CFCS Ch. 218.2: Road to Immortality (7)

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Jing Yang stood under the honey fragrant fruit tree and looked up at the pink fruits surrounded by leaves. They were fat, round and clear. Not only did the appearance of honey fragrant fruit make people like it, but the sweet and charming fragrance also made people drool.

This tree had only thirty fruits in total, and it took three hundred years for it to grow. One could imagine how precious such fruits were.

Jing Yang selected ten ripe ones and picked them off with his own hands, then he put the other nine in the bamboo basket, and held one in his own hands to play with.

Holding the fruit in his hand, Jing Yang felt that the more he looked at it, the cuter it became, and the more he liked it, so he felt a little reluctant to eat it. But the sweetness of the scent of the honey fragrant fruit was too tempting, so Jing Yang couldn’t help but take a bite. Immortal energy from the juice immediately flowed into his body, and all the unclean things in his body were removed, and his inner energy started rapidly increasing.

Jing Yang held the chubby fruit and gnawed it all the way. When he passed by the place where Xiao Ling and the others were digging the soil again, an event from his memory suddenly appeared in his mind.

When he was in the Xiao family before, because Xiao Ling had a mother who loved him, and his mother’s family was the top family in the immortal world, there was naturally no shortage of rare treasures.

Every time Xiao Ling got something good, he would show it off in front of Xiao Jing. Once he got a spiritual fruit that only bore fruit once every ten years, and he said that he would give it to Xiao Jing if he kneeled for him.

Of course, Xiao Jing wouldn’t kneel down for him because of a spiritual fruit, so he let people press Xiao Jing’s face to the ground, ate the spiritual fruit in front of Xiao Jing, and threw the core on the ground in front of Xiao Jing’s face, and then walked away.

Jing Yang originally didn’t want to pay attention to Xiao Ling and the others for the time being. Anyway, he wouldn’t let anyone who killed the original owner and his mother go, but it was just not the time for revenge. But since this memory appeared in his mind, it showed that the original owner was very concerned about this humiliating memory, and of course he had to do something.

Xiao Ling knelt on the ground with his fingers clenched into fists. He knelt down to Jing Yang twice in a row today, which made his heart very unbearable. He was waiting for Jing Yang to rush away, but he saw Jing Yang’s shoes appear in front of him.

“The kneeling posture is quite standard. After coming to the island, you should have practiced many times before you learned such honest rules?” Jing Yang said sarcastically.

Xiao Ling gritted his teeth but did not dare to look up at Jing Yang, let alone refute it, because he knew that once he resisted, there would be more tragic consequences, so in order to save his life, he could only endure it.

Jing Yang looked at the fruit he was eating with only half left, then flipped his hand and let the fruit fall to the ground. His feet were still crushing the fruit a few times, making the fruit covered with soil as he said, “This is a fairy fruit that only grows once in three hundred years. It is many times more precious than the spirit fruit that you showed off in front of me which only bore fruit once in ten years. Although I have eaten only half of this honey fruit but it is very helpful for improving spiritual power and immortal power. Now that half of the fruit is dirty in the mud, I will definitely not eat it, because I still have a basket here. If you pick it up, and are willing to eat the mud on top, I will reward you with this half of the fruit.”

Xiao Ling shivered, he knew that Jing Yang was deliberately humiliating him, but he still didn’t dare to show any resistance.

Yang Junmao and the others also lowered their heads and did not dare to speak. Although the honey fragrant fruit was crushed by Jing Yang a few times and was stained with soil, it still exuded an attractive and sweet fruity fragrance, which made them unable to bear the urge to swallow. Moreover, the strong immortal aura in the fruity scent made them even more excited. If Jing Yang could let them wash off the soil from the fruit, and then reward them with the fruit, they would definitely be willing to accept it.

“Why, you don’t want to accept it?” Jing Yang looked down at Xiao Ling, who was obviously shaking, and said, “It’s okay if you don’t accept it, then… I’ll punish you with ten days in the prison.”

