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“Mi Wan.” Xiang Zhen yelled, then he jumped off the railing of the auditorium, and ran all the way, “You actually defeated the seventh-level peak demon, you are even stronger than my master.”

“Then do you want to change it? To become my student?” Mi Wan joked.

“Ah? Forget it, I’ve been with my teacher for many years.” Xiang Zhen was stunned for a moment, then shook his head.

“Giving it back to you.” Mi Wan smiled and returned the dagger in her hand to Xiang Zhen.

Xiang Zhen took over his magic weapon, which had been with him since he was ten years old, but for so many years, he had never used this magic weapon to kill a demon above the third level, and often because his spiritual power was not good, it would even cause damage to the magic weapon, and it needed to be taken back by his master to repair it. Compared to the way Mi Wan showed off the magical power of his magic weapon just now, he was really useless. If the magic weapon was alive, it would probably be crying at this time.

“Student Mi Wan.” At this time, Bai Feng also came over with a flattering smile on his face.

“President Bai?” Mi Wan subconsciously held the vine bracelet she was wearing on her left wrist with her right hand, feeling the bursts of soothing power on it, so as not to make her exhausted body too tired, “What, you want to fight me too?”

“You’re joking, I’m no match for you.” Bai Feng turned pale with fright and waved his hands repeatedly.

“I thought President Bai wouldn’t let me go.” Mi Wan said with a smile.

“Why, everything’s forgotten after you defeated the patriarch of the Hua Clan. Naturally, our Demon Hunter Association has no reason to lock you up.”

“Then what about my pet hospital? Do you want to close it?”

“This… …You can do whatever you want.” Even if he didn’t think so in his heart, he dared not say it now. It didn’t matter, he couldn’t control this matter anyway, he would just report today’s matter to the headquarters later and let the headquarters find a way.

“President Bai suddenly became more talkative.” Mi Wan said in surprise. “I’ve always been amiable, so it’s better to talk. If you don’t believe me, ask Xiang Zhen, hehehe…”

Xiang Zhen: “…”

“Oh, if I knew that Chairman Bai would become so talkative after one night, I wouldn’t have thought about killing you right after lunch. Fortunately, people from the Hua clan came first, which prevented me from accidentally injuring my own people.” Mi Wan said rather “luckily”.

“Yes, yes, our own people, our own people, we are all demon hunters.” Bai Feng nodded repeatedly.

Xiang Zhen was listening at the side and he couldn’t look directly at the shamelessness of his president.

Mi Wan smiled, knowing that Bai Feng did not dare to offend her easily because of the powerful strength she showed just now, she did not continue to run on him. Mi Wan turned her head and asked Xiang Zhen, “Where’s my tea?”

“Tea?” Xiang Zhen was taken aback.    

“Camellia demon.”

President Bai Feng reminded alertly, “It’s still in the hall, I’ll have someone fetch it for you.”

“Yes.” Mi Wan nodded.

Fan Chen’s demon power was supporting her, so she didn’t dare to stay for a long time. She took the body of the camellia demon and immediately left the Demon Hunter Association.

It took about 50 minutes to drive from the Demon Hunter association to the old house in the eastern suburbs. Mi Wan was asleep the whole time. Fortunately, the driver she met was a good man, otherwise she didn’t know which wilderness she would be dragged to. As for who would be unlucky after stopping…cough…it was hard to say.

After a good sleep, Mi Wan recovered a little, and when she took out her mobile phone and was about to pay, she suddenly realized that her mobile phone was out of battery. She smiled awkwardly at the driver, asked the driver to wait for her for a while, and went in and asked Xiao Zhang to advance the fare for her.

“Miss, why is your phone turned off?” As soon as she entered the door, Butler Ye rushed over anxiously.

“I forgot to charge it last night. Did you have something to do with me?” When she was at the Demon Hunter Association yesterday, she had to choose between violent killing and convincing others for a long time, and she forgot to charge her mobile phone for a while.

