TMLVOS Ch. 57.2

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When the people arrived, Director Liang said a few words of welcome as usual, and then let the film be screened neatly. As the opening shot passed, a long overhead shot chased a group of palace women escaping through the corridor, through the imperial garden, through the magnificent palace. There was constant fighting along the way, and smoke was everywhere. Some of these women were accidentally injured and killed by weapons. Among these women were the two sisters, Yun He and Yun Meng.

There was no line at the beginning of the film, but Director Liang had laid a solid foundation. He only used a long shot to perfectly render the killing atmosphere of the city escape. The fans in the back could not help but hold their breath, especially in the next section. The two sisters were discovered by the rebels. When they were being chased in the long and narrow palace, they were even dared not to look up. Some girls were even more nervous and sweated in their hands.

Liu Yu was still eating the custard bun from Ji Lin but was quickly attracted by the exciting and compact plot. She stared at the screen intently, forgetting the half-bitten bun, and looked at Yun Meng. In order to escape, she pushed her sister out to attract the attention of the enemy. She took advantage of the chaos and slipped onto the secret path. Yun He was rudely tied up by the rebels and they used various punishments to extract a confession from her. Liu Yu thought she looked pitiful.

Liu Yu was not the only one. When the fans present saw the pale paper face of the screen boss Siyu, and her body constantly coughing up blood and shaking like chaff, they couldn’t stop their pity from overflowing.

These fans knew that Siyu was not in good health, but she usually used makeup to cover it up on shows. So it did not seem to be that serious, but the crew said that Siyu was basically barefaced when filming, that is to say, what they see now was Siyu’s most real state!

Wasn’t it said that vomiting blood was true?

It was strange to say but Siyu has a very special aura when acting as a sick beauty. Even if other actors had better acting skills and experience than her, they couldn’t perform that kind of taste. There was a pathetic elegance in her every gesture. She was soft and crisp, like a refined porcelain doll, so fans couldn’t help but feel distressed.

But when the film ushered in the scene where Yun He and the new emperor met for the first time, this distress quickly transformed into eager anticipation.

Their long-awaited siblings show was finally here!

One was the new emperor who had been enthroned as king, and the other was a prisoner of the subjugated country. The eyes of the two collided. The new emperor had never seen such a woman. She was proud. Seeing through the world, there was no shortage of counsellors by his side, but one was missing. Recognizing his soulmate, the new emperor concealed everything from everyone and secretly imprisoned Yun He under his palace.

When the new emperor pinched Yun He’s chin and forced her to look directly at him, Liu Yu was unable to control her excitement. When the new emperor held Yun He and walked into the underground palace, Liu Yu’s smile never disappeared. However, when the new emperor was completely overwhelmed by Yun He’s talents, his attitude towards her changing from a captive at the beginning to a reliance on his elders. Especially when the new emperor fell asleep while leaning on the edge of the bed, kneeling on the ground cautiously, resting his head on her thigh lightly, and rubbing his eyes with attachment, Liu Yu almost shouted out and screamed.

At this moment, there were countless villains in her heart howling. What a shocking candy was this-on the actor’s side, Siyu also took it very seriously. It was the first time she saw the film. She always thought that her performance of being a captive was not very good, but after watching the whole process, she was also a little surprised. So, she could still act like this?

She watched attentively.

The lights in the venue were very dim, and people can’t see their faces. Sometimes people walked out. So when a person walked in front of Siyu, she didn’t care much, but this person didn’t go far, but sat beside Siyu.

An unusually familiar scent of sandalwood came from the person next to her, and in an instant it triggered Siyu’s radar alarm.

Her mind was taken back from the movie that was playing, and she turned her head in a panic. At such a close distance, she could barely see the profile of this person with a little light, and it really confirmed her guess.

“Fifth Master Lu?” Siyu whispered. Fortunately, the sound of the film was excellent enough to cover her voice. Han Tiantian next to her was eating popcorn with relish, and did not notice Siyu’s movement.

Fifth Master Lu sat in his seat, as if it was a normal and reasonable thing for him to suddenly appear in this place, only when he heard Siyu calling his name, he smiled slightly: “You called the wrong name.”

Siyu was frozen at the moment, after a while, she remembered the last time Fifth Master Lu asked her to call him by his name directly. After hesitating for a few seconds, Siyu did so, and her voice was as thin as a mosquito: “Lu…Yuanhe?”

Fifth Master Lu’s mouth twisted. The Buddha Beads seemed to be very happy, so he praised her face-to-face: “The performance was good.”

Although he had just come and he didn’t see much at all, the words from his mouth were 100% credible. Siyu thanked him awkwardly, always feeling weird in her heart, and it was not because she was sensitive. After all, Fifth Master Lu was moody, who knew what he wanted to do next.

It was rare for him to have a pleasant look, Siyu was reflexively persuaded.

However, as soon as Fifth Master Lu’s voice fell off, the screen showed the scene where the new emperor sneaked in Yun He and went to the underground palace after a deep sleep. He lay on the edge of the bed and watched her all night, and finally couldn’t help but fall asleep holding her hand. After Fifth Master Lu saw this scene, he immediately changed his tone and remarked ruthlessly:

“This scene is superfluous, and the performance is too bad.”

Siyu: “??!!!”

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