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Yu Xi brought Xu Wanjun back to the Jinglan villa, and while Yu Ling took him to treat his wounds, he explained what happened at the school to Si Huang.

Regarding the fact that Yu Xi sold his own signature, Si Huang said with a meaningful smile: “You are becoming more and more flexible.”

“For the final exam, discuss your studies with Xu Wanjun.”


During lunch in the afternoon, Xu Wanjun was also at the table. After the five of them ate together, Yu Ling helped Zhao Limei clean up, leaving Si Huang and the three to discuss business.

Yu Xi said: “I discussed it with Wanjun, and Wanjun plans to take a break from school with me after the end of this semester.”

Si Huang did not express any objection, and looked towards Xu Wanjun, “Have you considered it?”

“Yeah.” Xu Wanjun took a deep breath, touched the wound around his mouth, grinned and said softly: “My grades are not as good as Yu Xi’s, but the liberal arts are better, and I won’t improve much if I continue to stay in school. It’s better to concentrate on doing the things in front of you well.”

Si Huang nodded: “Just think it over.” Then he took out the contract printed out with the space in the middle and put it in front of him, “This is the contract, if you think there is no problem, sign it.”

Yu Xi looked at Si Huang in surprise, he didn’t expect him to get everything ready so quickly.

Xu Wanjun carefully read the contract word by word, then raised his head in surprise, “I told you, there is no need for a script fee…”

Si Huang raised his hand and interrupted what he was about to say, “According to the current market price of micro-movies, before you become famous, 50,000 for each episode is not too low to buy out.”

“It’s not low.” Xu Wanjun said anxiously: “It’s still high.”

“Not high.” Si Huang smiled, “Actually, I gave you this price just to make you feel at ease. When you officially sign with Fenghuang and become the company’s contracted screenwriter, all your works will be calculated according to the percentage and I’ll give you the royalties.”

Xu Wanjun opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

He currently only had three episodes of “Red Moon”, and the price of 50,000 episodes was really not low for a new screenwriter, nor was it particularly high that it made people panic. Therefore, Si Huang said that this price was a price that could make him feel at ease, and it was indeed just right. It was just that he didn’t expect that Si Huang would make such a promise to him, and it was clearly written in the contract that all his works would be owned by Fenghuang Entertainment in the future, and at the same time as he got his due salary, he also had the biggest benefit: getting a percentage of the royalties of his work.

Yu Xi understood Si Huang’s uncompromising personality, and pushed Xu Wanjun’s arm, “If you think it’s good, sign it. Or do you not believe in Si Huang?”

Xu Wanjun shook his head quickly, how could he not believe it, it was clear in the contract. It said that if Si Huang couldn’t pay his salary, he could leave with zero liquidated damages at any time.

“I believe in you, and thank you for believing in me!” Xu Wanjun looked at Si Huang seriously, and then took a pen to sign the contract.

Yu Xi put away the contract he had signed, “Now we are all considered as the oldest employees of Fenghuang Entertainment.”

Yu Ling who happened to come overheard this and let out a brisk laugh.

A fiery light also appeared in Xu Wanjun’s eyes.

At the same time, at the H City Hospital.

The female nurse came in with a cart to change Sun Bi’s dressing.

Sun Bi looked at the entrance of the ward with his head turned.

While changing his dressing, the female nurse said, “Don’t worry, Si Hua isn’t here.”

“What do you mean?” Sun Bi stared.

The female nurse packed up her things and looked up at him, “I called for you to inquire, and he didn’t even answer the phone himself, so he obviously doesn’t want to talk to you.”

Sun Bi was agitated, and the IV needle in his hand was pulled, the female nurse exclaimed: “Don’t move around, the blood is coming back!”

Sun Bi didn’t move anymore, but he didn’t seem to hear her words, he was caught in his own thoughts, and his complexion kept changing. When the female nurse helped him put the needle back together and was about to leave, he suddenly said, “Prepare something for me.”

The female nurse stopped in her tracks.

The hospital would try its best to meet the needs of patients staying in advanced wards.


Today the Huaxing Art School was very lively.

Since Si Huang posted the recruitment notice on the Huaxing Art School forum and his Weibo yesterday, the Huaxing Art School had exploded.

Not only the students of Huaxing Art School, but also foreign schools and a large group of ordinary people flocked to the Huaxing Art School campus.

When Si Zhihan heard the news, he was surprised by Si Huang’s influence. He called Secretary Wang and told him to greet various reporters and newspapers so that they should not pay attention to this matter.

He really wanted to suppress Si Huang and let her understand the fate of fighting against him – if a star had no appearance rate, no matter how talented and handsome he was, he would be forgotten by the people.

Si Huang was sitting in the car going to Huaxing Art School when he received a call.

“Hi.” She smiled and called, “Grandma.”

Grandma Yu’s angry voice came from the other end of the phone, “You still know I’m your grandma, if I don’t call you, don’t you know how to call?”

Si Huang said solemnly: “I’m afraid that Old Tie will be jealous.”

Old Tie, who was eavesdropping, froze, snorted coldly, and turned his head pretentiously.

