YXBG Ch. 26.2: Revenge

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Yin Xiaomei turned back to go to the swimming pool on the junior high school campus. The door was still guarded by the same uncle. She walked in and said: “Uncle, is my brother there?”

“Huh?” The uncle looked at the familiar boy in front of him and thought for a long time. “You are…A Fei’s younger brother, right?”

“En!” Xiao Mei smiled and nodded, “Brother is here? I want to give him something.”

“He’s still swimming! Let me see, he has to do training for half an hour, do you want to wait.”

“No, Xiaomei wants to go home quickly. Why don’t you give me my brother’s spare key, and I will put things in his locker.” She kindly suggested.

“Okay but remember to give it back.” The uncle turned to check Yin Zhefei’s locker number, and then gave the key to Xiaomei according to the number.

“Thank you grandpa, I’ll return it to you in a while.” Xiaomei took the key and hopped into the men’s locker room.

There was a faint smell of disinfectant in the entire men’s locker room, and the sound of splashing water from the swimming pool could even be heard through the glass door. Xiaomei flushed with excitement, found Yin Zhefei’s locker, and opened—

“Um…it smells…” Xiao Mei stepped back two steps, avoiding the strange smell emitting from the locker. She stared at the culprit basketball shoes in the locker, “Oh my God, doesn’t that guy wash his feet?” She remembered that there was never a strange smell on Yin Zhefei at home! Only a faint smell of clean clothes. But now she had no time to worry about the cause of the smell. The clothes in the closet were indeed Yin Zhefei’s. She had stared at him for confirmation many times when he left in the morning.

She opened her little schoolbag and stuffed Yin Zhefei’s pants indiscriminately. After thinking some more, she decided to leave him a pair of underwear. Huh? Xiao Mei was attracted by a pink thing in his locker, and she reached out and took it out, but it was a baby rabbit bag. So cute! Xiao Mei stared at this doll bag and couldn’t put it down; it must have been bought by Yin Zhefei to give to some girl! She hesitated and stuffed it into her schoolbag. This bag was too cute, she wanted to keep it.

This was not stealing! Can taking her brother’s things be called stealing?

“Bang!” When the glass door opened, Xiaomei was taken aback and hurriedly hid behind another row of lockers. There was the sound of boys going into the shower room next to the dressing room. Xiaomei breathed a sigh of relief. It was dangerous, and it was not good for her to be caught. She tiptoed out, but when she was less than two meters away from the door, the sound of the water suddenly stopped, and then a tall young man walked out naked.

“Ha–!” Yin Xiaomei took a deep breath and stared at the man in front of her, her eyes rounded.

Yin Zhefei just wanted to rush home and take her to the airport, how could he have thought that she would appear here! He immediately took off the towel to cover his lower body, his embarrassed expression was like a little girl from a good family who had been seen by a stranger! “Yin Xiaomei!” He roared, “What are you doing in the men’s locker room!” Damn, how did the uncle let this dead kid in? He never thought about poisoning the country’s seedlings!

Yin Xiaomei saw something that she shouldn’t have seen, she immediately gaped, her face flushed, and she ran away with a scream.

There was a bad premonition in Yin Zhefei’s heart. He ran to his locker in three steps in two steps, saw that he was missing more than half of his clothes, and his body suddenly froze. Then, a fierce roar resounded through the swimming pool:

“Yin Xiaomei–! I’m going to kill you.”


When Zhang Xiangyi woke up, his cell phone was ringing like crazy, he looked at the strange number on it, and didn’t care.

The phone continued to ring perseveringly.

“Hello?” He said impatiently.

“Zhang Xiangyi! You died of sleep, didn’t you?! Why don’t you answer the phone!” Yin Zhefei yelled furiously from the other end of the phone.

“A Fei? You…Which phone are you using?”

“I’m using the swimming pool phone, you bring me a pair of pants!” Yin Zhefei was panting, obviously out of breath.

“Pants? What about yours?”

“Don’t worry about that much! Send me a pair of pants, I’m going to kill that bastard Yin Xiaomei!” Yin Zhefei cursed loudly and hung up the phone. Zhang Xiangyi stared at the phone, feeling a little confused for a while, but pants, where did he look for pants! He cursed and took the key, planning to go home.

As soon as he left the classroom, he happened to see Hu Yueer walking downstairs.

“Zhang Xiangyi?!” She widened her eyes, “You…are you all right!”

“I’m fine, what can happen to me!” He stared, “What are you doing?!”

“Oh, I just want to say, you… uh, I think you should take pictures of yourself…”

“What about it, woman? It’s always like this!” Zhang Xiangyi stopped talking nonsense with her, turned and ran downstairs.

“Oh… okay.” Hu Yueer’s voice was full of smiles as she said this to his back.

Along the way, Zhang Xiangyi’s turnaround rate had become almost 100%. He frowned. Were all these people sick? Watching him like a monster in a live game, but Yin Zhefei was urging him eagerly, so he had no time to be distracted or think about the strangeness.

Yao Fei was shocked when she saw her son rushing in, “What’s going on, I have to go to the Yin’s house tonight…” She shut up immediately, her son seemed to look different from before!

Zhang Xiangyi took his pants and walked out hurriedly.

“Ah, son, your beard…” She wanted to remind him.

“Mom! I’ve said it hundreds of times! I’m happy having a beard! I won’t talk to you, I have something urgent, I’ll go first!” He ran out the door like a whirlwind.

Eh? Yao Fei couldn’t help but worry, was it really okay for his son to go out like this? Or did it mean that young people like to play with such looks these days?

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