Xiao Ling was shocked after hearing this, although he had never entered the prison, he had understood what kind of place it was. He heard that none of the people who entered it came out alive. So, he knew that Jing Yang was threatening him with was his life, between dignity and life, he could only choose one.

When Xiao Jing in the last life faced his threats and insults, every time he would rather die than lose his dignity, so Jing Yang wanted to see what he would choose when it was Xiao Ling’s turn.

Xiao Ling was very afraid of death, and didn’t want to die very much, so he stretched out his trembling hand, picked up the soil-covered fruit, slowly put it to his mouth and asked for a mouthful, and spit it out together with the soil.

Jing Yang kicked over and kicked the fruit in his hand to the mud again, “I thought about it, and I don’t think a person like you is worthy of eating this fairy fruit, so this half of the fruit is better to feed the birds.”

Xiao Ling’s fingers clenched into the mud, and his teeth were about to bleed with the force he was using to clench his teeth.

Jing Yang squatted down, patted his face with the back of his hand and said, “How does it feel to be humiliated? It’s very uncomfortable, right? It’s just a little appetizer, you, and your mother and grandfather, I won’t let anyone of you go. I will settle all the accounts with you slowly, and then you can see if you can bear it, brother.”

Jing Yang stood up and said to Song Yin, “Let people settle this half. Let’s feed the birds with a piece of fruit, a person like him is only worthy of eating mud, not a fairy fruit at all.”

“Yes.” Song Yin replied respectfully.

When Jing Yang and the others were far away, then only did Xiao Ling dare to raise his head and stare at Jing Yang’s back fiercely, swearing in his heart that he would find a way to avenge today’s humiliation.

Jing Yang returned to Lingfeng Pavilion and found Bai Guang who was reading a book in the study. He was curious about what kind of books someone like Bai Guang would read, so he leaned over to read it, but found that the writing was all blank.

Bai Guang stretched out his hand and pulled Jing Yang into his arms, then he asked him, “Didn’t you say you only want to pick honey fragrant fruit? Why were you gone for so long?”

“I had some fun on the road.” Jing Yang took the book in his hand and asked “What book are you reading? It doesn’t have a single word, are you pretending to read? Who are you trying to show?”

“When you become a god, you will naturally be able to read the words on it.” Bai Guang pinched Jing Yang’s chin and kissed him on the mouth.

When he was about to kiss deeply, Jing Yang stepped back.

“That…” Jing Yang lowered his head and looked like he was hesitating to say anything. In fact, he wanted to ask about Shang Wang, but he didn’t dare to ask. Because every time he mentioned Shang Wang before, although Bai Guang was calm on the surface, Jing Yang could feel that he was actually angry.

Jing Yang thought it was very strange, obviously they were the same, why did Bai Guang get angry when he asked about Shang Wang.

“You want to ask about Shang Wang?” Bai Guang’s expression was calm, but the surrounding air had clearly turned cold.

“No, no!” Jing Yang shook his head quickly, he wondered why even though Shang Wang looked very gentle, when he appeared, Zhu Yang Island turned icy and snowy, and though Bai Guang was expressionless for most of the time, but his presence made Zhu Yang Island shine brightly, and all the four seasons were like spring.

“Then what do you want to say?” Bai Guang asked.

“I…” Jing Yang looked outside, he clearly had one afternoon and one night to rest, but if he didn’t say something to bring the surrounding air back to normal temperature, Bai Guang would use those in the doubly torturous posture, so he could only sigh his heart and say, “I think we can start dual cultivation.”

“Since you can’t wait so much, then I have to do what you want.” Bai Guang hooked his chin, picked him up and walked towards the secret room.

Jing Yang put his arms around Bai Guang’s neck and buried his face on his shoulders. Thinking of the next month of double cultivation, he silently shed tears in his heart for his old waist.

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