconscionably, hahaha… so good, this word was used on him, Gu Mingli, hahaha…

Gu Nan pinched the back of Nuan Nuan’s neck, the little girl shrank her neck and leaned against her big brother, her small knob-like arms actively hugged his neck, looking very dependent.

“Big brother, let’s take fourth brother to see a doctor.”

Seeing the little girl’s attention on him, a trace of satisfaction flashed in Gu Nan’s eyes.

Gu Mingli followed behind and clicked his tongue. He really didn’t expect that the eldest brother would snatch his sister with such a cold look!

But didn’t he just come back today? Why was the relationship between the two so good? He remembered that children were generally very afraid of their elder brother, the kind where they cried as soon as they saw him.

Gu Mingli couldn’t help but think of the girl from the distant relatives of the Gu family, who was trembling and crying in front of Gu Nan, but still wanted to get close to him against her will under the guidance of her adults.

Pushing his tongue against his cheeks, Gu Mingli let out a snort. Sure enough, other people were different from one’s own. Just see how natural Nuan Nuan’s attitude was towards their elder brother.

After checking in the infirmary, besides the slight wound on the corner of his mouth, Gu Mingli also had a large bruise on his shoulder.

The skin of people of the Gu family was very fair, and the young masters who grew up with golden spoons in their mouths would not be exposed to the sun unless they were stupid, so Gu Mingli’s skin colour was fair, and thus the large patch on his shoulders looked particularly scary.

Standing behind Gu Mingli, Nuan Nuan pursed her mouth and looked at him, then her eyes turned red with distress, and her watery appearance seemed to be about to cry in a second.

Gu Mingli’s fearless temperament was finally at a loss. Even Gu Nan frowned, and Gu An felt as if he was facing a formidable enemy.

“Don’t cry, brother isn’t hurt seriously.”

Nuan Nuan’s little mouth shrank, and the little milky voice was crying with a choked voice.

“It hurts.”

“Nuan Nuan used to hurt when she fell, and brother should hurt too.” She blew twice more, her eyes were watery, her eyelashes fluttered twice, and crystal teardrops hung on them.

Hearing what she said before, the hearts of the three elder brothers present felt as if they had been pricked by needles.

“Give brother Huhu…, Nuan Nuan, Huhu…, it won’t hurt anymore.”

She was clearly a child, but at this moment she coaxed Gu Mingli like she was coaxing a child.

That little one’s appearance that seemed to be hurting more than Gu Mingli himself really made everyone present feel distressed and dumbfounded.

“I just look serious, but look, if it hurts, I will cry, right? Your brother didn’t cry, and his eyebrows didn’t even frown, look.”

Nuan Nuan really observed carefully, and found that what he said was really true.

She touched Gu Mingli’s face blankly, and asked softly, “Brother, is it not really painful?”


He gritted his teeth as soon as he finished saying a word, and the doctor who was applying the medicine behind him was embarrassed, “I’ll try to be as light as possible.”

Gu Mingli groaned in his heart, this stepping on the horse was intentional!

But he still had to be strong, “It doesn’t hurt!”

Nuan Nuan heard this, and turned to look at the doctor who was applying the medicine to her brother.

“Doctor, be gentler, be gentler.”

The doctor was instructed by such a soft, glutinous and milky voice, and the little girl was watching nervously from the side again, so his movements really became much lighter.

Tang Le: “…”

This school doctor was known to often be harsh when administering medicine to those injured in fights, it was painful enough to kill them.

He had fallen under the claws of this doctor before, and now he wanted to run when he saw him…

But now, this was really a light hand.

After Gu Mingli’s medicine was finished, Tang Le swallowed his saliva and shouted as he saw the smiling school doctor walking towards him.

“Can I get another doctor to help me with the medicine!”

The smile continued, “You can’t.”

In just three seconds, there was a pig-killing scream from the school infirmary, and Wu Kuang and Lu Xingzhi’s bodies instantly tensed up, they were eager to run away.

When it was Lu Xingzhi’s turn, he looked at Nuan Nuan next to Gu Mingli and had an idea, and he walked over with his long legs and snatched her into his arms.

“Let me give you a hug.”

He looked at Gu Mingli with his eyes, who was wondering if he was trying to die?

Gu Mingli “…”

All right, I’ll take advantage of you.

Then that smile met the little girl’s clear and bright eyes again.

“Brother doctor~”

The school doctor: “…”

The effect of Nuan Nuan’s call was outstanding, and Lu Xingzhi only felt a slight tingling pain at the place where the medicine was applied, there was no tragic situation like Tang Le’s crying.

Tang Le, who was lying on the bed in the infirmary, gasped for breath, raised his hand and gave Lu Xingzhi the middle finger with tears in his eyes.

“The surname Lu had this idea, but you didn’t say it earlier!”

It caused him to die of pain.

Lu Xingzhi gave him a silly look, he had to experience it for himself.

After going to the doctor, Nuan Nuan finally remembered the purpose of coming here today, and took out the gift she brought for fourth brother.

“Fourth brother, this is for you. Nuan Nuan and Dad went to the mall to buy it.”

Gu Mingli’s eyes flashed with surprise, the keychain in Nuan Nuan’s hand was hung with a soft and cute little white rabbit. It was made of high-quality white jade, there was no flaw at all, and it looked very well-behaved. He immediately thought of Nuan Nuan when he saw the little rabbit.

Although rabbits were a bit unmanly, but it depended on who sent them, people… were animals with double standards.

“Fourth brother likes it very much.”

Gu Mingli pinched the little girl’s cheeks. He didn’t know why, but he just had a soft spot for the little girl’s cheeks.

“Brother… as long as you like it.”

Gu An angrily stood beside him and hummed super loudly, the kind that made his eyes turn red with anger.

Nuan Nuan quickly called out.

“Little brother~”

Gu An turned his head away from looking at her, it was useless to call him brother, he was angry, and at the same time felt extremely wronged.

“Brother, Nuan Nuan hasn’t forgotten you.”

As she spoke, she took out a clay figure. The face, the little milk fat on the cheeks looked very cute, the exquisite facial features and soft and cute appearance seemed to be modelled after Nuan Nuan’s current appearance, but the hand-made doll was obviously fatter.

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