“Young master was discharged from the hospital today, why didn’t you come over to pick him up.” Butler Ye complained.

“Isn’t he all right?” Mi Wan saw Mrs. Zhang coming out of the kitchen, and immediately shouted, “Auntie Zhang, I want to have a big meal and chicken soup tonight. I have to make up for it.”

“Are you tired? Well, I’ll make you a big meal tonight.” Mrs. Zhang threw away the dishcloth in her hand, went back to the kitchen to get her grocery bag, and then went out to buy ingredients for stewed chicken.

“This is the best time to repair your brother-sister relationship.” Butler Ye said decisively, “When Mrs. Zhang has finished cooking the chicken soup tonight, you can send a bowl to the young master.”

Mi Wan was speechless for a moment, she felt that Butler Ye was more worried about repairing their brother-sister relationship than their own parents. Unable to discourage the enthusiasm of the old man, Mi Wan did not refute, but just raised her hand and sent the camellia in her hand to Butler Ye.

“Why did you send me a flower?” Butler Ye patted her away in disgust, intending to continue talking about the chicken soup.

“It’s not for you, it’s for making tea.” Mi Wan explained helplessly. Although the camellia was not good, making tea out of it was still very nourishing. If Butler Ye knew that drinking the tea from the flower he disliked just now could prolong his life, she didn’t know how he would feel.

“Make tea, miss, do you want scented tea?” Butler Ye took the camellia and said, “This flower is still fresh, it might taste bad after brewing, I will use a scented teapot to boil it, if the fragrance is not enough, I will add more …”

“No need to add, this camellia is very fragrant when brewed. After boiling, put a pot aside and send it to the family home.” It just so happened that the enchanting power of this camellia also existed in Mi Yan’s entanglement technique, so she would send it around and the sequelae would be fine.

Butler Ye’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly remembered that when he returned to the ward of the young master last night, wasn’t the fragrance in the room exactly the same as the fragrance of the flowers in front of him? It turned out to be the scented tea that the young master liked. The young lady was worthy of being from the Mi family, she was hard spoken but soft-hearted.

“Okay, I’ll make it now.” Butler Ye happily took the camellia and went to the kitchen to make tea.

After dismissing Butler Ye, Mi Wan went back to her bedroom, plugged in the cell phone that had been turned off, and then took her pajamas and went to the bathroom. It was said that it was easy to go from frugality to extravagance, but difficult to go from extravagance to frugality. Since she was reborn, she had enjoyed the joy of taking a bath every day. Now if she did not take a bath once in a while, she felt uncomfortable.

After a simple rinse, Mi Wan slumped comfortably on the sofa, staring at the vine bracelet that she had taken off in a daze.

Mi Wan knew very well that it was because of this vine bracelet that her soul didn’t go out of her body after she exhausted her spiritual power today. Fan Chen specially sent the vine over the night before, and the vine contained his original demonic power, it was as if he had calculated that she was going to have a fight with the patriarch of the Hua clan today, so he specially sent his demonic power over in order to prevent her soul from going out of her body.

“It will be useful tomorrow?” Mi Wan repeated the last sentence Fan Chen said last night, confirming her guess even more, “He won’t be the one who got the patriarch of the Hua demon to attack me right, otherwise why did the demon clan rush over to kill me?”

Mi Wan was analyzing, when someone knocked on the door of the room.

“Miss, I brought you tea.” Butler Ye’s voice sounded from behind the door.

“Please come in.” Mi Wan put the bracelet on her hand again.

Butler Ye came in with a tray. On the tray was an exquisite glass teapot, several matching cups, and a plate of snacks, which were put together on the coffee table in front of Mi Wan: “I’ve already packed most of it, and let Xiao Zhang deliver it.”

As he spoke, Butler Ye picked up a cup and poured a cup of scented tea for Mi Wan, and the moment the tea overflowed, the room was filled with fragrance.

