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“There is a good news and a bad news, which one do you want to hear first?” After breakfast, Yu Xi and Si Huang sat opposite each other.

The heart of Yu Ling who was on the side was also raised, and she looked at him intently.

Si Huang raised his eyes, “It’s up to you.”

Yu Xi sighed silently, “The good news is that you have won in all aspects of this online battle, your popularity has exploded, the number of fans has increased, your social status has increased, and your workload has also increased dramatically.”

Si Huang and Yu Ling didn’t show much change in their expressions, they had already guessed this kind of thing.

“The bad news is that Fenghua Entertainment has released news in the industry to suppress and block you, so all those jobs have been wasted.”

Fenghua Entertainment was one of the giants in the entertainment industry. If it really wanted to block someone, it would succeed in all likelihood.

Yu Ling looked angry, “Is he really Si Huang’s biological father?” She blurted out the words, then she realized what she said, and looked at Si Huang in a panic, “I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay.” Si Huang said and smiled.

Yu Ling felt relieved when she saw that her expression was not forced.

Yu Xi was about to speak when the phone rang suddenly. He nodded to the two of them, turned around and walked a few steps before answering the phone.

“Hello? Wanjun? What… I got it, okay! Don’t worry, I’ll discuss it with Si Huang….Yes, don’t worry, okay, I’ll call you later.”

With Si Huang’s hearing, even from a distance, she could still hear what Yu Xi said clearly.

After Yu Xi hung up the phone, he walked over with a serious expression, “There is something wrong with Xu Wanjun’s microfilm.”

“Tell me.”

Yu Xi picked up the tablet on the coffee table and worked on it, then a few minutes later, he passed it to Si Huang to see.

“This is Jingfu’s campus forum.” Yuxi said: “Fu Mingjun is a man of influence in Jingfu, and this ‘Mingjun’ is his ID, that is, he was going to sponsor Wanjun to make the micro-film. It’s just that Wanjun said, Fu Mingjun asked him to change the name of the author of “Red Moon” to himself, and to cancel your qualification to participate in “Red Moon”, otherwise Fu Mingjun would withdraw the funding and take away the filming team, so that Wanjun couldn’t make “Red Moon” at all.”

Si Huang listened to his words, but her eyes still lingered on the tablet’s forum page.

The post that Yu Xi clicked to show her was posted by Fu Mingjun on the Jingfu campus forum, which introduced the general outline and highlights of the micro-movie “Red Moon” but did not indicate the author. If people who didn’t know the situation saw this post, they would mistakenly think that the script of this serial micro-movie was written by Fu Mingjun.

“What did Xu Wanjun say?” After reading this post, she continued to click on the Jingfu campus forum.

Yu Xi replied: “He is not willing to transfer the copyright no matter what.”

Si Huang thought, no matter what, this word was often said when you know you have nothing to do but wait until the other party really resorted to a method that you cannot resist, then you would be forced to submit, until you could only compromise in the end.

She knew that the filming of the microfilm “Red Moon” in her previous life was delayed for several years, and the author of the first three episodes was not Xu Wanjun. It was not until a year later when the sequel was filmed and a lawsuit was filed that the truth came out.

The name Xu Wanjun came to be known to the public, and his era began.

“Tell him, join Fenghuang Entertainment, and I will solve the shooting problem.”

Yu Xi showed a smile, “Okay.”

He immediately called Xu Wanjun.

This time the call was right in front of Si Huang, so she heard Xu Wanjun’s subtle voice on the phone.

The other party was silent for three seconds after hearing Yu Xi mentioning Si Huang’s plan, and then said in a decisive tone: “Okay, I agree! I don’t need the script fee, as long as I can participate in the filming, that will be enough for “Red Moon” to be filmed, and I believe that Si Huang will definitely make “Red Moon” shine!”

Although his words were full of trust, Si Huang understood that this was because he had no other way to go, and these words were said to give himself the best encouragement and comfort.

Hearing this, Yu Xi looked at Si Huang.

Si Huang smiled and nodded at him.

Yu Xi spoke and said to the phone: “You will be grateful for your choice in the future.”

After hanging up the phone, Yu Xi asked Si Huang about his plan.

Si Huang said: “Recruit people at Huaxing Art School.”

It was only then that Yu Xi remembered that Huaxing Art School was not only located in H City, but even among the best art academies in the entire country Z. It could not be said that all the students that could enter the Huaxing Art School were elites, but there were definitely a lot of talents.

On the same day, Si Huang posted the recruitment notice for filming “Red Moon” in the campus forum of Huaxing Art School.

Compared to Fu Mingjun’s unclear post on the Jingfu Campus Forum, Si Huang’s post clearly explained the situation and indicated Xu Wanjun’s authorship.

While she was doing this, Yu Xi was not idle either. After calling Xu Wanjun to inform him, he also announced on Weibo that Si Huang was about to shoot an online micro-movie.

Xu Wanjun had indicated his own information about the author of “Red Moon” on the country Z screenwriter’s website earlier, and then went to the Jingfu campus website to explain his situation.

“You go to Jingfu to pick up Xu Wanjun.”

Yu Xi suddenly heard Si Huang say this, and was stunned for a second, “Do you want to talk to him face to face?”

Si Huang: “Go now, maybe you can make him suffer less in both flesh and blood.”

Yu Xi came back to his senses, and his face turned cold, “I’ll go right away.”

There were always school violence incidents happening on campus. A rich kid like Fu Mingjun always had a group of like-minded brothers around him. It was a common occurrence for him to run rampant and bully top students from poor families in school. The teachers turned a blind eye to this. It was over. Xu Wanjun resisted Fu Mingjun head-on assault, and even took refuge in the side of someone he hated, which would naturally have aroused his anger.