Grandma Yu smiled gloatingly, and then changed to her serious tone, “What old man, call grandpa, there are no rules.”

“Okay, it’s grandpa. Why did grandma think to call me today?”

“I see you recently having fun, you were bullied and suppressed to this point, and you didn’t tell grandma, grandma is upset!”

Si Huang laughed, “I’m fine…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Grandma Yu cut her off “Don’t say this to me, it’s okay to come and go, you have to carry everything by yourself, so what do you want your grandma to do, I promised little Qilin to take good care of you!”

Why did this involve Qin Fan again. A helpless smile appeared on the corner of Si Huang’s mouth.

“Hmph, if you don’t let grandma help you now, if you want grandma to help you in the future, I won’t help you anymore.” Grandma Yu said angrily.

“I was wrong.” Si Huang obediently admitted his mistake, her smiling face clearly seemed to be coaxing people.

“That’s about the same. Now grandma is asking you, how confident are you to make the micro-movie you want to make?”

“One hundred percent.”

Grandma Yu was startled, and then laughed loudly, “Hahahaha, so good! Grandma’s Xiao Huang! It’s enough to have you work hard! Grandma is always behind you!”

Si Huang agreed softly and chatted with Grandma Yu about a few more homely things before hanging up the phone.

She stared at the hung up phone in a daze for two seconds.

Yu Ling, who was sitting next to her, called in confusion: “Si Huang, what happened?”

Si Huang shook her head and smiled at her.

This smile was like the morning sun after a drizzle, warm and gentle. Yu Ling’s heart skipped a beat, she looked away, and told herself in her heart: Yu Ling wake up! Don’t be a nympho! Now it’s hard to follow him, the most important thing is to work hard, don’t be left behind, don’t think about things… But Si Huang is really gentle!

At this time, Si Huang looked out of the car window, reflecting on himself.

Grandma Yu’s words woke her up.

Because of everything she experienced in her previous life, she was indeed used to carrying everything on her own, even though everything was under her control, and she had full confidence to achieve the victory she expected. However, a little help from others could make things go more smoothly, and she still never thought about asking for help from Grandma Yu, a ‘relative’.

This was the shadow shackles Si Zhihan’s family left for her! Si Huang stared far into the distance, thinking: If grandma hadn’t reminded me suddenly, I wouldn’t know that I was still living under the shackles of Si Zhihan and the others, and I hadn’t fully come out yet.

Grandma Yu’s help to Si Huang was never to remove all obstacles in her path and directly lift her to a high place, but to smoothen things and assist silently.

After receiving Si Huang’s clear answer, she immediately called her subordinates to spread the situation of Huaxing Art School, and then contacted entertainment reporters to make Si Huang famous.

When Si Zhihan got the news, there was already a live broadcast on TV. The reporters reported the scene of the Huaxing Art School full of people’s voices, while promoting Si Huang’s influence.

Secretary Wang walked in and said, “Teacher Yu is behind the scenes helping him.”

“With her and Tie Lao’s connections in the entertainment industry, it’s impossible to head-to-head.” Si Zhihan sneered, “However, these old guys are still too old-fashioned. I like to play the game of tempering juniors. Since she thinks highly of Si Huang so much, I’ll give her a fire!”

“Go, call Jiang Yajing over.”

Secretary Wang: “Okay.”

About ten minutes later, there was a knock on the office door.

Si Zhihan said, “Come in.”

Secretary Wang walked in front, followed by a beautiful figure.

“Boss, you were looking for me.” The voice was as crisp as pearls falling on a jade plate, just listening to it made people happy, and couldn’t help but make them wonder what this person looked like.

A head poked out from behind Secretary Wang, and after a light jump, the whole body followed, staring at Si Zhihan with a smile.

This was a girl who anyone could fall in love with at first glance.

She had white and delicate skin like a peeled egg, clear and bright pupils, curved willow eyebrows, long eyelashes trembling slightly with the blinking movements, and thin lips which were as delicate as rose petals. Just by looking at her appearance, one could tell that she was a girl who was not yet twenty years old. She had a unique temperament that made people notice her at a glance, full of infinite vitality, as if nothing in the world could stop her pace.

In the words of today’s young people, she was a girl full of energy, full of positive energy and very beautiful.

“Well, Huaxing Art School has a casting program for you to participate in.” Si Zhihan pointed to the TV and said.

Jiang Yajing stared at the TV with bright eyes and turned around, and said pleasantly: “Boss, you are preparing to let me debut!” Then she said in confusion: “But boss, I want to sing, I want to be a singer, I’m not very interested in acting or anything like that.”

Secretary Wang glanced at her, the child was frighteningly natural, how could an artist talk to the boss like that. However, with such a personality, she had a terrible appeal in both acting and singing.

Originally, she should have been one of Fenghua Entertainment’s reserved cards.

Si Zhihan smiled and said: “As long as you perform well this time and become famous, it will be easier to become a singer in the future.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yajing regained her face with a bright smile, “I will definitely do well.”

“Xiao Wang, let Zhou Jian go with her.”

Secretary Wang agreed.

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