“Chichi~~” The little squirrel, who had been hiding in the book tree house and nibbling nuts, suddenly didn’t even want the nuts. He rushed over with a chirp, and his paws couldn’t wait to touch the glass, but he screamed an octave higher when he was scalded.

“Be careful of scalding.” Butler Ye wanted to stop it but was a step too late. Seeing the way the little squirrel rubbed its paws after being scalded, he couldn’t help being a little amused, “Miss, what kind of camellia did you bring? It smells so fragrant after being boiled. Even Pine Nuts can’t help being hungry.”

“Chichi~~” The little squirrel nodded repeatedly, as if responding to Butler Ye’s words.

Mi Wan smiled, handed the cup of tea that Butler Ye had poured back to Butler Ye, and said, “Uncle Ye, this tea is good for your health, you should drink a cup too.”

“No, no, it’s so expensive. How can I drink this tea?” Butler Ye quickly waved his hand, although he didn’t know what kind of camellia it was, but just by the scent, he knew it was not an ordinary flower.

“If you don’t drink it, I’ll pour it all for Pine Nuts?” Mi Wan said intentionally.

“Chichi~~” The little squirrel’s eyes lit up in surprise, as if to say, give it to me, butler Ye, you must not drink it. It’s a pity that Butler Ye couldn’t understand what it said from its chirping, so he took the teacup handed over by Mi Wan with a smile.

“Then thank you, Miss.” The teacup was not big, Butler Ye blew on it twice, and drank up the tea inside in just two sips. All of a sudden, he felt his mouth was fragrant and his spirit was refreshed, he even felt as if his old cold legs, which ached in winter, suddenly didn’t hurt anymore.

“Good tea.” Butler Ye couldn’t help but praise.

“Drink another cup if you like it.” Mi Wan said and went to pour tea for Butler Ye.

“No, no, I have something else to do, so I have to get busy.” Butler Ye quickly put down the teacup and left the room.

This scented teapot was not big at all, and he filled a lot of it for the young master just now. At this time, the tea in the pot was estimated to be only two cups. Butler Ye was thinking secretly, but he didn’t know that the petals in the pot, could they be like tea leaves, able to be soaked for just two or three times?

“Chi Chi Chi ~~” After Butler Ye left, the little squirrel was afraid that Mi Wan would drink up the remaining tea, so he jumped up and down by the teapot anxiously to show his presence.

“Okay, it’s useless if I drink it, I’ll give it to you.” Mi Wan shook her head, knowing that this enlightened little squirrel smelled the fragrance of the Hua demon core. This Hua demon was only at the third level of cultivation, and it was of little use to Mi Wan except for relieving fatigue. But it was a great tonic for the little squirrel or ordinary people like Uncle Ye who had not yet started cultivating. Mi Wan poured the rest of the tea into the cup and left it all for the little squirrel.

“Chichi~~” the little squirrel was satisfied, and happily wagged its tail on the table.

Mi Wan got up, picked up the cell phone that had been charged to 50%, and called Fan Chen.

“Reached home?” Fan Chen’s voice was low and sweet, as it was transmitted through the microphone.

“Did the patriarch of the Hua clan come to kill me at your behest?” Mi Wan couldn’t figure it out, so she asked directly.

“Yes.” Fan Chen answered simply.

“Weren’t you afraid that I’ll kill her?”

“Your spiritual power is too weak to kill her.”

“Then you were not afraid that she will kill me?” Mi Wan raised her eyebrows.

“With your cultivation level, she can’t kill you.”

“Then what if I spend part of my spiritual power to go to war with the members of the Demon Hunter Association in advance?” After all, she really thought so at the beginning. Half an hour later, she might really have tried to fuck up Bai Feng.

“You’ll be fine.” Fan Chen smiled lightly, he had left a protective formation on the bracelet, which would be automatically triggered when the wearer was in danger. Moreover, if Mi Wan fought with the people in the association first, he would not let the patriarch of the Hua clan go.

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