When Yu Xi returned to the campus from which he had been away for a few months, people recognized him immediately, especially the girls who all surrounded him, chatting a lot, all asking about Si Huang.

In the past, Yu Xi might still have felt a little uncomfortable and embarrassed, but with the experience of being besieged by reporters and on set, he was now able to deal with these things calmly.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t disclose the private information of Si Huang.” When Yu Xi’s elite face turned serious, it was still very imposing, especially the eyes behind the pair of lenses which were calm and sharp, “I still have things to do now, do any of you know where Xu Wanjun is?”

Before he came, he called Xu Wanjun and told him to wait at the school gate, who knew that he was not seen at the school gate, so Yu Xi knew that what Si Huang had said might have come true.

“I just saw him being called away by Fu Mingjun, and he was going over there.” A female college student shouted.

“Could you take me there?” Yu Xi asked.

The female college student hesitated a little. She didn’t want to get in trouble.

Yu Xi: “I’ll get Si Huang’s autograph for you.”

The female college student screamed “ah” and then narrowed her eyes, “I want Si Huang’s personal belongings too!”

The corner of Yu Xi’s mouth twitched, “This won’t work, I’m never allowed to enter Si Huang’s personal space.”

“Wow! It really is the habit of a male god!” The female college student cheered happily.

Only then did Yu Xi realize that he had fallen into her trap.

At this time, the other people around here also shouted: “I also saw where Xu Wanjun and the others have gone. I will take you there. If nothing else, I want Si Huang’s signature!”

“Don’t listen to their nonsense, walk away, follow me!” The female college student immediately walked away holding Yu Xi’s arm as if facing a formidable enemy.

Yu Xi looked at her hand clutching his arm, tried to twitch, and received a cautious stare from the female college student, then his hand was gripped even tighter. He: “…”

They were not the only ones on this journey. All the men and women followed behind, obviously wanting to watch the excitement.

Yu Xi had no intention of stopping it. If Xu Wanjun was really taken away by Fu Mingjun, if something happened, there would be these people as witnesses.

“Hush.” The female college student leading the way suddenly lightened her steps.

Everyone stopped.

This was the small labyrinth, a famous holy place for dating on Jingfu campus.

There were several small pavilions and three small ponds inside, covered by a labyrinth of tall trees, even if several couples were being in love with each other inside, it was difficult to see each other, especially at night.

Across a low tree wall, Yu Xi had already heard Fu Mingjun’s voices.

“Young Master Fu’s liking for your script is a blessing you have cultivated in eight lifetimes. You don’t offer your hands up, and you even dare to go to Si Huang?” At the same time as this voice sounded, there was the sound of heavy objects falling to the ground, accompanied by the sound of people hitting. Anybody could imagine what was going on inside.

The female college student looked at Yu Xi, and then opened her eyes wide – Yu Xi sneered and took out his phone, then he pressed the recording button.

At this moment, another voice sounded from inside, “Xu Wanjun, I have already told you that Si Hua is my brother, and Si Huang who bullied my brother is my enemy. If you refuse to sell the script to me, forget it, it’s nothing, but how can you go to my enemy? Don’t you feel ashamed after so many years of our friendship as a classmate?”

“You, don’t disgust me!” Xu Wanjun always spoke the same as his appearance, it was harmless, it was rare for him to sound so cold and harsh.

“Hehe. Okay! You have a backbone! Can’t you write scripts? You come, and first cripple one of his fingers.”

Across the wall, the eavesdropping students showed various expressions on their faces, some were angry, some were sympathetic, and some avoided for fear of getting into trouble.

It is impossible for Yu Xi to let Xu Wanjun’s fingers be crippled, and he shouted: “Stop!”

As soon as he uttered, the others also shouted: “The teacher is here!” “Ah, there are police!” “A lot of people are here!” It’s gone!”

Their yelling did startle Fu Mingjun and the others inside, at this moment of stupefaction, Yu Xi had already led people in through the entrance, and saw Fu Mingjun and five people surrounding a person sitting on the ground, Xu Wanjun.

“Yu Xi!” Fu Mingjun recognized the leader at a glance, his complexion changed, and then he said with a smile: “I thought who it was, it turned out to be the lackey!”

Yu Xi’s expression remained unchanged, “I came to pick up Xu Wanjun.”

Fu Mingjun looked around in the crowd, but didn’t see the person he wanted to see, “What if I don’t let him go?”

Yu Xi raised the phone that was still recording, “You can try.”

“You threatened me!” Fu Mingjun’s expression turned ugly.

Yu Xi sharpened his gaze, “I’m threatening you.”

The two of them looked at each other, and after four or five seconds, Fu Mingjun said bitterly: “You can do it! Don’t think that you don’t need to know the heights of heaven and earth because you are a little famous now. I’ll wait to see you fall.”

“Brother Jun?” A boy shouted in surprise.

Fu Mingjun glared at him, “Let’s go!” When passing by Yu Xi, he paused, “You can only play such despicable and shameless tricks, you better be careful!” He bumped Yu Xi hard with his shoulder, then he left without looking back.

A group of students automatically moved out of the way.

Yu Xi put away the phone, walked to Xu Wanjun’s side and supported him to stand.

“Thank you.” Xu Wanjun looked at him gratefully.

If he hadn’t come here in time, he would definitely be dead or half disabled today.

Yu Xi supported him all the way to the school gate. After the two got into the car together, Yu Xi was about to drive, when he saw a fair face leaning in through the window.

“Hey, my name is Roy Ying, nicknamed Cherry, please get Si Huang’s autograph for me, and remember to ask him to write to my favorite Cherry at the front! Meh!”

Yu Xi’s face froze, “Got it.”

Then he drove away.

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